Yu-Gi-Oh! Voice Actors Announce Tentative Project ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! The Manga-Verse’


Yu-Gi-Oh! voice actors Dan Green and Eric Stuart are hoping to pay tribute to the late mangaka Kazuki Takahashi in probably the most genuine approach potential.

Green, who voices Yugi Mutou within the English dub, introduced by way of Twitter that he and Stuart, the voice of Seto Kaiba, have been “thinking about” narrating the manga chapters from Yu-Gi-Oh! in a challenge known as Yu-Gi-Oh! The Manga-Verse. Green posted a brief snippet of the 2 narrating Chapter 9 of the manga when Kaiba approaches Yugi and asks to see the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. Although Yugi hesitates, he decides to provide Kaiba an opportunity and exhibits it to him. However, Kaiba has a devious plan to amass the cardboard he so covets.

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Fans Are Excited About the Project

Green couldn’t verify whether or not this might occur or not, however followers have been over the moon regardless. In reply to followers’ feedback, Green mentioned, “As a tribute to Takahashi, I think it’s perfect. We’d want it to feel like you’re reading his work. A full cast would be the ultimate, all of “Season Zero,” exactly as it is on the page. We’ll see…” Later on he thanked followers for his or her enthusiasm and mentioned, “We [are] looking into if that’s possible, your desire for it helps.”

Season 0 refers back to the first anime adaptation of Yu-Gi-Oh! in 1998, which adapts the primary 59 chapters of the manga. The season aired in Japan however didn’t come to western audiences because of the story’s violence. Compared to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters which aired from 2000 to 2004, Season 0 is far darker and as an alternative of sending opponents to the “Shadow Realm,” the video games that Yugi’s alter-ego performed have been rather more lethal and harmful. The video games that Yami Yugi performed did not revolve across the card game a lot as they have been simply common video games with dire penalties. In the unique, Yami Yugi was a darkly advanced character as a consequence of his seeming lack of constraints for mercy when it got here to taking part in in opposition to his opponents.

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In 1996, Takahashi created Yu-Gi-Oh! after initially wanting to write down a horror manga. The card game collection grew to become an enormous hit and offered 40 million copies. The collection follows a shy boy named Yugi Mutou, who usually finds himself bullied by his classmates. After fixing an historic Egyptian puzzle known as the Millennium Puzzle, he releases a mysterious alter-ego referred to as the opposite Yugi, who usually takes over his physique to play card video games. The story follows the 2 working collectively to battle enemies who search to steal the Millennium Puzzle to make use of for their very own nefarious functions. They quickly understand that Yugi’s alter-ego is a mysterious pharaoh who has misplaced his reminiscences, and Yugi and his pals embark on a journey to assist the pharaoh regain his identification. The collection spawned an infinite anime franchise with numerous spin-offs, a well-liked buying and selling card game and video video games.

Takahashi handed away on July 6, 2022, after the Japan Coast Guard found his physique floating off the shores of Okinawa. An outpouring of messages from numerous manga creators and voice actors expressed their grief and paid respect to Takahashi. Reports later mentioned that the mangaka had died a hero after he jumped into the waters to rescue three individuals from a riptide.

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