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    Arcane Lineage is full of potential, allowing you to experience all kinds of races and classes in the world. As someone who only enjoys playing RPGs, I tend to lean towards those darker and more reclusive classes, like the Necromancer class. This is a chaotic super class that excels at summoning magic, creating allies out of magic to aid them in battle, but is also great as a support as they are also capable of healing. Here’s everything you need to know about the class and how you can join them!

    Necromancer Guide in Arcane Lineage

    The Necromancer class is a Chaotic Super class, which means you’ll need to start with a base class, like Mage, to continue to the branching class. You will also need to earn Chaos by completing some unique quests and corrupting your soul enough to open that branch. Here are all the steps you need to take to become one and the skills you can gain:

    How to become a necromancer in Arcane Lineage

    Since the Necromancer class is an upgrade from the Chaotic Superclass, you’ll need to get the basic Wizard class first in order to progress to it.

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    As a beginning player, you must first buy the old cane at the weapon shop in Caldera Town to 50 gold. you can find the shop behind request board right near the spawn point.

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    Once you have the staff, level up to level 5 and make sure you have at least 120 gold to continue as a magician. You will have to cross the wizard tower just outside the main walls. From the seed, head straight past the request board and out of doors. Then head to the left rear corner of the walls, and you will see the tower.

    The tower has no obvious stairs leading up. Instead, head after him to the corner, climbing up the stone wall. So, search glowing white orbs that appear on the screen. These orbs will guide you through a invisible ramp to enter

    By talking to the mage here, you’ll be able to get him to teach you multiple mage skills, but they all cost gold, so you’ll need to continue fighting enemies and earn gold while doing so. Keep leveling up level 15, learning everything you can from the Assistant. The best way to level up is to complete requests and fight enemies. Then, in order for the chaotic necromancer superclass to surpass the base mage, you’ll need to complete a few other small side activities to get Chaos. Take a look at all of them below:

    • drink 11 potions
    • Complete 2 chaotic missions
    • Talk to the necromancer trainer

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    Where to find Chaotic Starting Quests in Arcane Lineage

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    The first chaotic quest you can get is in the potions shop in Caldera Town talking to Byfra. It is on the right as you enter the building. He will ask you to get him a small healing potion.

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    The second chaotic quest is a little further away and will require you to head as far as deep root canopy across the large bridge just to the right of the wizard’s tower. Go past the vendors in town until you come to a smaller bridge where you will see Krit sitting on the edge. All you have to do is push it.

    Necromancer Trainer Location

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    To find Trainer Necormaner, you will need to cross the bridge, to the right of the wizard tower, as you came to Deeproot Canopy. Instead of continuing straight, like when you came to the city of Deeproot Canopy, take a good and head under the arch.

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    In it second archead towards the left and go down the cave opening. Keep going to the left side near the wall and you will eventually come across an entrance. Hold my to interact and teleport inside. This is where it will be very difficult to navigate. It’s extremely dark through the cave, and you’ll have to do some tricky parkour to jump over the gaps and avoid dying. The goal is to keep track of bright blue mushrooms. Eventually, you will meet the necromancer trainer, Ulises, in his house, where you can learn all the skills from him. Like the wizard, he will need a lot of gold to learn the skills, so make sure you save up ahead of time.

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    All necromancer abilities in Arcane Lineage

    There is a total of 5 skills which can be learned as a Necromancer. costs 400 gold per skillabout 2000 gold in total. Since Necromancers are a summon support class, they rely heavily on their summon to deal damage for them. Most of his abilities reflect this characteristic. Take a look at all of them below:

    active skills

    call skeleton – Summons a skeleton

    • Energy Cost: 2
    • Recharge time: 12
    • skeleton assets:

    dark light drain – Deals impossible-to-dodge damage to the opponent while healing you

    • energy cost: 2
    • Recharge time:6

    Near death – Revives a dead ally and restores some of their HP and energy

    • energy cost: 2
    • Recharge time:999

    Passive Skills

    • dark launcher – Pick up more energy per turn by chance.
    • siphon of death – Regenerates HP and gains a speed boost when you defeat an enemy

    Once you’ve learned all the skills, continue to level up, putting points into skills like Arcane and Resistance to become even more powerful and use them to their full potential. The Necromancer branch is a great way to play solo and can be fun to summon helpful allies to your side.

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