Ancient Seed boss guide in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


    As you progress through the classic JRPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you’ll face a series of tough boss battles. If you’re fighting the Ancient Seed on the way to Treefolk Village, here’s how to beat it.

    How to defeat the Ancient Seed – Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

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    Once you have toured the Greatwood Maze In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you will face Ancient Seed, a large tree boss monster that can be difficult to defeat. There is no trick at play here and there are no ads, but you can soon get into trouble as your whole group seems to take constant damage. Here’s how to get through.

    It’s not obvious at first, but while it appears that the Ancient Seed only has one attack, it can actually attack all of your party members in the same round individually. This is because get a free counterattack on all your heroes who attack him.

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    The best way to defeat the Ancient Seed is build your special attacks, whether they are Rune-Lens or Hero Combos, and place any shields, dodges, etc. that can help you. Casters can also hit the Ancient Seed with attack spells, but be careful that they can take the hits. This way, you can minimize the damage rate between you and him making great individual shots. Charged heroes work well here, such as Galdorf and yusuke.

    While this method worked pretty well for me, you have to remember that the Ancient Seed still gets a standard attack that could hit any of your heroes, even if you don’t attack it at all. To avoid this random damage, you can try to use a hero with the Taunt skill. Alternatively, use a couple of healers to keep throw healing drops You must keep your team upright (it will put the thrower at the front of the turn order).

    Once the ancient seed the name turns red is Near death but your strategy must remain unchanged. A few more rounds and the Ancient Seed will be defeated.

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