Best ASCII Faces to Use in Content Warning


    In the cooperative horror game Content Warning, you can customize your character a little by changing the color and appearance of your face. If you want the best keyboard or ASCII format possible, you can find all the information you need in the article below.

    Best faces to use in Content Warning

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    If you’re not interested in altering the game files to create a new face, you can use the in-game face editor and your keyboard to type in some fun faces. Here are some of my favorite keyboard-only faces you can make in Content Warning. (Note that you can rotate these faces to make sure the features are in the correct orientation, unless you think not rotating them is more fun.)

    • ~.~
    • 0-0
    • :~)
    • πŸ˜‰
    • :3
    • πŸ˜€
    • >:[[[[
    • >.
    • >_>
    • @-@
    • D:
    • O_O
    • XX
    • Q_Q
    • T_T
    • UwU
    • XDD
    • o_O
    • ” )
    • : |
    • :^J
    • _~_ (Turn this one upside down)

    How to use non-keyboard ASCII characters in Content Warning

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    On the Steam community page for content warning, a user named dabestbro He explained how to get even more unique faces with custom ASCII faces using emojis and other symbols not normally accessible on the keyboard. Here’s how to do it:

    • “Make sure you are not in a lobby before following these steps. Additionally, you must edit and save a face in-game at least once before attempting this.
    • Go to the Windows search bar and type Registry Editor. Open it.
    • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Landfall Games\Content Warning
    • Right click on the field that begins with “FaceText_h” and click Modify…
    • Then, choose a favorite face from the next section. Take note of your hexadecimal string.
    • You will want to write those values ​​in the LEFT section (not the right).
    • Click OK in the binary editor. Then join the lobby and your face should update!”

    The user also provided a variety of faces, including emoji faces and other faces created by the user using ASCII characters. Here are some of those codes along with some other codes that I’ve used in the game and really liked.

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • γ…‡γ……γ…‡ Code: E3 85 87 E3 85 85 E3 85 87 00
    • πŸ˜” Code: E2 98 B9 00
    • βŠ™οΈΏβŠ™ Code: E2 8A 99 EF B8 BF E2 8A 99 00
    • ●α΄₯● Code: E2 97 8F E1 B4 A5 E2 97 8F 00
    • óωò Code: C3 B3 CF 89 C3 B2 00
    • ☯ Code: E2 98 AF
    • 🎢 Code: E2 99 AB 00
    • β™‘ β™‘ Code: E2 99 A1 E2 99 A1 00
    • β—‰Ξ”β—‰ Code: E2 97 89 CE 94 E2 97 89 00
    • βŠ™β–ƒβŠ™ Code: E2 8A 99 E2 96 83 E2 8A 99 00
    • βŠ™Π΄βŠ™ Code: E2 8A 99 D0 ​​​​B4 E2 8A 99 00
    • 😏 Code: E3 82 B7 00
    • πŸ™‚ Code: E2 98 BA 00
    • 😒 Code: E2 95 A5 CF 89 E2 95 A5 00
    • β€’Ο‰β€’ Code: E2 80 A2 CF 89 E2 80 A2 00
    • ؀Ø Code: C3 98 C2 A4 C3 98 00

    Here is a link to a website with all ASCII characters; Not all of them will be usable in Content Warning, but you can still try them. Combine the codes by putting them in order, then end the string with 00. This is how I made the face below:

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    How to change your face in Content Warning in the game

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    It’s very easy to change your face in Content Warning. On the top floor of the house, near where the beds are, there is a screen that you can use to change your face. On the left of this menu are all the available colors and on the right side there is a menu that allows you to modify the size and orientation of the text that forms your face. If you have placed a custom ASCII face, you can use this menu to rotate it or change the background color.

    For more content warnings, check out Fun and Creative Content Warning Mods in Pro Gaming Guides.

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