Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Memes (August 2023)



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    Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the most popular games of 2023. In spite of its sometimes extremely serious story lines and characters, it has still been fertile ground for some hilarious memes. From mocking specific BG3 companions to save scumming, there’s a lot of funny things in this massive RPG. Heads up: this article contains spoilers for Gale’s story in Act 2.

    Funniest BG3 memes

    Gale, you know what to do

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    At the beginning of Act 2, Elminster shows up with a message for Gale from the Goddess of Magic, Mystra. Whether you agree to do Mystra’s final quest for Gale or not, it’s a pretty extreme way of getting a goddess to forgive you, regardless of your crimes. I wonder if Gale will learn anything from his mistakes or not.

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    I’ve got one of those brain things cornered

    Image via BG3Memes

    Meeting Astarion for the first time is quite an event; he not only lies to you, but threatens to slit your throat until he realizes you’re not a thrall. Not a great start to a relationship, but I’m sure things can’t get any worse. Right? Right.

    The Mark glows

    Image via BG3 Reddit

    Every time you come across someone marked with the Brand of the Absolute, you get this amazing feeling of Authority. Knowing that you will be able to control that person and have them do whatever you want is enough to give anyone goosebumps.

    Shadowheart knows who she is

    Image via X

    There are a slew of memes out there that are just Tweats from random people overtop of BG3 characters, but this one is a personal favorite. It was so popular, in fact, the voice actress for Shadowheart read it out loud on X for all her fans to hear. 10/10, no notes.

    Save scumming for approval

    Image via Know Your Meme

    It doesn’t matter how much progress I will lose by loading the last save, we’re not doing this without full backing from everyone’s favorite Tiefling. She’s probably one of purest of the companions, if your moral compass needs something to point at.

    Shadowheart disapproves

    Image via BG3 Reddit

    There is something incredibly sinister about the original screengrab of this extreme angle of Shadowheart’s mean face, and it’s made all the better by some of the memes that have been made from it. It’s what I picture every time “Shadowheart disapproves” appears on the screen.

    Astareon Eevee-lution

    Image via Alphyna

    Believe it or not, he’s a Blood-Type evolution.

    My dudes

    Image via MintCrows

    “Istik” is the Githyanki word for “outsider,” or basically anyone who isn’t a Githyanki. These lizard-like people are not of this plane, but they do kind of resemble the frogs of our world. Especially on Wednesdays, my dudes.

    Best girlfoe

    Image via Know Your Meme

    Another Baldur’s Gate 3 companion as a Tumblr post. There are a ton of these, and every single one of them is funny. Lae’zel is everyone’s favorite girlfoe.

    What’s the worst that could happen?

    Image vis ETTO Rose City

    Astarion is the companion that gives the most Lucille Bluth energy by far.

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