All Escape From Tarkov Extraction Points – Woods Map


    In Escape From Tarkov, players must escape using various extraction points scattered throughout the maps. Extracting is relatively easy, but finding extraction points and surviving long enough to use them is not. Fortunately, this guide at MyFullGames explains where to find all the extraction points at the Woods location in Escape From Tarkov.

    All Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Extraction Points

    In total there are 16 extraction points players can find and use on the Escape From Tarkov’s Woods map. Eight of the Extraction Points are SCAV extraction pointsthree are PMC Extraction Points, and all players can use the last five points. Most of the extraction points on the Woods map are usually open/unlocked, but some have special requirements or need certain environmental conditions to be met. This is where you can find all the extraction point locations on the Woods map in Escape From Tarkov:

    Screenshot from MyFullGames, thanks to Map Genie

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    • scav bridge (Scav Extraction Point)
    • Scav Bunker (Scav Extraction Point)
    • mountain stash (Scav Extraction Point)
    • easter rocks (Scav Extraction Point)
      • Accessibility Opened.
    • old station (Scav Extraction Point)
      • Accessibility Opened.
    • dead man’s place (Scav Extraction Point)
    • Boat (Scav Extraction Point)
    • house scav (Scav Extraction Point)
    • Outskirts (All)
    • Door ZB-014 (All)
      • Accessibility – The ZB-014 door pull point requires a Key ZB-014. You can get the required key inside Room 220 at Customs.
    • RUAF hurdle (All)
      • Accessibility – Players can only access this extraction point when green flares are seen near it.
    • factory gate (All)
    • UN hurdle (All)
    • ZB-016 (PMC)
      • Accessibility – Players can only access this extraction point when green flares are seen near it.
    • UN northern road blockade (PMC)
    • V EX bridge (PMC)
      • Accessibility – Players must have 5k rubles, and up to 4 players can mine, but only if a black SUV is present.

    What is the difference between all the extraction points in Escape from Tarkov?

    If you’re wondering why there are multiple types of extraction points in Escape From Tarkov, it’s simple. Scav draw points are simply draw points that only Scav players can use. The same goes for PMC extraction points, where only PMC players can escape using PMC extraction points. The final type of extraction points are just points that can be used by both PMCs and Scavs. These Extraction Points usually have a ALL tags or bookmark on most available maps to let you know that both PMCs and Scavs can mine there.

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