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    You must find and interact with various NPC characters in Sols RNG to embark on unique quests or craft items. If you’re wondering where all these NPCs are, here’s a list of all the NPC locations in Sols RNG and their functions.

    All Sols RNG NPC Location – Roblox

    Sols RNG currently features three NPCs, each with a unique role. However, the game is constantly evolving and more NPCs will join in the next updates. Here is a list of the current NPCs and their roles.


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    Lime is a female NPC who predominantly offers quest-related quests to players, especially limited-time quests associated with the ongoing event. Most of the time she sleeps on her wooden bench right in front of the leaderboard. You can quickly identify her by her white hoodie with a black hoodie and black shorts. Talk to her to take on quests related to events like the Easter hunt or Valentine’s Day.


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    Everyone has to meet Jake at some point in their Sols RNG campaign, as he is the main NPC who mainly sells essential items like gadgets. Jake is inside his workshop in the center of the main hall, on the right side. He is the only NPC in the store; You can’t miss the long black hat on him. He interacts with Jake to create the next set of items.

    • Eclipse
    • eclipse device
    • Jackpot Gauntlet
    • lucky glove
    • solar device
    • lunar device
    • galactic device
    • Subzero device
    • Gravitational device
    • Wind storm device
    • golden coin
    • gear base
    • Exo Gauntlet

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    If Jake is the go-to NPC for crafting gadgets, then Stella is the go-to NPC for getting potions in the game that increase your luck and allow you to roll faster. Unlike Jake and Lime, locating Stella is quite a challenge as she lives inside a small cave on top of the mountain/cliff on the right.

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    Follow the image above to climb the cliff. It will take some time, but if you follow the instructions slowly, you will reach the entrance to the cave.

    Once at the cave entrance, move forward until you find a well with a light emerging at the bottom. Here, travel left until you find candles. All of these candles will be unlit and when you touch them, they will start to burn. Follow these unlit candles, which will lead you directly to Stella’s house. Interact with Stella to brew potions or embark on the Stella’s Star quest.

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