As far as the chance of rain, we have introduced a new series of Nintendo Switch indie announcements



    Day two of the Nintendos Inside the House of Indies event has arrived with an announcement big: a new version of Risk of Rain.

    Since he entered the Switch eShop in 2023, there is a risk of rain return that promises a fresh twist on its source material. When this original title was released in 2013, it garnered positive reviews for its detailed pixel art, fun mix of action-platforming and roguelike mechanics, and online co-op. In 2018, the sequel, Risk of Rain 2, came from a high ranking economist. In addition to the remastered elements of Returns, the developers at Hopoo Games also promise to play many new games.

    Welcome to the Holiday Holidays Convention Day!

    Indie World (@Brennfc) December 20, 2022

    Returns was only one of the four games featured in the Inside the House of Indies video. The second of a five-video series with indie titles coming out of the Switch in 2023. The Captain, a choice-based adventure game with a retro aesthetic, and The Punchuin, a side-scrolling action-adventure title with a penguin with boxing gloves, are available today. Returns is one of the titles that won’t be available until next year, the Gecko gods, another piece of puzzle platformer that features the titular gecko solving ancient civilization’s mysteries.

    Returns has more specific release date than 2023, but Hopoo and publisher Gearbox Publishing are likely to release a lot more information in the run-up to the release. Fans also follow the risk of rain on the official account, and start to understand the future update.



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