All the classes in Dark and Darker, explained



    Dark and Darker puts you in the boots of an adventurer, diving into its darkest dungeons and trying to escape with the loot and your life. Before beginning your adventure, you must select a class. This will determine your playstyle, including what items you can use and how you fight. This may leave you wondering what classes are in Dark and Darker.

    All dark and darker classes

    There are six classes for Dark and Darker during alpha testing. These are iconic classes from Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy titles. Each one plays differently, having different abilities and attributes. Here are all the classes in Dark and Darker.


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    • well rounded
    • You can use most items
    • Has a Sprint ability
    • depends on the team


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    • high health
    • Use 2 handed weapons
    • Slow movement
    • slow attack speed


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    • Use bow and arrows.
    • Has a tracking ability
    • can set traps
    • Limited options for melee weapons.

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    • High movement speed
    • fast attack speed
    • moves silently
    • low health


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    • Can cast powerful magic
    • He can wield magical weapons.
    • low physical damage
    • low health


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    • Can cast healing magic
    • Strong against undead
    • slow attack speed
    • low damage bonus

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