8 Fun, Weird, and Silly Starfield Mods


    A large part of the mod community is looking for every possible way to improve the Starfield experience. Some of these mods provide much-appreciated improvements to the textures and graphics of various game assets. Other mods don’t do any of that, instead giving players random things to look at or laugh at. Here are eight of the most outrageous mods for Starfield.

    8 comical mods for Starfield

    Unpackaged plating

    Image via Tank-girl444

    The black boxes that seem to enclose all the food in Starfield are not the most appetizing container. Plated, unpackaged solves this problem by placing the food on a plate as if it were really ready to eat. Now you can really see that pepperoni pizza on a plate like you ordered it from Dominoes.

    Real Water HD

    Image via luxor8071

    Although Bethesda removed most of the graphical designs from Starfield, there is one area that seemed to be lacking a bit; water. With Real Water HD, the ponds and lakes around the game look really swimmable. After all, who wants to swim in unreal waters?

    Cheer up – Electric clippers

    Image via Xatmos

    Starfield’s Power Cutters have become one of the most popular weapons in the game. What if you could only buy electric clippers? This mod allows you to choose different variations of the Power Cutter, each with different advantages. Any Zarya main character from Overwatch could appreciate this mod.

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    HD Wood

    Image via Luxor8071

    Unrealistic wood is almost as difficult to observe as unrealistic water. Wood HD addresses this issue very well by giving improved textures to every piece of wood in the game. You can actually see the individual pieces of bark with this mod.

    Wakizashi Cyberpunk 2077 Errata Replacement

    Image via Bonepunk

    Are you tired of Wakizashi? This mod simply replaces it with the Errata from Cyberpunk 2077. It’s also very well designed in this mod, even going so far as to show sparks flying when the Errata makes contact. Errata isn’t necessarily “better,” it just looks more appealing.

    Immersive lightsabers

    Image via Somberx

    Naturally, if there’s a game that takes place in space, fans will demand that lightsabers get in there somehow. Now, your wish has been granted with the Immersive Lightsabers mod, which replaces most weapons with lightsabers. However, I didn’t find any purple lightsaber in the trailer, I’m so sorry Mace Windu fans.

    Immersive cases

    Image via Husko

    Yes, the combat is very immersive and dynamic in Starfield, but do you know what it’s missing? Where is the huge amount of shell casings that should be on the ground after a shooting? The Immersive Shell Casings mod places a large number of shell casings on the ground after a fight, making the scene look like something out of a die hard movie.

    There are no enemies in Compass

    Image via Sable17

    Have you ever wanted to play Starfield hard? Now you can do it with the No Enemies on Compass mod, which makes the radar useless. With this mod, the only way to notice an enemy is by listening for their footsteps. This is definitely a mod for players looking for a really difficult challenge.

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