All Overwatch 2 Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards and How to Redeem (October 2023)


    If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get exclusive Overwatch 2 rewards for free every month.

    These rewards rotate frequently and can be redeemed even if you’re on the Prime trial, so it’s worth keeping up to date to avoid missing out on any free loot, skins, etc.

    If you’re not sure which Overwatch 2 rewards you might be eligible for and how to access Amazon Gaming Rewards, we’ve got you covered.

    We’ll walk you through the steps needed to claim your rewards. the game And what’s available this month.

    All Overwatch 2 Amazon Prime Rewards (October 2023)

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    The following Overwatch 2 rewards can be redeemed with a valid Amazon Prime membership. See more below for redemption steps:

    • Owl Guardian Mercy Epic Vol – Available on all platforms until October 19.

    How to Redeem Overwatch 2 Prime Rewards

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    Redeeming Overwatch 2 Prime rewards is as simple as that. Linking your account and Prime accounts To do this together, follow these steps:

    • From Prime Gaming Overwatch 2 page, click ‘Claim
    • select ‘Get in-game content’
    • Sign in if you haven’t already.
    • select ‘Link Account’
    • This will take you to where you need to sign in and press ‘allow’
    • You will receive a screen that says your reward has been successfully sent to your game.

    How to Apply Overwatch 2 Skins in Game

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    As with all other Overwatch 2 skins, you need to follow these steps to apply them to your characters in the game:

    • Launch Overwatch 2.
    • go to Hero Gallery
    • Choose a hero.
    • Select your Amazon Prime skin.
    • Click ‘to equip’ To apply to the skin

    This concludes the list of all Overwatch 2 Amazon Prime rewards available this month and the steps required to redeem them. For more Overwatch 2 content, check out our Overwatch 2 counter list or visit our main Overwatch 2 homepage.


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