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    In Baldur’s Gate 3, backgrounds represent your character’s life experience and any skills they learned before becoming an adventurer. They are also one of the only traits that cannot be changed after character creation, so here are some tips that can help you choose the best background in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    How to choose the best background in Baldur’s Gate 3

    Each background grants you two skill proficiencies, unlocks unique lines of dialogue, and grants you inspiration points when particular conditions are met, such as Charlatan Get inspired when you talk about a key encounter.

    Although your choice of experience primarily affects role-playing opportunities and dialogue, it works best when combined with your class and race abilities. This is because the proficiency bonus is combined with your ability modifier; this, it is advisable to select abilities that align with your character’s high stats.

    The best backgrounds for Barbarian in BG3

    The most common background for this class is usually stranger —Karlach’s background—because it fits thematically and also grants you Athletics and Survival. This background provides inspiration on occasions such as surviving the dangerous wilderness, discovering something new about a plant or fungus, taming a wild animal, or exploring a dangerous area.

    On the other hand, the background Soldier can give you some good dialogue options for when talking to other members of the army, like all the NPCs in Flaming Fist.

    The best backgrounds for Bard in BG3

    He Artist The background is perfect for a bard and gives them acting and acrobatics. They will also earn inspiration points when they recite passages correctly, write or remember songs, win games and contests, and participate in toasts and rituals.

    picking out Charlatan —Astarion’s background—can also be a good choice for a theft-oriented bard, as this background grants you Deception and Sleight of Hand.

    Best Backgrounds for Cleric in BG3

    He Acolyte —Shadowheart’s background is the best fit for the Cleric because it grants Insight and Religion, two essential skills for pious characters. This background is inspired through certain prayers, reading sacred passages and witnessing rituals, among other things.

    The best backgrounds for druid in BG3

    Druids can also create good synergy with Acolyte background, but for my Tav Druid I chose strangersince it fit better with the nature theme.

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    The best backgrounds for fighters in BG3

    Soldier It is the quintessential Fighters background. You can get inspired by killing certain enemies, following orders from superiors or defeating enemy bosses. However, a fighter can also be a folk herowho is a well-aligned character who has fun saving innocents and fighting injustice.

    Best backgrounds for Monk in BG3

    Monks usually have great dexterity, making them ideal for Urchin background. It fits thematically that someone who grew up in extreme poverty has been taken under the protection of a temple and is now a monk with Sleight of hand and stealth competencies.

    The Urchin is inspired when he protects helpless NPCs, especially children, by eating food from the rich, stealing minor trinkets, and receiving gifts.

    If, however, you want to make use of your monk’s high Wisdom, you can choose the folk hero (Animal Management and Survival) or the Acolyte (Insight and religion).

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    The best backgrounds for Paladin in BG3

    He Soldier The background (Athletics and Intimidation) aligns with the Paladin’s best abilities, which are Strength and Charisma. However, playing a Noble Paladin background can be interesting with his high Persuasion and historyand can help you get the best out of every negotiation.

    Nobles are inspired by events such as bribery, hoarding gold, hiring assistants or bodyguards, and achieving a high level of approval among their peers, among other things.

    The best backgrounds for Ranger in BG3

    The great Wisdom of the Rangers constitutes a great folk hero (Animal Management and Survival) or a stranger (Athletics and Survival). While the first option can be good for characters who want to save the world, the second is the traditional class/background combination, inspired by the Aragorn archetype from The Lord of the Rings.

    Best backgrounds for Rogue in BG3

    If your Rogue has some Charisma, you should choose the background. Offender, which gives you Deception and Stealth. This background is inspired by stealing, betraying, escaping from prison, and doing business with Zhentarim.

    Otherwise, it is better to continue with Urchin by sleight of hand and stealth.

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    The best backgrounds for Sorcerer in BG3

    If your Sorcerer has high Dexterity (which he should), you should choose the background. Charlatan (Deception and Sleight of Hand) to become a silver-tongued pickpocket demon.

    Otherwise, you can also choose Noble (History and Persuasion) or Artist (Acrobatics and Performance).

    The best backgrounds for Warlock in BG3

    Like Sorcerers, Warlocks should have high Charisma and decent Dexterity, so they could also benefit from Charlatan background. However, I played an evil character and found the Offender background to be the best since it gave me Inspiration Points with many misdeeds that I have committed.

    The best backgrounds for Wizard in BG3

    Sage It’s the perfect background for Wizards. It gives you Arcana and History, which are intelligence-based skills, and you gain inspiration points by reading arcane tomes, stealing research notes, solving puzzles, and learning about magical buildings and items.

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