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    Hitboxes in Apex Legends are a major point of interest for many players and a headache for Respawn Entertainment when it comes to game balance and which Legends are preferred over others. Respawn constantly modifies character hitboxes to maintain game balance, but as with many things in a living game, these hitboxes are a work in progress. So, without further delay, here’s a quick rundown of all Apex Legends character hitbox sizes.

    The size of each character’s hitbox in Apex Legends (season 18)

    I’ve divided Apex Legends character hitbox sizes into five categories: average, small, thin and tall, medium, medium and slightly wider, and large with fortified features.

    Impact box size Legends
    Average Horizon, Bangalore, Valkyrie, Wall, Catalyst, Seer, Hound, Illusion, Octane, Fuse, Maggie, Ash, Crypto, Wolf, Vantage
    Little Specter, lifeguard, Wattson
    Skinny and tall Conqueror, Reborn
    Average height, slightly wider Advantage
    Large with fortified feature Caustic, Newcastle, Gibraltar

    Some Legends, like Gibraltar and Caustic, have larger hitboxes than others, meaning they are easier to hit. To compensate for this, they have the Fortified buff, which reduces the damage they take. In other words, the Fortified buff gives these legends a 25% damage reduction, making legends with large hitboxes more balanced and competitive with other popular options like Wraith.

    On the other hand, some Legends, like Wraith, have smaller hitboxes, making them harder to hit. The low profile buff, which increased the damage they take, was removed for balance reasons. Instead, Respawn has tweaked its hitboxes, as it recently did with Lifeline and Wattson.

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    Image via Respawn Entertainment

    Hitbox information is not common public knowledge, although Respawn will occasionally post a comparison image like the one shown above in an update’s patch notes. Some Apex Legends experts and data miners will extrapolate what information they can

    In general, it is essential to be aware of the difference in the hitbox, as it can give you an advantage when choosing your battles. You can improve your game by considering your legend’s hitbox when you start a fight and position yourself.

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