All New Strand Skins in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep (Season 21)


    Destiny 2 Season 20, the Season of Challenge, comes to an end on May 23, 2023, marking the beginning of Season of the Deep. Along with new content like quests, weapons, and exotic items, there are three new Strand skins for Guardians to earn. Here’s everything we know about the new Strand Aspects in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep (Season 21).

    Every New Strand Skin in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, Explained

    There is three new skins for the Strand class in Destiny 2 Season 21: one for Titans, one for Warlocks, and one for Hunters.

    Titan Flechette Storm Strand Aspect

    arrow storm is for berserker titans specifically, allowing them to attack from afar, putting more distance between themselves and their opponents instead of rushing in.

    The Aspect gives Titans a sliding melee attack that propels them into the air, dealing damage and knocking back nearby targets. Once airborne, using another melee attack deploys a Unraveling shell cluster for even more damage. Multiple melee can be chained together for additional casts.

    Strand skin from Warlock The Wanderer

    The Wanderer is for Lineage Weaver Warlocks. It works similarly to the shackle grenade, suspend opponents in the air with a Tangle after dealing burst damage. Entanglements are generated using Threading final blows.

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    The tramp is a sensitive tangle created when a Warlock picks up a Tangle. When cast, it tracks the nearest opponent and locks onto them. This is something I will definitely be using in PvP!

    Hunter’s Threaded Specter Strand Skin

    threaded spectrum is for thread hunter. When equipped, creates a lure that explodes in threaded that track opponents once they get close or hit.

    The aspect is activated when dodgeleaving the decoy behind to distract enemies, making it perfect for creating a window to revive teammates or make a quick getaway. I will make use of this in my Hunter in PvE, especially in late game content like Raids where you need all the distractions you can get.

    How to Get New Strand Skins in Destiny 2

    The three new Strand Skins are obtained in exactly the same way as other Strand Skins in Destiny 2: by using Strand Meditations on Pouka Pond in it hall of heroes in Neomuna. To unlock them, you need to start “a new searchat Pouka Pond, which is all the information we have at the moment. We’ll update this once we know more once Season of the Deep drops on May 23!

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