All birthdays, zodiac signs and birthplaces of Wuthering Waves characters


    Released on May 23, 2024, Wuthering Waves is an amazing gacha RPG that has major Genshin Impact vibes. If you’re new to the game, you might want to learn a little more about each Wuthering Waves character and their background. Here you will find the characters’ birthdays, zodiac signs and birthplaces.

    Birthday, zodiac sign, and birthplace of each Wuthering Waves character

    Check out our list below to learn more about your favorite character. The list is in order of the resonators’ birthdays!


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    Born in January 20 In Huanglong, Sanhua is Aquarius. Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are analytical, truthful and assertive. This is a great personality for a reliable guard.


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    Born in February 25 In Huanglong, Taoqi is Pisces. Those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces are compassionate and will often protect others, even at risk to themselves. As someone who defends Jinzhou’s borders, Taoqi fits well with his character.


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    Born in March 21st in the New Federation, Encore is Aries; although one right at the top. Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are passionate, lively and charismatic. Considering Encore’s penchant for storytelling, his story fits the bill perfectly.


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    Born in 6 of April in Huanglong, Jianxin is Aries; just like Encore. It makes sense that they are both Aries because those under this sign can also be unstoppable forces of nature. Once they are fully involved in something they are doing, like martial arts, they don’t stop.


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    Born in April 18th In Huanglong, Chixia is our third Aries in Wuthering Waves. Chixia is the most direct Aries because she uses a very fiery ability called Set Ablaze, where her Star generates heat that she can channel through her two guns.


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    Born in June 11 In the New Federation, Aalto is a Gemini. Those born under the Gemini zodiac sign are usually intelligent, adaptable, and quick-thinking. This suits information broker Aalto perfectly!


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    Born in July 8 In the New Federation, Calcharo is a sign of Cancer. Those born under the Cancer zodiac sign tend to be more emotional, and I can say that as a July 7 Cancer sign! Cancer signs are also self-protective. That being said, Calcharo seems to have more “negative” Cancer Zodiac traits, such as being vengeful.


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    Born in August 8 In Huanglong, Lingyang is Leo. Those born under the zodiac sign Leo are known for being passionate, confident and cheerful. For a lion dancer like Lingyang, the sign of Leo is perfect, but somewhat obvious.


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    Born in August 31 In Huanglong, Danjin is Leo. Very different from Lingyang, Danjin’s personality favors the more chivalrous qualities of this zodiac sign. The lion is often considered regal, and this suits Danjin and his morals much better than other signs.


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    Born in September, 10th In Huanglong, Baizhi is Virgo. Virgos are perfectionists and often seek practical and systematic approaches to their lives. As a researcher, these personality traits fit Baizhi well. Although he comes across as a bit distant, he shows concern for Rover when they first meet in the game and has a close relationship with Yangyang and Chixia from what I witnessed during the first Act of Wuthering Waves.


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    Born in September 17 In Huanglong, Yinlin is a Virgo and shares some traits with Baizhi. They both have serious demeanors, although Yinlin is more reserved. Considering his work and the introduction to his character from the Stormy Wave Reveal Live StreamThis should not surprise us.

    Yuan Wu

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    Born in October 2nd In Huanglong, Yuanwu is a Libra who is much more than he seems. Libras are seen as mature, wise and discreet. A very suitable set of personality traits that match the official description of Yuanwu. At the moment, it appears that Yuanwu will be the oldest Resonator to accompany the Rover. With his gray beard and his suit-like suit, he definitely gives off that vibe.


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    Born in October 11th In Huanglong, Yangyang is a Libra who displays the sign’s charming and caring personality traits. While she may seem cute, she is a very mature character and spends a lot of time worrying about Rover when they first meet.


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    Born in November 6th In the New Federation, Mortefi is a Scorpio. Scorpio men can be very intense people, something that is quickly seen in Wuthering Waves during your first interaction with Mortefi at the academy. Despite this, Mortefi is actually very dedicated to his research and it shows the more you talk to him.


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    Born in December 14th In Huanglong, Jiyan is a Sagittarius who seems to embody his leadership qualities. Sagittarius men are usually adventurous and curious. They want a purpose in life, which being the leader of the Midnight Rangers surely gives Jiyan.


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    With a unknown birthday, all I can tell you is that Verina was born in the New Federation and has ties to Jinzhou. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up having a Taurus birthday, because Taurus signs are known for having green skills. Alternatively, she may be Pisces.


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    Rover has no birthday and his birthplace is unknown. Since your chosen Rover will have two or three reactions to any situation, you can easily design his personality and give him his own zodiac sign and date of birth.

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