Zombies fanatics hate the new open-world DMZ crossover



    Ahead of Modern Warfare 3’s arrival, the first slither of information have been released by Call of Duty as to how Zombies will play out.

    For the first time in the Modern Warfare series, Zombies will be taking over the game, feasting on the limbs of your Operators until nobody survives, But that hasn’t pleased all fans. Zombies fanatics are seething.

    Zombies fans unhappy with MW3 mode

    The Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has been confirmed to be a DMZ crossover with up to 24 player lobbies, all teaming to take down hoards of undead and undergo missions along the way. But many fans are annoyed that Outbreak has been diluted to suit DMZ.

    One of these fans is Zombies guru “TheGamingRevolution,” who has been overtly vocal on social media, slamming the decision to have a 60-minute maximum game time, amongst other DMZ influences.

    I was really looking forward to Treyarch expanding on Outbreak a lot and making it much better. I saw so much room for growth. Instead, we see a much worse version that has a 1-hour time limit and humans? Like what even?” The content creator said on Twitter.

    The main gripes appear to be that there will also be human AI that you will have to kill in early rounds, followed by a 60-minute timer, which takes away from the value that made Black Ops Zombies so great.

    Treyarch’s resources are ‘going to waste’ claim MW3 Zombies haters

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    With the news coming out that Zombies isn’t quite what they wanted it to be, Zombies fans have begun vocalising that it is a waste of Treyarch’s time, which could be better placed developing CoD 2024’s mode.

    Sledgehammer Games (handshake) Pulling Treyarch off of their more important COD 2024 Zombies,” TheGamingRevolution added in another tweet. “So many resources going to waste,” he added.

    Undoubtedly, Treyarch will still have plenty of aces up its sleeve for 2024, but it might be a year of agonising wait for Zombies fans.



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