7DS Grand Cross Codes for Free Diamonds and Tickets (May 2024)

    Updated May 21, 2024 – Checked for new codes.

    The Seven Deadly Sins, or 7DS, is a popular anime and manga series, and has been adapted into a game with the same name. It is perfect for those who love the series, and the gameplay combined with the story will undoubtedly keep you engrossed.

    Over time, the developers of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross have released a number of codes, which provide in-game currency along with many other items. This guide lists the 7DS Grand Cross activation codes that will get you some in-game items like diamonds and tickets.

    Working The Seven Deadly Sins: The Grand Cross Codes

    • 7DSULTRA – 300 Diamonds, 300 Super Awakening Coins and 50 SSR Evolution Pendants (valid until January 1, 2025)
    • 7DSROYAL – 10 Diamonds (valid till November 26)
    • 7DS30DIA – 30 Diamonds (expires June 28)
    • 7 DULTRA! – 50 SSR Evolution Pendants

    As codes expire quickly, use them as soon as possible.

    Expiring codes

    • 4 Thank you
    • 7DSDIA – Diamonds x 10
    • 7dsMonde – Potions x10
    • 7dsmail – Awakening Coins x5
    • 7dsgownad – 1,000,000 gold
    • 7dselmel – x3 SSR Evolution Pendant
    • 7DSGIFT4U – Diamonds x 10
    • 7DSMAGIL
    • 7DS100
    • 7 together
    • VOTE7DS
    • the final
    • Angel of Death
    • broken heart
    • 10 commandments
    • ITBE2020
    • Thiholivar
    • 7DS1 year
    • 7 together
    • LIKE7DS
    • LOVE7DS
    • SHARE7DS
    • 20221124
    • Killer
    • dem0n
    • Pacitum 1866
    • reward
    • Royal blood
    • Sunlight
    • Thanks
    • drawer
    • Ekaterneer
    • Festival
    • Fiat Lux
    • GC3halfesta
    • LvMeli
    • festival, mela
    • Thxfullcounter
    • what code
    • 3000dlmerci

    How to Use the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Codes

    Netmarble has provided the facility to use 7DS Grand Crosscodes through it. Dedicated website. Although the process is relatively straightforward, it can be a concern for new players, and here’s a guide for everyone to follow:

    • Step 1: Visit the dedicated 7DS Grand Crosscode website on any web browser.
    • Step 2: Enter your Netmarble ID and select the appropriate server.
    • Step 3: Paste the code in the text field and click on the Confirm button to redeem the code.

    If the code is redeemed successfully, the rewards will be credited to your account.

    Additionally, Android users also have the option to use the codes directly within the game itself. To do this, you can access the menu and navigate to access the Miscellaneous section. Finally, click on Coupon option to access the interface.

    Other codes you may find helpful:

    Original article by Nishant Thakur, updated by Sumant Meena.


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