Aether Geyser kicks off the Karasugo Imbroglio event with a brand new addition to the main story

    • Discover the story of the Karasugo Imbroglio in this update.
    • Get yourself multiple birthday rewards too.
    • A new S-grade modifier was also introduced.

    Aether Geyser got a ton of new content as Yostar released the highly anticipated Karasugo Imbroglio event. This update is huge as it kicks off the title’s anniversary celebrations while also advancing the main story. In addition, you can expect the addition of a new S-grade modifier along with several outfits and other rewards.

    At the heart of the latest update of Aether Geyser is the story of Corsogo Ambroglio, which begins at a family estate in the mountains. A CORG agent has gone missing and as you investigate, you’ll slowly uncover a mystery shrouded in both fate and rules. There is only one way to escape, and it will only work if you muster the courage to do it.

    Once you complete this exciting quest, you can start participating in all the birthday rewards. A Mod Growth Supply Package, 2000 Shifted Stars, and 10 Price Scan Vouchers will all be given away for free. You can get the S-Grade Modifier and 10 more Price Scan Vouchers by clearing missions and logging into the game.

    Speaking of S-grade modifiers, Flower of Yumi – Izanami is new. Originally called Karasugu Senha, she quickly rose through the ranks and became the head of the Karasugu clan after plotting to kill the Kuro God. To the outside world, she appears rational, aloof, and somewhat unapproachable, but those close to her know her true girly side.

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    On top of all that, you’ll also see the introduction of a new Ultimate Skull Chain, Sigil, and a Functor, along with more additions to the store.

    Discover it all by downloading Ether Geyser now for free by clicking on your favorite link below. Visit the Official website To know everything about this new update.


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