Best Minecraft 1.19 Cave Seeds for Bedrock and Java (January 2023)



    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Caves received a major overhaul in Minecraft patch 1.18, which added a variety of underground biomes including Lush and Dripstone caves. But since you spawn in the overworld, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you have a great cave seed or a bad one. We’ve taken the risk for you and listed the best Minecraft Cave seeds below.

    Best Minecraft Cave Seed List

    • java 1.19
      • Jungle cave exploration: 7180157851369889166
      • Frozen Ocean Cavern: 4981516925953961499
      • mini distant lands: -992714597311471801
      • Deep Cavern: -3212841254549877385
      • Desert Cavern: 1733739539271494892
      • Old growth, old cave: 3106201896040453284
      • Abandoned Cove: -8151315372430894759
      • Cave Trio: -3833620608353279066
    • Bedrock 1.19 (Note: Bedrock seeds work in Java, but generate structures differently)
      • Instant Cave Seed: -1597699456
      • the cavern below: -2395316354623700247
      • Liberation Mission: -8924217438600596583
      • Endless Drip Stone: 8430682449981033048
      • Jungle Dripping Abyss: -645644363236967887
      • Watery Cave: -4909791828733745509
      • Explorer’s Paradise: 4949631108816131806
      • triple double: 8118077413014002331

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    Best Minecraft Java 1.19 Cave Seeds

    cave deep

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -3212841254549877385

    This seed features an amazing stalactite cavern that falls straight from the large stalactite cavern into the deep darkness. Some of these stalagmites fall down to that area, and it’s an amazing place to explore. On the surface this is a more traditional plain and oak woodland area, ideal for traditionalists.

    • Key locations:
      • Stalactite cavern: 33, -1, 9
      • Town: 59, 97
      • Ruined Gate: 171, 227
      • Illager Tower: -364, 96

    Jungle cave exploration

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 7180157851369889166

    An incredible mix of savannah and jungle biomes is dotted with huge caves that lead into darkness. But the most incredible cave is located a little further, under a huge jungle hill. Mineshafts intersect a vast, lush cave system with Dripstone just in the distance. This is an amazing place for underground adventure or spelunking!

    • key locations
      • amazing cave: -105, 10, 788
      • Village in a cave system: 239, 1127
      • Badlands and Red Sand Desert: 553, 668
      • Desert Village + Temple: 703, 327
      • Shipwreck: 833.9

    Frozen Ocean Cavern

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 4981516925953961499

    What lies beneath the Frozen Ocean? A huge cave system does it, as it happens. This incredible cave system is the perfect base, with its built-in mob spawner and vast open space. With only a small island of trees nearby, it’s a fantastic challenge map for players looking to hold out in a frozen wasteland.

    • key locations
      • Spider Spawn Dungeon: 336, -32, -106
      • Lush Cave Cavern: 244, -5, -99
      • Ocean Wreck: 377, -522
      • Mineshaft: 289, -18, -400

    mini distant lands

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -992714597311471801

    The Farlands were a now removed Minecraft biome that spawned at the edge of the world. This seed reminds us of that fantastic place with its crazy cliffs and its mixture of tiny biomes. But the real adventure begins underground, where dozens of Lush Caves intersect with Dripstone Caves, Mineshafts, and Dungeons to form one incredible underground.

    • key locations
      • Ruined Gate: 81, -279
      • Lush Cave with Mineshaft Entrance: 254, 10, -336
      • Stranded Shipwreck: 467, -685
      • Town: 66, -749

    desert cavern

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 1733739539271494892

    A massive cave system in the middle of a desert spawn, with a Badlands biome a stone’s throw away. This is an awesome way to get quick access to the deepest parts of the world just a few steps away from your starting location. A perfect place to start a civilization in the desert, or a lush oasis in the middle of the wasteland.

    • key locations
      • Badlands Biome: 400, 50
      • Entrance to the cave: 345, -56
      • desert temple: 390, 160

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    Old growth, old cave

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 3106201896040453284

    A fascinating seed that offers both underground and above ground. A sprawling spruce forest is your starting point, with a quick entrance into a vast network of caves below. Traveling in any of the cardinal directions leads to exciting new features and lots of loot! Just be careful, there are some mobs nearby that are not easy when you are just starting out.

    • key locations
      • cave entrance: -30, 106
      • Reaver’s Tower: -324, 97
      • Ruined Giant Portal: 243, 283
      • underwater temple: 634, 81

    abandoned cove

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -8151315372430894759

    An entire seaside town and two ships abandoned for unknown reasons. Could the answer lie in the caves within? You will have to explore and discover yourself…

    • key locations
      • Abandoned village: 90, 100, -102
      • Entrance to the cave: 48, 72, -104
      • double wreck: -24, -318
      • Snow and Ice Biome Trio: 599, -339

    trio of caves

    Pro Game Guide Screenshot

    Seed: -3833620608353279066

    An expansive series of caves hides just below a grassy plain. There are three cave entrances and each one leads to a different adventure! But the most impressive one is definitely the one with a huge abandoned mine!

    • key locations
      • abandoned mine cavern:11, -6, 32
      • ruined portal: 39, 33
      • Shipwreck: -107, 190
      • water temple:238,307

    Best Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 Cave Seeds

    Endless Drip Stone

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 8430682449981033048

    It seems that this stalactite cave never ends. On the surface, the entire area covered by the mangrove forest hides a series of caves and stalactite caverns below, full of resources and riches. There are also some little perks like the easily accessible Zombie Spawner that make this an awesome spawn.

    • key locations
      • Incredible stalactite cavern: -179, -34, 79
      • Zombie spawner with access to the surface: -146, 62, 98
      • Town 1: 170, 346
      • Town 2: 250, 646

    instant cave

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -1597699456

    Can’t wait to get into a cave? This is the seed provided by the Bedrock developer for Lush Caves. You can be in the cave in seconds, since you spawn right next to two entrances. This seed also gives you quick access to almost all types of wood early on, so if you’re looking to build an underground mining system, it’s a great starting point.

    • key locations
      • Entrance to the cave: 17, 93, 15
      • Town 1: 728, 628
      • Town 2: 804, 73
      • Ruined Portal and Ocean Ruins: 332, -520

    the cavern below

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -2395316354623700247

    A huge cavern just below your starting point that covers almost the entire Plains biome above? Yes please! This is a great start for players who want to make a huge cave base or open a cavern in a massive crater. This is also a great start for Minecraft traditionalists who want standard grass and trees and flatter terrain to start with. But this idyllic land could hide something sinister. An Abandoned Village in the next valley might hide some secrets.

    • key locations
      • Entrance to the cave: -7, 22
      • Abandoned village: -463, 177
      • fir village: -867, 189
      • Huge entrance to the stalactite cave: 211, 404

    Liberation Mission

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -8924217438600596583

    An Illager tower with a town within crossbow range is a bad omen, no doubt. The cave that the villagers decided to build their houses in must be lucrative for them to have so many iron golems! Go up the hill and free Allay and Iron Golem to defeat the Pillagers. But in the long run, it might be better to migrate into the cave entirely, since there’s a huge underground system of tunnels that lead directly into Deepslate.

    • key locations
      • Illager Tower: 152, 631
      • Entrance to the town and cave: 239, 582
      • Town 2: 681, 278
      • Illager 2 tower with entrance to the huge cave: 501, -1017

    jungle dripping chasm

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -645644363236967887

    Huge mountains flank a jungle with secrets hidden just below. The villagers are hesitant to enter the jungle, due to the massive drops and cliffs that open up into the darkness below. Not to mention the dangerous stalactite spikes! A great seed for adventures in a jungle paradise.

    • key locations
      • Entrance to the abyss of stalactites: 36, -38
      • Town 1: 130, -472
      • Town 2: -293, -345
      • Reaver’s Tower: -481, -764

    watery cave

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -4909791828733745509

    A huge mountain, with a dark spot at the base. that patch? A cave with stalactite stalactites and dangerous water currents that threaten to drag you down. But it’s also the perfect place for a hidden base or pirate retreat. The possibilities are endless with this cave outpost.

    • key locations
      • Entrance to the cave: 204, -52
      • Reaver’s Tower: 300, 24
      • Town: 850, -365
      • Ruined Gate: 648, -488

    explorer’s paradise

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 4949631108816131806

    Winding caves leading into the Deep Darkness and beyond with a plethora of biomes to explore on top. This is a true explorer’s paradise. Uncover mysteries above or below ground in a magnificent seed.

    • key locations
      • Cave system: -93,274
      • Town 1: -259, 228
      • Town 2: -280,709
      • Ruined Gate: -525,817

    triple double

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 8118077413014002331

    Two double towns and one double entrance to the cave! That’s why this one is called the Triple Double, and it leaves you with plenty of options of what to explore, what to mine, and what to build. Are you going to expand the towns into a real city? Or go deeper into the caves and find something old and ancient below?

    • key locations
      • Entrance to the cave: 179, 320
      • Ruined Portal/Double Town: 59, 275
      • Mushroom Swamp: -213, 72
      • double town 2: -82, -232

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