All 15 Abbey Haven Locations in Marvel’s Midnight Suns


    When you’re not fighting the good fight against Lilith and Hydra in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you can spend time in the Abbey hanging out with your fellow superheroes. Every day you can choose Hang out with one of your fellow heroes, in particular locations that you can find around the grounds called paradises. Each shelter can only be used once, and each hero can only be brought to a shelter once. But luckily there are more shelters than heroes, so you’ll always have the option to choose where to take them once you’ve discovered them all. Below you’ll find all 15 Abbey Haven locations in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

    Where are all the shelters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

    Shelters are very easy to find once you have access to the area they are in. appear as a blue swirl. Just walk up to one and interact with it to have it. added to your haven list. Once you have at least one Shelter, a new option will appear when you talk to a superhero ally. To choose Invite Haven to enjoy a quick cut scene and a conversation with them, as well as a significant friendship boost. The first 10 locations can be found with just the first two words of power.

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    All Haven locations are listed below (note: names may varybut the locations are constant):

    1. the wooded top: Almost directly south of the Dreamers Descent map marker, up the hill next to the pet graveyard.
    2. the dusty void: Just past Agatha’s Shrine to the right, on the path to the first Blood Gate north of the Abbey.
    3. the lazy stream: Exit the Abbey to the west and head towards the steps that lead to Agatha’s Altar. Turn right just before and the Haven is next to the creek.
    4. the windy meadow: Take the northeast path away from the Standing Stones. At the bottom of the hill, where the path forks to the left and right, walk straight off the path.
    5. the gloomy forest: Walk to the left if you are facing Agatha’s Altar and go up the steps to the left. The Haven is at the top of the steps.
    6. the imposing glade: Go west from Agatha’s Altar across the broken bridge to the small circular outcropping. There is a Haven on your right.
    7. The secluded gazebo: Follow the path northwest from the Valley of the Winds. At the first crossroads, there are two paths on your left. The second one goes into a small garden where you will find the next refuge.
    8. the spooky glade: On the way past the Old Salem Cemetery and the Hanging Tree.
    9. the old bridge: Right next to the path at the junction you reach by fast traveling to Everflowing Glades, next to where Agatha is.
    10. the quiet hill: Outside Agatha’s cabin.
    11. the silent madness: In Lilith’s Garden, just outside the Greenhouse.
    12. the rocky crossing: On the path between Garden of Envy and Misty Moors, south of the wall you go through at the end of Garden of Envy.
    13. The Wet Retreat: Past the wall south of Dreamer’s Descent, where you can break the blockade on the path to the right of Unknown Grave.
    14. the shady path: South of the crossroads between Gideon’s Cross and Everflowing Glade.
    15. the desolate depression: At the end of the path heading west from the Garden of Envy fast travel point, at the T-junction past the roadblock.

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