10 Best Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds


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    Cherry Groves are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and popular biomes in Minecraft, although they debuted in the game only a few months ago. Our list of the 10 best Cherry Grove seeds for Minecraft will help you experience them in all their glory without having to do a lot of quests or adventures in the game.

    Top 10 Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Grove Seeds for Bedrock and Java

    If you are a Java or Bedrock player, you will be able to play any of these seeds. The biomes and the rest of the geography will remain the same between the two versions, but some of the structures will be moved, replaced, or removed entirely.

    Cherry Sunflower Plains

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    Seed: -5352405855713252044

    This seed is spectacular solely because of the combination of sunflowers and cherry trees. You spawn in one of the largest Sunflower Plains biomes I’ve personally seen, stretching from Spawn to all of the Cherry Groves in the distance. The surrounding areas contain biomes of plains, grasslands, forests, and savannas, so you won’t be short of building materials. As a bonus, an ancient city lurks nearby, waiting to be explored along with several villages.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Cherry trees with plains of sunflowers: Appear Cherry trees with plains of sunflowers: Appear
    Old City: -296, -43, -760 Old City: 168, -43, -664
    Plains People: 224, -176 Ruined Portal: 152, -280
    Savannah people: 48, 96 Savannah people: 88, 152

    Deserted cherry snow

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: -6930719418877405118

    This Cherry Grove is visually beautiful, but beneath its beauty lie the ruins of many civilizations. The area below Cherry Grove Mountain and the mountain to the east were excavated eons ago. They now serve as home to two lifeless ancient cities. In Java Edition, the mountain’s inability to support human life is emphasized by the zombified Plains Village rotting above it. In Bedrock, the dangers of the mountain are manifested by the inclusion of a nearby raider outpost.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Snowy cherry forest: -625, 92 Snowy cherry forest: -625, 92
    Zombie Plains Town: -752, 240 Raiders Outpost: -1,016,296
    Old City: -648, -43, 24 Old City: -664, -43, 136
    Ancient city 2: -216, -43, 248 Ancient city 2: -344, -43, -200

    animated landscape

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: -2685196510063371065

    This seed is perfect for those who want a beautiful landscape with Cherry Grove accents rather than a landscape focused solely on cherry trees. The area’s river is a vibrant blue that contrasts beautifully with the pink cherry trees and yellow hue of Plains Villages. There’s plenty of space around the river and Cherry Grove, so you can really place your base wherever you want.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Plains People: 160, 192 Plains People: 120, 216
    Plains Town 2: -176, 256 Plains Town 2: -232, 168
    Shipwreck near Cold Ruins: 392, -600 Plains Town 3: 264, -456
    Cherry tree with sunflowers: -20, -235 Cherry tree with sunflowers: -20, -235

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    Cherry Stalactite Caverns

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: 9106652374265262460

    The Cherry Grove hills near this Spawn are hollowed out on the inside to make room for the Dripstone Caves. The surrounding area is filled with villages, and each version has at least three plains villages nearby. The hillsides of Cherry Grove are a mix of plains and grassland biomes, so you should be able to get plenty of flowers and bees along with the cherry trees and rose petals on the hills.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Cherry forest: -137.0 Cherry forest: -137.0
    Plains Village next to Dripstone Cave: -352.0 Plains Village next to Dripstone Cave: -328, 104
    Plains Town 2: -352, -320 Plains Town 2: -296, -296

    Snowy Cherry Mountain

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: -7773035497957955661

    In this world, you start inside a Snowy Slopes mountain. The only hint of the scenery outside the mountain is a singular cherry tree in the crater near you. Leaving the mountain you discover a beautiful cherry forest bordering the mountain and the two plains villages in the lands beyond. Java players will have five ancient cities spread across the area’s mountains, while Bedrock players will have a whopping seven ancient cities, plus a rare forest mansion! It truly is one of the most luxurious and resource-rich seeds on this list.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Plains People: 96, -288 Plains People: 200, 40
    Plains Town 2: 384, 224 Plains Town with Ruined Portal: -216, 120
    Old City: -200, -43, -264 Old City: 104, -43, 152
    Ancient city 2: -600, -43, -280 Ancient city 2: -264, -43, -296
    Igloo with basement: 8, 296 Forest Mansion: -664, -824

    Cherry tree village by the sea

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    Seed: 5526601570127519687

    This Cherry Grove sits on the edge of a lake that leads to an ocean. In Java, Cherry Grove contains Plains Village, while in Bedrock it remains uninhabited. Expand the town or build your own, filling the coast with beautiful pink buildings. The nearby ocean contains many structures to explore, so you’ll never run out of treasure or things to explore.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Cherry village by the sea: -256, -256 Cherry forest by the sea: -256, -256
    Great Cluster of Cold Ocean Ruins: -456, -456 Little Cold Ruin: -488, -248
    Ruined Portal: -568, -280 Shipwreck: -504, -312
    Old City: -152, -43, -376 Buried treasure: -440, -248

    Perfect Cherry Hideout

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: 2386252575410873149

    This small section of the hill is covered in cherry trees, making it the perfect place to place a hidden base. In Bedrock, it’s a great place to live if you want to spend some time away from others, especially since the only structures nearby are some buried treasure and ravines. In Java, the peaceful tranquility of the area is disturbed by a group of pesky looters who have established an outpost nearby. You will have to defeat them to restore peace and tranquility to the area.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Cherry Hideout: Appear Cherry Hideout: Appear
    Raiders Outpost: 64.0 Buried treasure: 264, 152
    Old City: 72, -43, -200 Buried Treasure 2: 328, 136
    Buried treasure: 345, 121 Buried Treasure 3: 328, 72

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    Village on Cherry Hill

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: -1654234161733018674

    This Cherry Grove is 500 blocks from Spawn, but it’s definitely worth it! It is divided into three sections, with another grove a few hundred blocks away. In both versions of the game, a Plains Village sits at the edge of the hill, extending to the nearby river and leaving plenty of room for you to add your own buildings. Whether you choose to add your base on top of the hill or along the nearby river, you’ll have plenty of space and easy access to villagers for a trading hall.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    cherry hill: -355, -261 cherry hill: -355, -261
    Plains People: -384, -368 Plains People: -392, -440
    Plains Town 2: -720, -400 Raiders Outpost: -536, -696

    cherry crater

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: 6611769043299714243

    Surrounded by thick walls made of Snowy and Frozen Peaks, this Cherry Grove is one of the safest places you could live. Despite the safety of the Overworld here, the land beneath the surface contains a dangerous Ancient City. You can live in blissful peace on the surface or muster your courage to face the horrors that await you beneath the Overworld. Whatever you decide, the pink cherry trees will be there to guide you home.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Cherry crater: -162, 172 Cherry crater: -162, 172
    Raiders Outpost: 160.0 Ruined Portal: -255, 255
    Old City: 24, -43, 168 Old City: -264, -43, 152

    Giant Cherry Spawn

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: 1574505130294238835

    When you want a Cherry Grove right away, this seed has you covered. Spawn is located next to a small fragment of a much larger Cherry Grove, with the two separated by mountainous terrain. You could use either hill as a base for a base or build your house on the forested lake island between the two hills. When you want treasure and a challenge, explore the nearby structures and caves to collect loot, fight tough enemies, and make a name for yourself in the world.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Split Giant Cherry Forest: Appear Split Giant Cherry Forest: Appear
    Raiders Outpost: -416, -288 Old City: -216, -43, 168
    Plains People: 208, -272 Plains People: -472, -344
    Trail ruins: 349, 193 Cherry Grove Village in the distance: -360, 664

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