Baldur’s Gate 3: the best warlock feats in BG3


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    While playing a warlock in BG3, you will eventually reach a point where you will have to choose a feat for the class. Overall, most of the feats are pretty decent for a warlock, but there are a few standout features you’ll want to consider before choosing. After all, once you’ve chosen a feat, you’ll have to respect the specifications to choose it again. Here are the best Warlock feats in BG3 that you should pay attention to.

    Strongest Warlock Feats in BG3

    While not in any particular order, the following list of feats are useful for the Warlock class.

    1. Actor

    Warlocks use Charisma to determine spellcasting level and damage, meaning Actor is purely a bonus as it improves your Charisma ability score by one. While it has other minor effects, this is by far the most important.

    2. Alert

    Alert is an incredibly powerful feat for most classes in BG3, and that’s no exception for the Warlock. It gives you five additional Initiative points and makes it so that you can no longer be affected by the Surprised status. Going after your enemy also gives you an advantage, so I can recommend this feat at any time during your leveling experience.

    3. Interpreter

    Like the Actor feat already listed, Performer also increases your Charisma skill score by one, while also allowing you to play instruments, which is cool in itself. Not a bad choice for a feat.

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    4. Spell Sniper

    This feat makes your cast spells have a higher chance to critically hit. As a warlock, especially at a high level, Eldritch Blast is a big factor in your damage. The fact that you can summon three explosions in one turn means that each one separately has a chance to crit. Spell Snipers is a solid choice if you’re looking to increase your damage in addition to increasing your ability score.

    5. War Launcher

    My personal favorite feat for the Warlock class, War Caster greatly improves your ability to resist damage that breaks your Concentration spells. This is extremely important for warlocks, especially if you are using their signature Hex spell. There’s nothing worse than having your hex cast interrupted because you briefly walked into a fire. He feels bad.

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