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Geo’s CEO has been one of the most important characters in the Genshin Impact meta since its release. His incredible shield and his ability to destroy resistances have made him useful on many of the best teams in the game.

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In this guide we are going to tell you everything you need to know to get the best out of this 5-star character, from builds and weapons to the best equipment.

Best builds and artifact sets

Zhongli’s undisputed best role is as a Support for, as he is the best protector in the game. His Hold Elemental ability that summons a Geo Stele and a Jade Shield brings a lot of benefits to the party. To make Zhongli’s shield as strong as possible, you should focus on increasing Zhongli’s HP, as this directly increases his shield’s HP. In fact, all of Zhongli’s damage and abilities scale HP, so it’s almost always worth building your artifacts and weapons for it. The other benefit of the shield is resistance crushing. This reduces the enemy’s physical and elemental resistance by 20% in a small area around the shielded character. There are very few effects in the game that grant such powerful stamina shredding.


Unfortunately, despite looking extremely cool and having the ability to petrify opponents in his area, Zhongli’s Elemental Burst attack takes so long to execute that it will normally deal less damage than other characters’ attacks. In fact, while Zhongli’s normal attacks are pretty fast too, and she can do respectable DPS when designed to do so, she can bring much more benefit to the group by focusing on her support role and letting others do the damage. So by leveling up Zhongli’s talents, you can concentrate on your Elemental Skill, and there is no need to breed the others, which makes it even easier and cheaper to build.

Millelith Tenacity

This is a perfect artifact set for Zhongli, as the 2-piece and 4-piece bonuses complement his set very well. the Bonus 2 Piece Set increases Zhongli’s HP by 20%, which is a huge boost. the 4 piece bonus does none The character’s Elemental ability increases the strength of the shield by 30% when it hits an opponent. This is the perfect complement to Zhongli’s ability, as it allows her to set up a shield and then switch to his main DPS, which can continue to increase his strength while attacking with his own ability. When farming this set, remember that Sands, Goblet, and Circlet can all roll with HP% as a Main Stat, so actively seek them out and upgrade any you find.

Another viable approach for Zhongli is to not worry about set bonuses and use whatever artifact gives him the most HP possible.

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best weapons

Due to Zhongli’s support role, his weapon choices don’t necessarily include the most powerful weapons in the game, as Zhongli doesn’t need high ATK or Crit to do his job well. That means one of his best weapons is actually a 3-star!

4 star weapon

Spear Favonius

This weapon provides a considerable energy recharge to both Zhongli and the rest of the team through the particles it generates. If you already have very strong shields, this can help your team more than Black Tassel.

3 star weapon

black tassel

This spear has a very simple buff for Zhongli, which provides a lot of HP. Although it is a 3-star weapon, it gives Zhongli everything he wants in his support role.

best teams

Zhongli works great with any character that needs a shield to avoid interruptions while in the field. That particularly benefits powerful DPS characters like Xiao or Ganyu. As a Geo character, Zhongli also synergizes very well with any team that brings in other Geo characters, and one of Zhongli’s best teams leans heavily into this.

5 star team

Character Character role and benefits
Arataki Itto main damage dealer
Gorou Support – Improves DEF and increases party damage.
albedo Sub-DPS: Geo damage outside the field
Zhongli Support – Provides shield and RES shredding.

This pure Geo team has a lot of synergies. Zhongli’s shields keep Itto alive while he deals damage, giving him frag resistance and a geo-resonance damage buff. Gorou buffs Itto’s Defense, increasing his damage even more (since that’s his ascension stat), and also provides greater buffs with more Geo comrades. Albedo drops his Elemental Ability to provide Geo damage off the field, which resonates with Itto and Zhongli’s Geo builds. This is a very powerful and fun team that uses a lot of characters that are not in demand on other teams.

For a more F2P friendly team, you can try the following with only 4 star characters as teammates.

4 star team

Character Character role and benefits
ningguang main damage dealer
Fischl Sub-DPS: Off-field electrical damage
bennett Support – Provides damage and healing buff.
Zhongli Support – Provides shield and RES shredding.

Ningguang can be a fantastic ranged DPS with Bennett’s damage boost, Geo Resonance damage boost, and Zhongli’s shield RES destruction. Fischl contributes a lot of electrical damage off the field. This is a very versatile and extremely durable team, and you can also replace other off-field DPS units for Fischl, like Xiangling, or replace Bennett for other buffers and healers, like Sara or Kuki Shinobi.

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