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    One of the most iconic parts of the popular RP experience Royale High is the ability to dress up your avatar in all kinds of unique clothes and accessories. For some players, including myself, this is viewed as the best part of Royale High, which makes Sunset Island’s Royale Universe Pageant all the more exciting. In the Royale Universe Pageant minigame, contestants are given a theme and must then create an outfit that fits said theme before walking the runway. At the end of each round, the contestant who received the most votes on their outfit wins. To help prepare you for this minigame, I’ve compiled every possible Royale Universe Pageant theme in the brief guide below.

    What are all of the themes in Sunset Island’s Royale Universe Pageant minigame?

    The following themes are currently active in the Royale Universe Pageant and can be randomly chosen before each round:

    • Anime/Cartoon
    • 🐾Animal 🐾
    • A Pirate’s Life
    • Beauty Pageant
    • Birthday Party
    • Black and White
    • Blue and Green
    • Blue Bliss
    • Country Roads
    • Celebrity look-alike
    • Daring Diva
    • Denim & Diamonds
    • Dripping in Gold
    • Dripping in Diamonds
    • Fairytale
    • Flower Power
    • Food for Thought
    • Freestyle
    • Futuristic
    • Galaxy/Space Fashion
    • Green Glamour
    • Good Vs Evil
    • Gothic Wardrobe
    • Halloween
    • Haunted
    • Heroes vs Villains
    • High-End Designer Fashion
    • Hipster
    • Incognito
    • Kawaii

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    • Light Fairy Vs Dark Fairy
    • Masquerade Ball
    • Misunderstood
    • Mysterious Mermaids
    • Mythological Creatures
    • Nature Fairy Vs Ice Fairy
    • Neon Glow
    • Orange You Glad
    • Out of the Toy Box
    • Pastel Perfect
    • Pick An Age: 0-100 Years Old
    • Playful Purple
    • Pool Party
    • Pretty in Pink
    • Pretty Preppy
    • Punk\/Rock
    • Representing Your Realm’s Fashion
    • Royal Slumber Party
    • Royalty
    • Silver Slay
    • Snow Day
    • Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    • Sporty!
    • Summer Vacation
    • Sweet Like Candy
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Vampire vs. Werewolf
    • Water Fairy Vs Fire Fairy
    • When I Grow Up
    • Your Favorite Color
    • Your Favorite Holiday/Season
    • Zombie Apocalypse

    The following themes were removed due to them being considered offensive or encouraging of hateful behavior and can no longer be used:

    • Ancient Egypt
    • Southern Belle/Southern Gentleman
    • Ugliest Outfit Ever
    • Your Signature Look As Genderbend


    That’s it for this quick guide on all of the themes available in Sunset Island’s Royale Universe Pageant. If/when more themes are added/removed, I’ll update this guide accordingly. In the meantime, let me know in the comments below what your favorite theme is!

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