Best Electric One-Type Team for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet



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    Since the world of Paldea is wide open, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players will have it easier than ever to make One-Type races. An Electric One-Type run is worth considering as Electric Pokémon hit hard, and really only have to worry about Ground-types returning damage.

    What electric types are best to use on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

    There are a couple of strong Electric Pokemon to build in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but among the best ones to start with is Luxray. Traditionally, this Pokémon has always been held back by its mediocre Speed ​​stat. However, in Generation IX, he gains access to Trailblaze to increase his Speed. Luxray definitely wants to run Trailblaze so it can counter Ground-types anyway.

    Luxray can be combined with Toxtricity to form a powerful combo. Toxtricity is partly a Poison-type, so it can hit Grass super effectively. If Toxtricity has Punk Rock, Boomburst ends up doing a lot of damage as well.

    At this time, the team is destroyed by fast Earthquake users, so it is better to add a Flying type. Killowatrel turns out to be not only part flying, but also has an incredible speed stat. Unfortunately, it needs to rely on Hurricane to hit for damage, but if he hits, opponents will have a hard time.

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    Pawmot is the next Pokemon that makes sense on this team as it is a decent Dragon-type counter. Pawmot learns Play Rough and Ice Punch, the latter of which also hits Ground and Grass hard. Any Monotype run of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should have a Dragon counter, since one of the Elite Four uses Dragons.

    Ampharos can serve as additional insurance against Dragons since it has Dazzling Gleam. On top of that, Ampharos can stack Cotton Guard for a great Defense stat. This could allow it to turn the tide on physical attackers like Iron Treads, Dugtrio, or even Quagsire.

    Finally, there’s an electric Pokémon that’s simply too good to pass up. Due to the Electromorphosis ability, Bellibolt can only a few Gyms on his own. Bellibolt is slow enough to take damage on most turns, and if the opponent doesn’t resist Electric, it’s usually down to Thunderbolt.

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