All bosses in Lords of the Fallen


    The best part of Lords of the Fallen is the bosses I fought throughout my journey. While there were plenty of enemies in both worlds, the bosses were the real challenge and quickly tested my skills. Each boss had a unique appearance and required different strategies to defeat, which changes depending on which class you choose and how good it is, but let’s start with the names and locations of all the bosses in Lords of the Fallen.

    All Lords of the Fallen bosses, listed

    Lords of the Fallen has 36 bosses, divided into sinners and heretics. Sinners represent mini and optional bosses, while Heretics are the main bosses you must face. You do not need to defeat all the bosses, only those considered heretics, to complete the game. Here are all the bosses you can find in Lords of the Fallen.

    • Holy Bulwark Otto
    • The light reaper
    • Piety, that of blessed renewal
    • Spanked Sister Delyth
    • Gentle Gaverus, lady of dogs
    • The Congregator of the Flesh
    • lying face
    • The silent saint
    • Crimson Chancellor Percival

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    • ruiner
    • The light reaper (Second Meeting)
    • infernal sorceress
    • Despised progeny
    • Bearer of silence
    • Bringer of stillness
    • Carrier of Nullity
    • fur thief
    • Harrower Dervla, the promised knight
    • Kinrangr Guardian Folard
    • Grief-stricken Rowena
    • The hollow crow
    • The sacred resonance of tenacity
    • Permanent defenders
      • Mansion of the Holy Brothers
    • Blessed Scavenger Knight Sanisho
    • Tancred, master of punishments
    • The paladin’s charge
      • Path of Devotion (Threshold)
    • Reinhold, the locked one
    • Abbess Ursula
      • Abbey of the Holy Sisters
    • Enthusiastic Dusk Hunter
      • Abbey of the Holy Sisters
    • Cleric Judge, the Radiant Sentinel
    • Andrew of Ebb
    • The iron walker
    • Damarose the Marked
    • The divided monarch
    • Adyr, the helpless exile
      • Bramis Castle (Rhogar Kingdom)
    • Hungry Elianne

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