Armored Core 6 Mech Customization Guide


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    Armored Core 6 comes with new customization options, offering countless combinations to make your Mech your creation. I always like adding my own personal stamp to characters in games, and looking fabulous while making a scrap heap of my opponents is a must. But Mech customization in this game is more than just the visual aspect. Let’s look deeper at all the customization options available in Armored Core 6 in this guide.

    Customizing your Mech in Armored Core 6

    To customize your Mech in Armored Core 6, you will first need to complete the first mission of Chapter 1, Illegal Entry. After finishing off the AH12 Heavy Combat Helicopter, you will finally gain access to the Garage, where all the Mech customization happens. Once you have the AC Design option in your Garage menu available, you will be able to customize the following options for your Mech:

    • Mech Parts
    • Mech Paint
    • Mech Decails

    Armored Core 6 Mech Parts Customization

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    The Mech Parts Customization menu in Armored Core 6 allows you to swap different Parts for your Mech, making it more effective in combat. These changes will directly impact your Mech performance by changing your stats and how your Mech plays in general. You will be able to customize every part of your Mech’s body and Weapons in each hand, your shoulder-mounted gear, and propulsion.

    By choosing the right Parts, you should focus on something other than your stat points too much but on how you wish to play the game. If you desire a more mobile Mech that zips around the combat area, dodging bullets and rockets, you should go for a lighter-armed build with much mobility. And if you’re like me and want to create a land-crawling behemoth, you can invest in a four-legged variant or even a tank-like platform with treads.

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    Armored Core 6 Mech Paint Customization

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    The look of the Mech is really important to a lot of players, and taking your time to carefully spec out your Mech to show off your personality in-game can be a rewarding experience. This menu allows you to customize every Part of the Mech in the color and shade you want. Even weathering options are added, so whether you want your robot to look factory-new or like it’s been through the hellfires of Rubicon, you can let your imagination run wild.

    Armored Core 6 Mech Decals Customization

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    Decals offer an additional personality stamp to the looks of your Mech. Nothing adds more swag to your creation than adding your own customized Decal to various body Parts of your robot. Alternatively, you can pick any design or logo from the game or online and add multiple layers to the Decal for additional detail or depth effect.

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