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    Final Fantasy 16 Scarlet Location: All FF16 Hunts and Side Missions

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    gave Final Fantasy 16 Scarlett’s place will be on everyone’s mind. FF 16 At some point the player.

    While not a rare material, Scarletite is essential for crafting some weapons and armor – especially those near the end of the game that you’ll want to pick up.

    So, let’s get into each one. Final Fantasy 16 The Scarlet Location – including every side mission and hunt you need to complete to find it.

    Final Fantasy 16 Scarlet Location: All FF16 Hunts and Side Missions

    An image of Fastitokalon Hunt in Final Fantasy 16

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    When searching a Final Fantasy 16 Scarlett’s Place, FF 16 Players only need to complete one. Some side quests or the infamous Mark Hunts I from the Hunt Board the game – Each gives at least 1 x Scarlett as a reward.

    So, to get Scarlettite Final Fantasy 16you can complete one of the following hunts or sidequests:

    The quest location Rewards
    Dozmare / Griffin hunt

    Near the Caer Norvent River Gate Obelisk in Sanbrack – Find the exact location of the griffin hunt

    (Must start looking for Blacksmith’s Blues Side)

    1x Scarlet, 650x, 55 AP, 1x Meteorite, 8500 Gil, 20 Renown
    Ten victims of the club

    In the Dhalmakian Republic near the Druzd Obelisk

    (Available after starting Things Fall Spartan Quest)

    1 x Scarletite, 2530 Exp, 70 AP, 1 x Meteorite, 12420 Gil, and 20 Renown
    Fastitokalon / A hill to die on the hunt.

    Find the right hill to die on in the hunting ground – near the Velcroy Desert Obelisk in the Dhalmakian Republic.

    (Available after starting the Riddle of the Sands side quest).

    2 x Scarlet, 11 exp, 65 AP, 10000 gil, 20 renown
    Looking for hot water

    The Demel Inn in the Dalmakian Republic

    (Available after following the crystals during the main story quest of Riddle of the Sands)

    1 x Scarlet, 1 x The Breath of the Inferno (Ignition), 700 exp, 270 AP, 25 Reunion
    Holy Trumpeter/The Man in Black Hunt

    Near the Lostwing Obelisk in Sanbreque

    (Available after completing the Cloak and Dagger main quest)

    1x Scarlet, 2200x, 75 AP, 1x Meteorite, 9800 Gil, and 20 Raven

    To find a Final Fantasy 16 Scarletite Location As soon as possible, you’ll want to complete the Dozmare Griffin hunt when it opens immediately.

    However, if you want to get as much Scarlet as possible to pass the time, you should prefer beating Fastitokalone. “Dying on a Hill” victim – which rewards you with 2x Scarlet.

    As with all hunting and side quests, you have to FF 16 Scarlett on completion of the above questions.

    Final Fantasy 16 uses Scarlett.

    Image of Draxlear's Beltcraft in Final Fantasy 16

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    then, Final Fantasy 16 Players will be able to use their Scarlet to create unique gear: Drakeslayer’s Belt, Bracelets of Draxalairand weapons Excalibur – Designs you’ve earned by completing Blacksmith Blues sidequests.

    All you need to know about Final Fantasy 16 Scarlett’s location was found by various FF 16 Hunting and side quests.

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