Aroged: Tortuga A Pirates Tale strategy will go on sale in the mid-January


    The strategy is always required.

    The strategy genre was used to do that shamelessly. It wasn’t until now that it was completely resurrected and started to progress. I think this is the first time that the pirate adventure strategy Tortuga will sell, according to the developers yesterday.

    They also posted a video for ship customization. Although it’s not only for its combat effectiveness, but also the morale of the team will depend on how you equip the ship, it’s highly recommended that we stay away from this option.


    1200K c Regard at standard price.

    In Citylink, 5 different types of 4090 will have the highest price in standard prices.

    RTX 3070 Ti for 55 Tr in Citylink.

    RTX 3070 for 46 tr in E2E4 for the size of the tr.

    13600K 14 cores cheaper and faster i7 12700K 14 cores cheaper and faster i7 12700K 13 cores.

    MSI 3050 for 26 tr in Citylink.

    3060 Gigabyte Games for 32 tr in E2E4.

    The 4X4080 6 types in Regard.

    The new 14700K and the new 2100KK for Regard.

    Ryzen 7700X 4.5GHz slid.

    3000K on Regard.

    4 views on RTX 4090 with Regard to Regard.

    RTX 3090 already for 100 tr with the start of the first meeting.

    As you had already understood about the project, it is dedicated to life of pirates in the Caribbean, which at the time was a real treasure for those who like robbery, robbery, or deceit.


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