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    The Breacher Primus is a Genshin Impact enemy type that can only be found in Fontaine’s Beryl Region. It branches out into four types of Breacher Primuses that wield either the Geo or Dendro Element. They drop the Rift Core, Foreign Synapse, and Alien Life Core, which are materials that can be used to Ascend characters and weapons.

    There are very few Breacher Primuses in the game. Even if each enemy drops multiple items, you won’t be able to quickly speedrun Ascension. So if you run out of enemies to hunt, I highly recommend entering a friend’s World through Co-op and asking if you could farm there.

    Where to find Breacher Primus in Genshin Impact

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    Breacher Primuses can only be found in Fontaine’s Beryl Region—specifically in the vicinity surrounding Elynas. The enemies usually come in groups of two or more. When you visit any of the areas above, you might find a cluster of ores instead. Breacher Primuses sometimes hide inside ores, so destroy the ores using Geo Damage or a claymore user to make the enemies appear.

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    How to defeat Breacher Primus in Genshin Impact

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    There are four kinds of Breacher Primuses in the game: big and small versions of the Geo and Dendro Elements. Unlike Consecrated Beasts and Rifthounds, these orb-like enemies are a lot easier to defeat. If your team has no problems defeating fungi, then you won’t have issues with Breacher Primuses either.

    However, if you don’t kill them fast enough, Breacher Primuses will create either a Geo or Dendro shield. You need to bring a Geo character to break the Geo shield and any Dendro-Reacting Element (Pyro, Hydro, or Electro) to break the Dendro shield.

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