App Army Assemble: Nuclear Escape

    • This week, we released Atomic Skip to our AppArmy community.
    • The retro space-age aesthetic was a hit with our readers
    • It’s a short game, which can be good or bad depending on your preferences.

    Atomic Escape is a point and click adventure that tasks you with solving a big old conspiracy surrounding a secret space travel project. Now, we’ve all played these types of games. This means running around some fancy building while solving puzzles. It’s a fun formula, but does this new entry in the genre do anything to stand out? We sent our app army to find out.

    Here is what he said:

    Mark Abokov

    I love the look of this puzzler, from the colors to the retro space age vibe. The story is short but interesting. My only problem (and admittedly, I’m not always very good at point-and-click puzzlers), was that after moving from room to room at the beginning, even with the few hints you’d start with Yes, I ended up going to a YouTube video to start developing. And that’s always a red flag to me. I eventually started to progress and enjoy the game, but the initial frustration put me off the game for a while. If you’re good at them or don’t mind looking for help online, you’ll probably like it for its presentation and story.

    Robert Mains

    Atomic Escape is a fun point and click puzzle adventure. You are invited to a house for a job interview and the door is locked behind you, you have to figure out how to escape and find out who invited you and why. From a first-person perspective, you must wander around the house examining objects and notes to solve puzzles to unlock more areas of the house. Thankfully, the UI offers hints and keeps track of the information found.
    The game plays a bit like Myst in the way you jump between rooms. The graphics and sound are well done. Highly recommended if you like this type of games.

    Bruno Ramalho

    It’s a point and click/escape room type game that reminded me of Agent A with its 50s-looking setting and overall graphics. At first, I was scared because I started clicking everywhere to find and find clues and I thought to myself, “Oh this is going to be one of those games”, and they promised. That won’t happen. But suddenly everything clicked and there I was, going from room to room, clue to clue, trying to uncover all the secrets.

    There’s a simple hint system, and the handy computer on the right side of the screen keeps “notes” of everything we discover, which is pretty useful for solving all the puzzles. It’s a short game, but I enjoyed solving everything. If you love escape room games, this is for you, or even if you’ve never tried one before, this is a great way to start.

    Juju race

    Atomic Escape is a puzzle game with point and click gameplay. In the game, you have to solve several puzzles and decipher codes. The game is very easy to play and I enjoyed it a lot. The game runs well and was well designed for mobile phones, the gameplay works great and it has beautiful graphics. I would say this game is great to pass the time as every cell phone game should be. Atom is fun, well done and addictive and worth buying if you like solving puzzles

    Jason Rosner

    Atomic Escape is a point-and-click puzzle-focused game played in a traditional first-person view. I loved the sharp, 3D-style, beautifully rendered colorful graphics that perfectly fit the futuristic 50’s vibe that makes you feel like you’re playing in a TV sitcom. While I love trying out all kinds of games, I found myself having some real challenges paying Atomic Skip.

    The game is very well made, and fans of the genre will surely enjoy the adventure that awaits them. For rookies like me, you’ll need some patience and persistence, and you’ll need to tap into the ubiquitous hint system, which includes access to an on-screen computer with useful information. Suggestions will also be included at the top of your screen. Point you in the right direction.

    Edem Dzodzomenyo

    Nuclear Escape is a game that probably falls into the puzzle genre. The game is set in the late 1950s and has somewhat of a “space race” feel to it. There are varied levels of puzzles from easy to very difficult. Sometimes, you need to pay close attention to details while scanning around the room for clues. The ambience and presentation of the various rooms is rich. Some hints are also provided which make the game manageable for the players. The game is a good one and is recommended for fans of this genre.

    Torbjörn Kämblad

    Atomic Escape is an escape room game. It’s really similar to Agent A which I think is a classic in the genre. It’s hard not to compare the games when it comes to presentation, story, and game mechanics.
    Puzzles range from simple to complex. The game has a hint system and collects most hints for you to review.

    I finished the game in about an hour and had a lot of fun doing so. There’s no replayability though, and once the game is complete there’s little left to do. If you’ve played Agent A and enjoyed it, it’s still easy to recommend this game.

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