Best Minecraft 1.19 Lush Cave seeds for Java and Bedrock (August 2023)



    After having been officially added to the game in Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs, Lush Caves became an instant hit among players who wanted to enjoy natural beauty and growth but were tired of the biomes above ground. Veteran players found a renewed sense of joy and wonder in these green caves, as it gave us a reason to go back underground.

    It is no surprise that great Lush Caves seeds are in high demand. Whether you’re looking for intricate cave systems that span multiple layers or you are simply looking for the biggest and best Lush Caves, you’ll find it in our best Lush Caves list below!

    Best Minecraft 1.19 Lush Cave Seeds

    Jungle Cave Exploration:

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 7180157851369889166

    An incredible mix of Savanna and Jungle Biomes is dotted with huge caves leading down into the darkness. But the most incredible cave lies a bit farther away, beneath a huge Jungle hill. Mineshafts intersect a vast Lush Cave system with the Dripstone just off in the distance. This is an incredible location for underground adventure, or spelunking!

    • Key Locations
      • Incredible cave: -105, 10, 788
      • Village on a cave system: 239, 1127
      • Badlands and Red Sand Desert: 553, 668
      • Desert Village + Temple: 703, 327
      • Shipwreck: 833, 9

    Floor to Ceiling

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5724818410248090609

    This incredible Lush Cave system starts on the surface and goes down into the deep dark and beyond! It’s a huge Lush Cave with lots of interesting and rare structure surrounding it, like Igloos and Taiga Villages!

    Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Lush Cave: -616, -154 Lush Cave: -616, -154
    Igloo with Basement: -184, 104 Taiga Village: -488, -344
    Pillager Outpost: 96, 336 Igloo: -344, 280
    Igloo with Basement 2: -694, 344 Taiga Village 2: -280, -340

    Gigantic Lush Cave

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed:   -8294498649741145889

    One of the largest Lush Caves we’ve ever seen also has a mineshaft running through it. With caves opening to the surface and just a huge area underground, you could legitimately survive in this bountiful cave. It’s a very long trek from spawn, but its definitely worth it, and there’s plenty of Villages to stop off on during your journey!

    Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Lush Cave: 25, 32, -2864 Lush Cave: 25, 32, -2864
    Plains Village: 0, -304 Plains Village: 184, -425
    Shipwreck: 440, -200 Jungle Temple: 744, 776
    Ruined Portal: 312, -536 Ancient City: 168, -51, 488

    Surface Lush Cave

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed:  1475353232100296141

    Ever wish Lush Caves spawned on the surface? Wish no longer as this Spruce wood forest opens up into a lush cave system. This spawn is really fantastic. It’s basically the ideal spawn if you want a lot of Mossy Cobblestone!

    Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Lush Cave: -26, 108 Lush Cave: -26, 108
    Village: -384, 128 Ruined Portal : 241, 361
    Shipwreck: -480, 461 Shipwreck: -100, 368
    Ocean Ruin: -480, 336 Village: -1496, -200

    Extinct Volcano Caves

    Seed:  -3186091622222826829

    An incredibly beautiful spawn that gives you what looks like a dead volcano. Capped with ice and snow, a journey into the crater shows that mushrooms and a dark forest grows out of it. Below is a lush cave system that spreads out far and wide.

    Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Lush Cave: Below Spawn Lush Cave: Below Spawn
    Pillager Tower: -150, -330 Ruined Portal with great loot: 172, -332
    Shipwreck: -682, 539 Ruined Portal 2: -333, 370
    Ruined Portal: -339, 755 Village: -344, -428

    Lush Island Survival

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -5774183300065244295

    This is a majestic seed with an incredible Lush Cave nestled beneath a Snowy Taiga Mountain. This seed represents the best of Minecraft 1.18’s world generation mechanics right at spawn. The spawn is also an easily-defendable solitary island, which means it ideally works as a snowy Holiday getaway or the homey residence with ample resources to survive an otherwise unforgiving Minecraft world.

    Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mansion: 168 136 Ancient City: 24 72
    Mansion: -712 280 Lush Cave: Below Spawn
    Ancient City: 200 -51 -136 Ocean Monument: -376 -344
    Ocean Monument: -264 -360 Village: -744 -408
    Lush Cave: Below Spawn Outpost: -856 -536

    Holey Mountain Lush Cave

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 958475346566062845

    A massive Lush Cave has cultured within the strong walls of a large exposed mountain on this seed, making it the perfect hideaway to establish a nature-themed home protected from the elements. You spawn a few hundred blocks away from this marvelous structure, so you can end your first day in the game in a cozy, green, and plant-filled Lush Cave!

    Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Lush Cave: -150 -700 Lush Cave: -150 -700
    Mansion: -408 -616 Jungle Temple: -424 312
    Mansion: 616 -664 Mansion: 440 -872
    Ocean Monument: -840 -744 Ocean Monument: -888 -840
    Ancient City: -376 -728 Ancient City: -264 -712

    Lush Open Floor Cave Plan

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 7977544644511621768

    What you have here is one of the most extravagant displays a Lush Cave we’ve ever seen. You spawn only a few hundred blocks away from a Lush Cave that spans across hundreds of blocks with multiple layers and dozens of intricate tunnels branching off of it. This seed provides a wonderful setup for multiple people to make a permanent base inside an incredible cave packed with foliage.

    Java Key Locations Bedrock Key Locations
    Lush Cave: -715 58 90 Lush Cave: -715 58 90
    Village: -464 -208 Village: 104 -232
    Village: 0 352 Village: 168 200
    Village: 368 -240 Village/Outpost: 392 -760
    N152ether Portal: 152 232 Nether Portal: 152 -584

    MEGA Lush Cave

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -8855702801489964397

    Bring some bottles of Night Vision to this seed, because you’re not going to want to miss the majestic view of one of the biggest Lush Caves we’ve ever seen. Whereas most caves are filled with gray and brown walls, this massive Lush Cave is almost completely green. Beyond the beautiful green foliage, you’ll find jaw-dropping waterfalls and layers of miniature pools. This is truly the best way to experience this incredible biome.

    Java Key Locations Bedrock Key Locations
    Lush Cave: -689 -295 Lush Cave: -689 -295
    Desert Temple: -856 40 Village: -328 -344
    Village: -912 -224 Jungle Temple: -216 -376
    Desert Temple: -888 -504 Village: -776 200
    Outpost: -1024 128 Mineshaft: -280 -40

    Flower Fields and Lush Caves

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 1154615264724071950

    This is a pleasant starter seed for players who want resources to decorate blocks when they first start the game. You spawn next to a Sunflower Field and Flower Forest and are a short walk away from an Abandoned Village where you can take shelter. When you’re feeling brave, take a short hike to the Mangrove Swamp nearby, where you can dig to a gigantic Lush Cave below that has an Exposed Mineshaft running through it!

    Java Key Locations Bedrock Key Locations
    Lush Cave: -474 8 -240 Lush Cave: -474 8 -240
    Mineshaft: -440 -232 Village: -168 -264
    Abandoned Village: 16 -320 Village: 200 -328
    Village: 272 240 Shipwreck: -264 -120
    Mineshaft: -200 -56 Nether Portal: -504 -248

    Holey Lush City

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -1058557249

    The title is not a typo! This Minecraft speed spawns you on top of a tall sea cliff that with huge holes that make it look like swiss cheese. From the entrance of the holes you can see the beginning of a large Lush Cave, which means this is the beautiful spot to start a new adventure. When you are feeling brave, you can explore the depths of the Lush Cave to reveal an Ancient City, one of Minecraft’s newest biomes!

    Java Key Locations Bedrock Key Locations
    Lush Cave: 155 -400 Lush Cave: 155 -400
    Ancient City: 120 -51 -536 Ancient City: 552 -51 -712
    Shipwreck: 184 -216 Mineshaft: 152 -584
    Large Cold Ruins: 328 -232 Large Cold Ruins: 184 -136
    Nether Portal: 360 -280 Nether Portal: 72 -488

    Snowy Mountain Lush Cave

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 266623395

    Start your next adventure the right way with this fascinating Minecraft seed where you start on top of a frozen mountain that has been hollowed out and filled with life. This is an exposed Lush Cave that offers multiple viewpoints to the outside world, making this terrain perfect for an evil lair, or just a comfortable place to live.

    Java Key Locations Bedrock Key Locations
    Lush Cave: -425 -246 Lush Cave: -425 -246
    Ancient City: 8 -51 -552 Ancient City: -248 -51 -632
    Mineshaft: -408 -280 Ocean Monument: -360 184
    Large Cold Ruins: -472 -232 Village: 216 280
    Nether Portal: -536 -360 Nether Portal: -296 -568

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    Lush Lake

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -9363014757946759

    Lush Lake is a beautiful seed that spawns you right next to a lake that is in the middle of a huge climate shift in the Minecraft world. You’ll find warm biomes on one side of the lake and cold biomes on the other, which means there is plenty of biome diversity right when you start the game. Not far from spawn is an majestic mountain ring of mountains with a Lush Cave underneath them that leads down into an Ancient City. This is an incredible way to start your Minecraft 1.19 journey.

    Java Key Locations Bedrock Key Locations
    Lush Cave: -1048 -51 872 Lush Cave: -1048 -51 872
    Large Cold Ruins: 40 24 Village: 392 72
    Ancient City: -984 -51 152 Outpost: 296 520
    Mineshaft: -808 136 Nether Portal: 88 328
    Nether Portal: 24 280 Ancient City: -712 -51 568

    Ancient Lush City

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -156227665

    This seed was discovered almost as soon as Minecraft 1.19 was released, and it is the ideal seed for players to use if they want to explore the new features of the game, but not give up the Lush Caves biome. You start in an area that is nearby most of the overworld biomes. A couple hundred blocks away, you can find an expansive Lush Cave that branches into an Ancient City and causes one of the most fascinating transitions between biomes. There are also two exposed Mineshafts in the Lush Cave!

    Java Key Locations Bedrock Key Locations
    Lush Cave: -648 -696 Lush Cave: -648 -696
    Village: 208 -224 Desert Temple: 168 -164
    Ocean Monument: -152 296 Village: 136 -296
    Large Warm Ruins: 40 -152 Large Cold Ruins: 88 -136
    Mineshaft: 40 104 Shipwreck: -200 152

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