All maps and modes in XDefiant


    With the global launch of XDefiant, players will be eager to dive into this new free-to-play session from Ubisoft. Like other FPS titles, this one has a variety of maps and modes to choose from and in this guide we’ll show everything there is to know about them.

    All maps in XDefiant

    Image via Ubisoft

    There will be 14 maps available for XDefiant at launch, some of which are derived from various Ubisoft games and others which are completely original. They are:

    sand maps

    Arena maps are traditional PvP maps you see in popular FPS games, but with a little tweaking from Ubisoft. They are generally small, which creates action-packed combat. There are plenty of places to take cover on these maps if you’re more of a hide-and-seek type of player.

    • Sand
    • Attica Heights
    • Dumbo
    • Staggered headquarters
    • Emporium
    • Freedom
    • May Day
    • Nudleplex
    • village
    • Show time

    Progression maps

    The progression maps are larger and have different areas. The larger maps mean there are plenty of ways to change your playstyles, as there are a good amount of cover and vantage points on these. Different areas of the maps can be unlocked by completing a certain objective or checkpoint.

    • Meltdown
    • Halfway
    • Times Square
    • zoo

    All game modes in XDefiant

    There are five types of game modes available in XDefiant, which are divided between the Arena and the game’s Progression Maps:


    In Domination, players will have to capture three zones located around a map while engaging in an intense firefight. Every second your team controls an area, you’ll accumulate some important points that can help you win.

    Shooting guard

    In this mode, you and your team will have to push a payload from one point on the map to another. One team will guide the payload to the end point while the other team will attempt to slow its progress. Teamwork and strategy are key here in this modern tug of war, so you must work together to emerge victorious.

    hot shot

    Players will need to collect tokens from eliminated players in Hot Shot mode. The player with the most chips is the target on the opposing team’s map (i.e. the “Hot Shot”), but also gets a useful movement boost that they can use. There is definitely a bit of risk for the target player, but the rewards are even greater when the team with the most chips wins.


    In Occupy, opposing teams will fight each other for control of a specific area on a map. The zone periodically changes to different areas of the map, which will certainly keep everyone on their toes. It is similar to Hardpoint, with the team with the highest score being the winner.

    Zone control

    With this mode, it’s pretty self-explanatory as opposing teams battle it out for zone control in different areas of a map. Once an area is captured, one team must launch a suitable attack, while the team that captured it must defend it like never before. As always, teamwork and strategy are essential here, because you can feel overwhelmed juggling zones. Capturing all zones within an area will open a new area with more zones; The winner is decided by who has obtained the most points by capturing the zones.

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