Zeepkist - Level File Editing and Scaling Guide

In this information i’ll go trough the fundamentals of Zeepkist stage file enhancing, scaling, and extra.


Guide is considerably wip, including photos quickly.

Level File enhancing is a robust software that may drastically assist with making maps with out among the restraints of the ingame editor.

Scaling is a good way of decreasing half depend or making extra attention-grabbing ranges, for instance making partitions out of 1 huge piece to avoid wasting a couple of hundred components, rising the efficiency wildly.

Due to the Zeepkist stage format being so easy, automating stage creation will be completed relatively merely (if you know the way to program).

How ranges are saved

Levels you’ve gotten made are saved at AppDataRoamingZeepkistLevels, or alternatively you’ll be able to click on the open file button within the editor, after which the smaller open button proper beneath it to open the trail instantly.

Levels are saved in .zeeplevel format, however you’ll be able to open the file simply high-quality in any textual content editor.

Zeepkist ranges are saved in plaintext, which makes enhancing straightforward. The file construction appears to be like like this:

The first row accommodates some info concerning the creator of the extent, in addition to giving the extent an distinctive UUID.

The second row accommodates some editor info akin to digital camera place and rotation.

The third row accommodates validation info. It is really helpful to not contact this line, as it might result in errors throughout gameplay.

All following rows are monitor items. Each line consists of 38 numbers, separated by commas. The order goes like this:

Piece ID

Position alongside Red axis

Position alongside Green axis

Position alongside blue axis

Rotation round Red axis

Rotation round Green axis

Rotation round Blue axis

Scale alongside Red axis

Scale alongside Green axis

Scale alongside Blue axis

Followed by 17 coloration/materials areas and 11 Settings

Editing and Scaling

Editing the file is kind of straight ahead, however there are some small issues it is best to know.

When including a brand new piece within the ingame editor, that piece at all times finally ends up final within the file, nevertheless when copying a bit, the unique piece and the duplicate piece swaps locations, and the unique piece finally ends up on the backside once more.

The Scale issue multiplies the items authentic measurement, which signifies that you must think about the items authentic measurement and your needed measurement, and the ratio between them.

Scaling is in reference to the axis when the piece was positioned. So if you wish to scale a bit that has been rotated, you need to take into consideration how the piece was positioned, nevertheless you’ll be able to determine this out fairly fast by trial and error in the event you make a mistake.

When scaling, you even have to consider the origin of the piece, because the origin may not at all times be within the middle of the piece you are attempting to scale, which may result in misalignment points.

Not all items use coloration info in the identical method, as a consequence of having totally different coloration sections. For instance, a street piece makes use of 7 coloration spots, whereas a tube piece solely makes use of 2.

Some of my very own initiatives

To offer you some inspiration on the right way to use file enhancing and scaling, i need to present a few of my very own initiatives i’ve made.

Desert Bus

Using a easy java program i wrote, i made a recreation of the game desert bus, wherein you drive for 8 hours straight. I made each a 20 min and the complete 8 hour model. I did this by copying a scaled up terrain piece to behave as desert and a scaled up street piece to make lengthy segments which i may stack again to again to make a extremely lengthy street.

External Spline Tool

Using a (slight extra complicated) java program i made a Spline software, the place you’ll be able to draw up a monitor utilizing instruments just like the spline instruments present in most fashionable picture enhancing packages. I did this by making a program to generate factors alongside a spline, after which spit out a stage file with roads connecting the factors.

Map Scaler

Yet one other java program that takes in a stage file, and scales up each place and scale of all monitor items by an enter quantity.

This is it guys!! I’m certain that you’ll love Zeepkist – Level File Editing and Scaling Guide that we’ve got shared with you. We are at all times open to dialogue and options from you. Just allow us to what you considered the information within the remark part.

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