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    If you’re looking to compete in the Royale Universe Pageant, you’ll want some of the best outfit ideas you can get for unique themed categories like Pastel Perfect and Daring Divas. A well-thought-out look can earn first place in the competition, so here’s a list of some of the best diva-inspired outfits you can recreate without any membership or VIP limitations.

    Best Royale High Daring Diva Outfit Ideas

    Daring Divas is a special category for the Royale Universe Pageant minigame, which means you’re going to want an outfit that is a good idea to get you first place in the competition. We put together a list of some of the best outfits inspired by popular divas you can recreate easily and for free without membership. Feel free to add your own twists and touches to accentuate these outfits even more:

    Marilyn Monroe

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Red Dress by Mandyful – Salsa
    • Face: Rose by Senzie
    • Hair: Dior by PureSweetner

    Ariana Grande

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Araina 7 Rings Dress by Angelic Mou
    • Face: Prom Queen by jellyflavor99
    • Hair: Popstar Pony by Vioncii


    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Dark Grey Party Dress by CopieGIam
    • Face: irlDoll2 by senzie
    • Hair: Darling Daisy by ReddieTheTeddy

    Audrey Hepburn

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Onyx Black Alluring Dress
    • Face: Zero by jellyflavor99
    • Hair: Prudence by PureSweetner


    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Diamonds and Silk by Deliqit
    • Face: Femme by senzie
    • Hair: Vanity by PureSweetner

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    Lady Gaga

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Lord of the Bats – Devils Ride by Nutest
    • Face: Malice by jellyflavor99
    • Hair: Countess by PureSweetner

    Mariah Carey

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Dove Dress by Avelandra
    • Face: Cherry by senzie
    • Hair: Scarlett by PureSweetner

    Whitney Houston

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Fancy Emerald Green Dress by Blue Tears
    • Face: Lush by jellyflavor99
    • Hair: Curlz Twirlz by ReddieTheTeddy


    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Sparkled Dress by Lierria
    • Face: Catty by senzie
    • Hair: Beachside Lifeguard by PureSweetner


    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Outfit: Brutal in Black Dress by LuminousEva
    • Face: Grande by xBvnnyboo
    • Hair: Golden Bantu Knots by ReddieTheTeddy

    These are just a few ideas of outfits you can recreate for the pageant or just for fun. However, there are so many other designs and outfits to try, and it’s totally open to your creativity. Mix up the ideas above, add your touches, and make an outfit that screams diva in your own interpretation.

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