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    When shaping your character’s abilities in Attack on Titan Revolution, your choice of Family is crucial. Each family offers unique traits and advantages that can significantly affect your gameplay and overall power. To help you make informed decisions, we’ve compiled a list of familiar Attack on Titan Revolution tier levels, a complete ranking that will guide your character creation strategy.

    Family Tier List: Attack on Titan Revolution

    The families in our tier list are not only ranked based on their overall value in battle and ease of obtaining, but also by focusing on understanding the playstyle they are targeting. By studying this complete tier list and aligning it with your preferred play style, you will be able to equip yourself with the knowledge to think tactfully and make informed decisions to improve your in-game performance.

    Level Family
    Yes ackerman
    TO Yaegar, Reiss
    b Zoe, Braun, Finger, Leonhart, Tybur, Ksaver, Galliard, Arlert
    c Kruger, Braus, Azumabito, Springer, Grice, Kirstein, Smith
    d Blouse.Boyega, Bozao, Hume, Iglehaut, Inocenio, Munsell, Pikale, Ral, Reeves

    The best families in Attack on Titan Revolution

    Below I list all of the Attack on Titan Revolution families and why they belong to a particular tier.

    S Level

    • ackerman: The Ackermans are the best family in Attack on Titan Revolution. It has many advantages, such as increased critical chance, damage, and an additional dash boost. Additionally, you can use three game-changing skills, Rage, Let it RIP, and Swift, to restore your HP and provide slight buffs during battle scenarios, tilting the battle in your favor. I highly recommend spinning for Ackerman if you’re aiming for the game’s leaderboards.

    Level A

    • Yaeger: Yaegar is very similar to Ackerman in AOT Revolution, as he also provides many buffs such as increased attack speed, critical damage, and reduced skill cooldown. While important, it falls short of the overall benefits Ackermann offers. Still, it is an OP family with excellent advantages.
    • Reiss: The Reiss are another top-tier family in the game that offers dozens of benefits, such as increased damage to Titans, additional XP, gold for party members, and reduced upgrade cost. It is the best Family if you want to earn a lot of gold coins to improve your skills quickly.


    • Zoe: Zoe is the best mid-level family in AOT Revolution. The main reason for this is the Last Stand skill, which restores 30% of your HP, gains a 20% damage boost, and increases damage resistance by up to 60%. It is a game-changing ability if used properly during battle.
    • Brown: If Arlert is ideal for a Colossal Titan, then Braun is best for Armored Titans, since you get damage resistance and additional damage from Titan Shifting.
    • Finger: The Finger Family is great for countering the Cart Titan as you get a faster shift time and higher gas capacity while fighting one. So, switch to Finger Family during the mission against Cart Titans for an easier battle.
    • leonhart: The highlight of Leonhart’s ability is the Shifter Regen ability, which restores 50 HP and heals all your wounds during battle. Additionally, if you transform into a Female Titan, you gain 10% speed and a 10% overall stat boost.
    • Tybur: Like Leonhart, Tybur also has a Shifter Regen skill that guarantees healing of all your wounds and restores 50 HP. On top of that, you get a +10% bonus to gold earnings and can stay in Titan mode longer.
    • Ksaver: The Ksaver is a solid midrange family that provides increased Titan damage, ODM range, and a +10% stat boost against the Beast Titan. Equip the Family to take on all the Beast Titans in the mid-level mission centered around them.
    • gallant: Galliard offers several buffs such as increased critical damage, attack speed, and stat boosts against Jaw Titan. But you can’t shapeshift, making it the weakest option at Tier B.
    • arlert: Arlert is a decent mid-level family that provides fantastic benefits if you become a Colossal Titan by providing additional AOE damage and movement speed.

    Level C

    • Kruger: The Kruger is a decent family for speed-based players who love the Titans’ higher attack speed. But, to use this buff, you must compensate for the low chance of a critical attack.
    • braus: The highlight of the Braus family is the Papa skill which restores your HP by 30% after consuming a Papa. But, like most skills at C level, your overall HP bar will decrease by 5%.
    • Azumabito: Azumabito is a decent family that improves damage stats and ODM checks. But at the same time, it decreases your Titan stat by 5%. So, if you are ready to endure the loss of Titan’s abilities, choose Azumabito as a beginner player due to his high spawn rate.
    • Jumper: Springer provides two benefits to users: a 5% increase in overall HP and a 5% critical damage number. While both are great, you must also suffer a 5% reduction in hit accuracy when landing critical attacks.
    • grice: The Grice is good against Jaw Titans due to the +5% bonus damage stat while fighting one, but it reduces the gas capacity of your ODM team, thus reducing your total time in the air.
    • kirstein: The Kirstein provides 10% more speed to your horse, allowing you to reposition yourself and reach battlefields much faster. But this improvement comes with a loss of OEM speed. This compensation is not very good; It’s a fragile family to select from, even among the C-level.
    • blacksmith: Smith is a decent family that allows you to collect 2.5% more gold and XP to complete any quest. It’s not as good as Reiss, but it’s still a good choice for beginner players due to its high spawn rate.

    Level D

    All the following families in Attack on Titan Revolution are a waste of time as they do not provide any advantage or benefit to the users. So, avoid them and try to get something from the previous levels.

    • Blouse
    • boyega
    • bozao
    • Hume
    • Iglehaut
    • Innocent
    • Munsell
    • Pikale
    • Raul
    • Reeves

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