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    Inspired by the original Attack on Titan anime, the Regiments are essentially the military groups tasked with protecting humanity from the Titans in the AoT Revolution. Fortunately, you can be a part of this too, so here is a detailed guide on Regiments in Attack on Titan Revolution.

    What are Regiments in Roblox Attack on Titan Revolution?

    Inspired by the anime and manga series “Attack on Titan,” the Roblox Attack on Titan game has three regiments that mimic the military factions of the original plot. The Scout Regiment, the Garrison Regiment and the Military Police Regiment They are the three regiments in the game.

    They have different tasks and duties in the game, which are similar to the functions of these regiments in the Attack on Titan reality. The Scout Regiment explores the land beyond the walls and fights titans, the Garrison Regiment patrols and repairs the walls, and the Military Police Regiment maintains order within the walls and safeguards the royal family.

    How to create a regiment in Attack on Titan Revolution

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    To form a Regiment in Attack on Titan Revolution, you will first need to join a Roblox party and then purchase the Regiment permission in-game to 149 Robuxwhich costs approximately less than US$5 If you are a premium member, you will get 10% more Robux in your purchase.

    The last step is to start Attack on Titan Revolution and talk to the regiment NPC which can be found near your spawn point to set up your Regiment. You can now recruit members by posting a recruitment announcement on the AoT Revolution Discord server or Subreddit.

    How to join a regiment in Attack on Titan Revolution

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    Follow these instructions to join a Regiment in Attack on Titan Revolution:

    • Join a Roblox group owned by the Regiment leader.
    • Launch Attack on Titan Revolution through the Roblox player.
    • Head to the Regiment NPC that appears near the main lobby.
    • The Roblox group list will appear on the screen.
    • Finally, select the Scheme you wish to join.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to spend real money to join a Regiment in AoT Revolution.

    Benefits of joining a Regiment in Attack on Titan Revolution

    Regiments allow you to compete against other regiments on the leaderboard, with a resource called Honor which you get from different missions. These Regiment missions reset each week and reward you with a total of 75x Honor and 75x Gems.

    Members can also join and contribute to improving their Regiment by earning Honor, which ultimately increases the members’ ability:

    Level Member Capacity Honor required
    Tier 1 25 0
    Level 2 fifty 7.5K
    Level 3 75 25K
    Level 4 125 50K
    Level 5 150 100K

    At the time of writing, a massive rework of the Regiment is underway, which could provide special perks such as increased XP/Gold when exploring missions with people from the same regiment and other perks.

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