All the answers in the Cookie Run Kingdom Holiday Express 2023 event


    It’s a Christmas mystery aboard the Holiday Express. This event is perfect for anyone to try because there are no battles, it’s all just research questions. Here’s how to answer them all!

    How to Complete Cookie Run Kingdom’s Holiday Express Event

    Completing all chapters of this Holiday Express event will earn you an achievement and the title ‘Agatha Crispy’. Don’t forget that you can get more rewards by using Cookie Run Kingdom codes. Here are all the answers you can use as you progress through this event!

    Chapter 1

    Scenery Ask Answer
    After dinner Where is Linzer Cookie right now? Suite No. 9, Creme Brulee Cookie Suite
    What is the Special Ceremony? Tree lighting ceremony

    Episode 2

    Scenery Ask Answer
    The suspects What two objects indicate the time of the incident? Evidence #1: A clock next to Old Jolly, Evidence #3: The sugar granules next to Old Jolly have become hardened and discolored
    What happens with the two objects that allows us to reach such a conclusion? A piece of cake! Dessert Science and Evidence Book #1
    What are the two pieces of evidence that point to the weapon used in the incident? Evidence #1: A candy cane covered in strawberry jam. Evidence #2: Old Jolly’s hat… sticky with strawberry jam.
    interrogation I What is Vampire Cookie’s alibi at the time of the incident? I watched the tree lighting ceremony along with the others in the dining car.
    Anything suspicious about Vampire Cookie? This cookie loves juice. He even coveted the fancy grape juice that Old Jolly brought.
    Interrogation II What is Angel Cookie’s alibi at the time of the incident? I watched the tree lighting ceremony along with the others in the dining car.
    Anything suspicious about Angel Cookie? I noticed a strange expression on Angel Cookie’s face when she was talking to Old Jolly during dinner.
    Interrogation III Which statement was directly related to Carol Cookie and Old Jolly? He came up with a poem inspired by the conversation he had with Old Jolly at dinner.
    What statements can attest that the three were together? Angel Cookie Statement, Carol Cookie Statement, and Vampire Cookie Statements (00:00-01:00)
    Interrogation IV What is Creme Brulee Cookie’s alibi at the time of the incident? I was practicing in the Banquet Car.
    Anything suspicious about this Cookie? Statement by Angel Cookie and Statements by Carol Cookie (22:00-00:00)

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    Chapter 3

    Scenery Ask Answer
    Interrogation V Anything suspicious about this Cookie? (foamy cookie) Vampire Cookie’s Statement (20:00-22:00), Carol Cookie’s Statement: After dinner, you saw Sparkling Cookie dejected by Old Jolly refusing his sparkling juice.
    What could confirm that Schwarzwalder was indeed in his suite? Sparkling Cookie Statement (00:00-01:00)
    Another suspect What is a contradictory statement made by Royal Bear Jelly and the evidence to support it? Royal Bear Jelly Statement (20:00-01:00) and Sparkling Bear Statement (00:00-01:00)
    Creme Brulee Cookie Suite Creme Brulee Cookie Suitcase Password Classical Music Magazine (Christmas Eve concert: 1-2-2-4)
    Under suspicion What is a contradictory statement made by Creme Brulee Cookie and the evidence to support it? Royal Bear Jelly Statement (00:00-01:00) and Creme Brulee Statement (00:00-01:00)
    What is a false Creme Brulee Cookie claim and what can prove it? Creme Brulee Statement: I entered Old Jolly’s suite to find his sheet music. They searched until dawn, but it was nowhere to be found. Evidence #1: The Creme Brulee Cookie envelope that contained his sheet music.

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    Chapter 4

    Scenery Ask Answer
    Talk to the Creme Brulee cookie What is the evidence that contradicts Creme Brulee Cookie’s usual behavior? Organized Books and Creme Brulee Cookie Sheet Music and Sheet Music
    YoInvestigating the director’s rooms Royal Bear Jelly Drawer Password Linzer Cookie Book Collection:
    “And then there was No Cookies”
    “The email cookie always rings Twice
    “The Sign of four Cookies”
    “The Adventures of Six Cookies”
    The truth revealed What is an object that could melt in a heated room? Piece of ice cream cake
    It’s made of ice cream. Better eat it quickly before it melts.
    What do you get when you melt an ice cream cake? Full of juicy red berry filling.
    Why can’t the candy cane jam be from Old Jolly? Schwarzwalder’s statement
    Since it is not a cookie, it comes out with cherry jam, not strawberry.

    Chapter 5

    Scenery Ask Answer
    The culprit is…! What evidence can disprove Royal Bear Jelly’s alibi? Twinkle Lights Controller Package
    It says: “Equipped with the latest technology, so you can light up your tree anytime, anywhere!”
    What first raises suspicions about Royal Bear Jelly? Royal Bear Jelly Statement
    He seems to have known that Linzer Cookie and Creme Brulee Cookie changed rooms.
    Why did Royal Bear Jelly sneak into the suite and what was he looking for? Statement from Royal Bear Jelly: An avid Linzer Cookie fan, he seems very interested in his most recent work and the Linzer Cookie manuscript.
    What did Royal Bear Jelly really steal? Creme Brulee Cookie Sheet Music
    An envelope containing the sheet music that Creme Brulee Cookie will use for the upcoming Big Christmas Concert. There are some written notes.
    The two candy canes II What is the evidence that shows that the candy cane at the crime scene is not Old Jolly’s? Strawberry Jam Candy Cane: The handle of this cane is not worn or scratched… which means it doesn’t belong to Old Jolly, and Strawberry Jam Candy Cane: It wasn’t Old Jolly’s strawberry jam, but the berry filling of the cake.
    Dining car (Additional achievement) Interact with all elements of the dining car to earn additional achievements, including the menu and the note on the table.
    The truth is in the tea Why did Royal Bear Jelly have to melt the candy cane? Royal Jelly Bear Mustache Strands
    It looks like it came from melted candy cane.

    These are all the answers to the special Holiday Express 2023 event! I hope they helped you resolve this. sweet mystery and get some achievements along the way.

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