Awaken Chaos Era Codes: May 2024


    All active Awaken Chaos Era codes that will let you claim exclusive in-game rewards

    Updated on May 21, 2024.Checked for new codes.

    Awakened: Age of Chaos is a fictional turn-based RPG developed and published by Century Games. Awakened: Chaos Era features over 155 heroes and multiple game modes. It has recently been released on both Android and iOS, and if you have just downloaded it and are looking for action. Awakened: Codes of the Age of Chaos This will help you to earn free rewards in the game and progress faster, then you have come to the right place. Of course, you should also take a look at the Awaken Chaos Era tier list where we have all the characters from best to worst.

    In this post, we will share a list of all active Awaken: Chaos Era codes that you can redeem to get in-game rewards like Special Weapon Charms, Advanced Weapon Charms, Summoning Crystals, Zachary Hero, Double XP Boost, Abbott Hero and more. More.

    Currently working on Awaken: Chaos Era codes

    Here is a list of all working codes:

    • Hello 101 – 101 Summoning Crystals (valid until January 10, 2025)
    • ACEDC2024 – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3 (Valid until January 10, 2025)
    • ACEFB2024 – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3 (Valid until January 10, 2025)
    • happy0601 – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 6, Delicious Sweets x 1 (Global)
    • happycd – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 6, Delicious Sweets x 1 (Asia)
    • Altruism – 10K Gold, 300 Diamonds, 5 Food Coupons, Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3
    • Winter is coming – 250K EXP Jelly, 5x Special Gear Charm, 50K Gold, 5 Food Coupons
    • At full speed – Food Coupon x10, Legendary Matrix x 10, Epic Matrix x 10
    • ACEFB – Rewards: Three advanced summoning crystals
    • ACEEXP – Rewards: Double XP for one hour
    • ACEDC – Rewards: Three advanced summoning crystals
    • Hello 100 – Normal Summoning Crystal x 100
    • who is your father – Rewards: Zachary Hero
    • Foodie – Rewards: A three-star food pet
    • ACE777 – Rewards: 10K Gold, 100 Diamonds, 100K EXP Jelly
    • I need a doctor – Rewards: Abbot Hero


    • ACE EASTER24 – Diamond x 500 Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3 (Expires on April 30th)
    • secanni – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 10 Food Coupon x 10 (Expires on January 31st)
    • Merry Christmas 2023
    • Thank you 2023 (will end soon)
    • A home run (Ends September 21)
    • ACERTA – 6-Star Legendary Boots Custom Chest x 1, 5-Star Holy Pumpkin x 1 and Food Coupon x 5 (Expires August 31st)
    • CS0804
    • GUILDWAR0713
    • Cold steel peak
    • happy Valentines Day
    • Dedicate Your Heart
    • Bluestacks 2022
    • Sword – Rewards: three special weapon charms, one modern weapon charm, and one four-star attacker Blade
    • Guild boss
    • ACEXFoodyXCollab
    • Ninja Hitoshi
    • Merry Christmas
    • Happy Halloween
    • Happy New Year
    • Level up

    These codes are limited time, so try to use them as soon as possible. We will keep updating this post as new Awaken: Chaos Era codes arrive, so don’t forget to bookmark this page and visit often to find new working codes.

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    How to redeem Awaken: Chaos Era codes?

    Follow these steps to redeem Awaken: Chaos Era codes:

    • Open the game and tap on your avatar icon at the top of the screen.
    • Click on Settings and go to the Accounts tab.
    • Now, click on the Redemption Code button and enter any active Awaken: Chaos Era code from above.
    • Click the Redeem button.
    • Now, you can collect your reward from your in-game mailbox.

    Awaken: Chaos Era is available on both Android and iOS. You can download it from Google Play either or Application Store.


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