A summary of Destiny 2’s story from Lightfall to Season of the Witch


    Destiny 2 Lightfall is the second-to-last major expansion to the Destiny 2 story as we know it so far. Destiny 2 is reaching the climax of the “Light and Darkness Saga”, with its final form coming in February 2024.

    While Lightfall answered many of the questions that lie in between. the gameit raised many more, some of which we have seen answered in post-enlightenment events, and some of which have yet to be fully understood.

    Here’s everything that’s happened since Lightfall to get you up to speed on Destiny 2’s story.

    What happened in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

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    The instigator of Lightfall was the arrival of the event. witnessthe Traveler’s archenemy that has been roaming Destiny 2 for years.

    The Black Fleet arrived in our solar system months before Lightfall began, and at the beginning of Lightfall’s story, They reached the ground.

    The Witness attacks the ground, to which the Traveler responds. The exact nature of the conflict between the two entities is unknown to us, but what is clear is that Black Legionan army of the Cabal loyal to the former Emperor Callas, now a disciple of the Witness..

    Upon contacting the traveler, the witness learns the location. the curtaina paracausal entity similar to the Traveler.

    They send Kallus and the Black Legion to track him down, at which point Osiris and the Guardian (that’s us!) board one of the Legion’s ships.

    This brings us to Neptune, where we discover a hidden enclave of humanity that has been living there for centuries. Colonists who left the land before the destruction were stranded here and, after discovering the veil, set up home here.

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    Immediately, Callas laid siege. City of Neumonawhich houses all the humans on the planet, the Veil, and the Cloud Striders.

    gave Cloud Striders There are genetically enhanced superhumans who dramatically reduce their lifespan to protect against pneumonia. Up until now, their job has mostly been to fight the Vex, but now they have to stop the Shadow Legion as well.

    To make a long story short, the Guardians and Cloud Striders are together to fight a common enemy. Their main purpose is Protect the veil, and prevent the callus from touching it.

    It is here that the Guardians discovered. The strand, an aspect of darkness, and a new source of power. It all culminates in a showdown between the Guardians and Kallus in the veiled containment chamber.

    Kalas has been defeated., but by manipulating the Guardian’s ghost, the Witness manages to create a link between the Veil and the Traveler. Through this, A portal is opened outside the Traveler, and the witness disappears inside..

    What Happened After Lightfall: Season of Defense

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    With the Vanguard still reeling from the battle with the Black Fleet and the events on Neptune, a roadblock is encountered. The witness has traveled through a portal and No one can follow them.

    Thus, attention had to be drawn to the here and now, where we come from. Defense season.

    During the attacks, the Black Legion began Taking human and elksen prisoners And holding them in pyramidal structures throughout the land. These prisoners include Amanda Hollidaythe shipwright of the Vanguard, and The Musracs of the house of light. The Guardians were tasked with freeing prisoners and fighting the Shadow Legion.

    It was during one of these jailbreaks. Amanda Holliday sacrificed herself to save the captives..

    What happened after Lightfall: Season of the Deep

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    After the witness was taken, Titan, a moon of Saturn and an important point in the history of Destiny, returned to the solar system. Initially Deep seasonVanguard got a hint of trouble Deputy Commander Sloanewho was on the Titan when the witness took it.

    Arriving on Titan, the Guardian learns that the Moon has been brought back by the tricks of the Hive Goddess. Xivu Arath.

    Further, we learn that Sloane has survived these few years fighting the Tekken by embracing his power on Titan and fusing with an ancient being. The feeling.

    Ahasa resembles an insect god worshiped by the Hive, who fled his home world and followed the Traveler into our system where he took up residence on Titan, hiding beneath the methane sea.

    Sylvain and Ahsa bond., and through Sylvain, Ahsa can talk to the Guardian and the Vanguard. She has a deeper understanding of Hive, The Taken and Witness than we do.

    Throughout the season, the Guardians gather material to help Sloane deepen her relationship with Ahsa so she can better understand what the ancient being is telling her.

    ultimately, Sloane interpreted Ahsa’s words. More precisely, and we learned that the only knowledge we need is to follow the witness through the portal. Witch Queen, Southaven.

    What Happened After Lightfall: Season of the Witch

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    Destiny 2 has a current season. Season of the Witch. With the unenviable task of reviving Southon, Ares Maran gets to work.

    A condition for resurrecting the Witch Queen, a term coined by Savathun himself, is that we Deal with your sister first.

    Xivu Arath is the Hive God of War, and he has set his sights on humanity. Xivu Arath draws strength from conflict.All combat and death makes it stronger, meaning less direct attack must be made. to this end, Eris Morn has used the magic of the Hive Ritual to become a Hive God herself..

    now God of Vengeance, Iris must balance her humanity with the Hive form she has assumed. Further, he unwittingly drags Ahsa into the ritual by naming her sisters. Reluctant at first, Ahsa becomes more willing as she realizes Eris’ intentions, and now contains one-tenth of Eris’s energy.

    As the weather progresses, Iris struggles even more to keep her powers under control.while still trying to muster the strength to take on Xivu Arath.

    Here’s everything in a nutshell from Lightfall so far, with a lot more to come in Destiny 2’s story before the final reveal next year.

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