A finger lick of Zelda’s KFC Speedrun is a $10k prize.


    you will be Clicking Crazy not to have seen KFC’s latest collaboration, because it looks like we’re eating chicken in Hyrule tonight. While KFC has taken some weird and wonderful approaches to gaming, like the weird KFConsole concept or the Final Fantasy crossover, it’s Zelda’s time to shine.

    Cooking was present in 2017’s Breath of the Wild, but it was nothing compared to the charcuterie board of delights and recipes we could rattle off in Tears of the Kingdom. The likes of biting into meaty rice balls and enduring stir-fried wild vegetables had our mouths watering, but for some, all we want is some plain fried chicken.

    KFC and Zelda meet at 11 Herbs and Spices speed.

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    Bringing two worlds together, the Zelda x KFC crossover introduces us to a speedrun that contains literally 11 herbs and spices. The challenge saw thousands of players from 17 countries attempt to recreate the infamous secret recipe in Tears of the Kingdom.

    After discovering that you could cook up a storm with your fried chicken at Tears of the Kingdom, the PR whizzes at KFC HQ wasted no time in getting the word out. After all, no one chickens out like Colonel Sanders. “The Recipe Rin” is reportedly the first speedron ever created by the brand.

    Partnering with @SpeedrunEspanol , KFC asked wannabe Hylians to collect chicken, oil and 11 herbs and spices from across Hyrule, and brought them together for their own take on this famous fried chicken. The prize was a golden trophy shaped like a chicken thigh and worth €11,000 (about $10k).

    Who won the KFC x Zelda speedrun?

    To join, you had to show an empty inventory, travel to the Bedrock Bistro, and talk to Gomo the Goron. KFC lovingly called it The Goronel. Although you could travel fast, you weren’t allowed to buy any ingredients except oil.

    In the end, the winner was a Frenchman named Cous, who whipped up a bucket of fried chicken in just 1:07.800. We’re not sure what they plan to do with a $10k golden chicken thigh, but we don’t imagine it’s that easy to sell.

    From Burger King forcing you to play Call of Duty for McDonald’s and finish off its Pokemon Happy Meals once again, there’s a chance to earn big bucks in video games and fast food. What’s next, stopping by as a hamburger happy mask salesman?


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