All Video Star creators in Roblox The Classic


    Star Creator Pie stands out as a genuinely unique cosmetic item in the ongoing Roblox Classic event among the game’s exclusive rewards. Unlike other elements, this is not just a matter of gameplay, but rather an opportunity to interact with specific creators in real time who have partnered with Roblox for this event. Here is the list of these creators and their instructions to obtain this extraordinary item.

    All Video Star creators participating in Roblox The Classic

    Below is the list of all video creators participating in the Roblox Classic event. You can follow their YouTube channel or Discord to find out their broadcast schedules and meet them in-game.

    How to get Star Creator Pie in Roblox The Classic Event

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    To get the Star Creator Pie, one of the star creators mentioned above must shoot it with a special bazooka. So, follow the creators above and track their streaming time from their YouTube or Discord channel. When they are active, enter the game and locate them on the server. Approach them and they will shoot you with a special bazooka that will reward you with the Star Creator Pie. That’s all! Plan and get the item from your favorite creator.

    What is Star Creator Pie in Roblox?

    Image via Roblox

    The Star Creator Pie is a shoulder accessory in Roblox. It looks like a cake and has a star on the front and back of the character model piece. Although it looks great, I don’t like the combination of brown and cream. I want a more vibrant color, like purple, pink or more.

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