All the secret Anime Defenders characters and how to get them


    As with most TDS games, the secret characters in Anime Defenders are not only powerful; They are rare units that can significantly improve your game. Equipping one is a necessity if you’re looking to make it to the leaderboards. So, here is a list of these coveted secret characters and a guide to obtaining them within the game.

    How to get secret characters in Anime Defenders

    In the current version of Anime Defenders, there are only two secret characters in Animed Defenders. Read the list below to find your name.

    Chance Taker (Base Version Stats)

    • Ability: Viridian Blitz: Passes through the enemy and launches a fire-like orb.
    • Damage: 1719
    • Range: 16.2
    • Cool down: 3.8
    • Evolution: You can evolve into Chance Taker using the roulette machine.

    The Gamer (Base version statistics)

    • Ability: Quicksilver: Jump over your opponent and deliver a major AOE slash with your sword.
    • Damage: 1003
    • Range: 16.8
    • Cool down: 4.5s
    • Evolution: You can evolve into The Gamer using Demon Greatsword.

    Both units are available by spinning from the summon banner. But the sad thing is that the rarity of the generation is less than 0.01% in-game, making it extremely difficult to acquire one. Still, you can try to get both units by trading or increasing your luck. If you go the trade route, remember to shell out a lot of coins and money or sell a lot of mythical units in the game, as there are only very few secret units for sale.

    How to Spin for Secret Units in Anime DefeLucks

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    If you’re not willing to spend coins or money, you can always try to summon a secret unit. Since the rarity is very low, you should increase your Luck stat to have a higher chance of getting the units. So how do you increase luck in Anime Defenders? Well, for that you have to consume potions. Click on the Invocation section to find the Luck (99 Robux) and Super Luck (149 Robux) potions. Buy and consume them to increase your luck stat in Anime Defenders.

    After consuming the potions, make sure you have at least 10,000 to 20,000 gems in your profile. This is the estimated number of gems community veterans need to obtain a secret unit in the game.

    The next step is to have your mythical and legendary pity bar nearby 70 to 90%. This is the correct scale to get Secret Units, based on the number of people sharing their experience in Discord Channels. That’s all! Start searching for the secrets and pray to get one.

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