Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide to getting through your first reincarnation, lots of spoilers below so be ware if you want to explore the game for yourself.
The Warrior class is used here as it’s the fastest, and as a result the guide becomes less useful for Tamer/Sorcerer beyond Academic city.
Guides for the other two classes are planned and I’ll start writing them up after playing through them once.

Getting Started

You’ll start the game in the town with a few available actions. Actions are split into 5 different categories, from left to right:

  • Instant Actions: You’ll get the effect instantly after clicking it. Hovering over the action and pressing A will let you do it the maximum number of times.
  • Loop Actions: These actions take time. You’ll spend the required resources (if any) upfront, gaining resources under [Progress Effects] every second while the action is running, and receive the completion effect when the timer ends, clicking out of the loop action won’t refund any resources and will pause the timer.
  • Upgrade Actions: Storyline actions will appear here. They can only be completed a limited number of times (usually only once) per reincarnation.
  • Next Action: Actions that will lead to unlocking new areas, unlocking more parts of the game.
  • Dungeon: Go into a battle screen where you fight through different enemies. they can drop items, and most dungeons also have completion rewards.

(All actions that aren’t Loop Actions complete instantly)

After getting motivated and talking to Dad, you’ll unlock a training battle (and Dad very kindly doesn’t retaliate). Once you beat him, he’ll give you some seeds which you should immediately use on You (the Main Character, I’ll refer to as MC below) by going to Party – Level Up to hit harder. Seeds will be the quickest way to improve combat stats for a while, and you should always try to keep your fighters max seeded.

After unlocking and doing the second training battle, the exp reward will be enough to let you perform a Sacred Ritual (the game’s function to rank up) to rank 1, and for the rank up you’ll also gain an Inspiration point and a Habit point. Your first inspiration points should be used to buy Introduction in the Astral World until it’s maxed, and allocate all of your habit to the Worship routine for now for some Sacred Ritual multiplier.

Run around and do some more chores, and you’ll soon unlock the very first dungeon – Riverbank.

Riverbank and Waterfall

Combat Basics

  • Most enemies can drop their research, which allows you to summon that enemy as a friendly unit. They won’t necessarily have the same attacks, but will roughly reflect their strength in the dungeon.
  • Party members and most enemies will, by default, both attack and be attacked from top to bottom in order. So you’ll usually want your strongest units at the back to both live longer and dish out more damage.
  • Party members’ stats are determined by the Base stats at the top, multiplied by some factor (indicated in their tooltip)


You should beat the first training fight with Dad a few more times (since he’ll give you a Physical seed in addition to a random seed), and max MC’s Physical before going in.

With max seeded MC you should be able to kill a few enemies before dying. Keep going back in and eventually you’ll get some summons.

To add them to the party, go to the Party menu and click Set next to the summon, and remember to periodically go back to fight the first training battle with Dad for more seeds to power them up. You should be able to get through after getting research from all 3 enemies.

Completing dungeons for the first time improves MC’s max level. MC should be the first unit to be seeded for a very long time, as they’ll be our ace for the majority of the playthrough, and the special stat improves XP gain as well as a Sacred Ritual multiplier, letting us rank up faster.


Waterfall is much of the same with stronger enemies. Snake’s passive will give a hefty stat bonus to your team, and Wolf will be a strong attacking unit (even better than MC) at a high enough level.

If you get lucky and manage to get Flower Fairy, you’ll notice that her default skill is non-damaging, and you’ll have to change her skill to an attacking move. Her passives of Flower and Weed regeneration will speed up some of the early game story actions. You will also notice that she needs Flowers as well as her research to level up – a theme unique to rare summons.

If you do get a Flower Fairy, keep her in your party and Appraise Herb whenever your Weed reaches max. You’ll need somewhere around 81 herbs in this area in total for story progression.

Onwards to Rank 5

After clearing Waterfall, it’ll be a short while until you reach rank 5 to unlock the next dungeon. Stay in Waterfall as the enemies give better XP, more Wolf/Snake research, as well as Leather which is the resource you need the most in area 1, but do not convert Pelt to Leather as you’ll need those too.

Place summons with Habit Efficiency in your party (basically have Slime in instead of Goblin until you need the Leather cap), as extra efficiency makes the Worship routine run faster.

At rank 2 you unlock A Crying Girl’s conversation, choosing either option gives the same reward, has no impact in the overall storyline, and the enemies in both branches have similar stats. They should be beatable once you obtain summons from Waterfall.

You’ll also unlock formations from the Learn Tactics action. Formations are temporary buffs that you can activate for 30s at a time with a 3 min. cooldown. You can tick the box next to them to leave one on autocast, and you should definitely check Friendly Formation for more research drops for now.

Formations can be found at the top right of the battle screen after you unlock it (click the v to choose a formation):

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Later on, certain skills will have Additional Effects when specific formations are active.

At rank 3 you unlock the Energy tab under Routine, as well as access to your first skill from Dad.

Regular Routine gives you action every time its bar fills, making you regain Action a bit faster if you invest some habit into it.

The other routines are (in groups of 3): Max resource, passive regeneration, and habit-driven regeneration for Stamina and Mana respectively.

Skills have different resource costs, and the Slash skill you get from Dad takes Stamina. Since MC should already be one-shotting Waterfall enemies without it, you can ignore the entirety of Energy tab and the skill for now to rank up faster.

At rank 4 you’ll unlock Familiars under the Routine tab, which lets you invest habit for some very nice bonuses such as Destiny regen or extra combat stats (which will be crucial later), but again only distracts you from ranking up at the moment.

Dim Cave (Orc)

At rank 5 you’ll be able to unlock the 3rd dungeon, the Dim Cave, and be greeted with the boss of Area 1 – the Orc.

His attacks once charged will wipe out the health bar of any of your summons a hundred times over. But the charging gives you some time to take him down.

However, doing so at rank 5 will not be possible, except…

Dark Ritual

Alongside Orc you’ll have unlocked new Upgrade Action – Dark Magic Circle. This unlocks Dark Ritual, which resets some stats to 0, most notably rank (which lets you re-rank up for more inspiration), and in return you get an adjusted talent value, which will act as an multiplier to Sacred Ritual as well as a small multiplier to Habit Efficiency. Dark Ritual immediately after you unlock it.

Unless specifically gated by rank, you should perform Dark Rituals as often as you can – inspiration upgrades have significant impact on your speed of progress, whereas trying to stay in a run will encounter a slowdown in progress rather quickly, as the amount of xp required to rank up is exponential (1000*4^(rank-1)).

A few things contribute to the talent multiplier, but for the early game a large portion will be provided by Luck (each summon with maxed luck gives +100% talent).

Getting back at Orc

After performing the Dark Ritual, you can get right back to Waterfall. For this run your goal is to beat the Orc.

Stay in Waterfall and focus on Worship routine until you hit rank 5 again. With the 5 extra insp you should have the Introduction upgrade maxed.

Now, with much better Habit Efficiency (you should have ~2.9 by now thanks to summons), we can make some use of the other Routine tabs:

Level Summon Familiar to level 2 then check Lesser Devil for extra stats, grab 2-3 levels in Max Stamina (you’ll need a full Stamina bar to upgrade it beyond level 1), and unlock Slash if you haven’t yet. Now you’re strong enough to defeat the Orc.

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Every summon should have maxed Physical, Snake should have maxed Special for maximum stats. Equip Slash on MC and allocate all of your habit to Energy Recovery for Stamina regen.

Use Physical Formation after Snake attacks for the second last/last time, and you should be able to beat Orc by just a hair (with the best timing you should beat it by ~50 hp).

Defeating the Orc will give you a bunch of useful rewards:

  • An extra party slot. Note that you can only have 5 active party members in dungeons, but extra party members will still have their passive effect applied. Gets more and more useful as you acquire better summons.
  • Stab, a more useful skill than Slash. Its Additional Effect is to deal 50% more damage when Physical Formation is active, and 5% of overkill damage will be dealt to the next enemy. We will be using it extensively for the damage burst in the upcoming area.
  • A title that you can change to in the Party screen that gives you a bit of extra stats.

    And most importantly, additional upgrades in the Astral World that will help immensely towards progressing to the next area.

Infinite Inspiration upgrades

With Orc you unlock inspiration upgrades in columns 1 and 3. Column 1 upgrades can be bought an unlimited number of times, but are much less efficient than column 3 upgrades. Always check if you have a better deal from column 3 when looking to buy Habit Efficiency+/Status ups.


You’ve also just unlocked Quests under the Party tab, you can put summons that you don’t need into squads and make them go on quests, which are similar to loop actions that’ll periodically give you some resources and gives you a completion reward at the end.

You cannot put a summon that’s in a squad into your party, so only put them into squads if you think they won’t be useful for a while. For now, just stick Slime in and make it do something that seems decent.

If you have a quest with a Sacred Ritual% (until next Dark Ritual), or Dark Ritual% (until next Dark Ritual) reward, do not complete it immediately as we can make good use of them for rank walls later.

Unless you think you can reasonably enrol into a school in under 20 minutes (if you’re following this guide, with active play you should at most be rank 7), Dark Ritual immediately, and do another one hour DR, investing all inspiration points into Habit efficiency+ (column 3) then Status up (column 3) once maxed. In another run or two after that, you should start pushing to rank 10 to unlock the next area.

Pushing to Rank 10

At some point the dad will recommend you to go to school, which all require rank 10 and a different amount of Destiny/Gold, and is a prerequisite for you to leave the town.

Each class once unlocked will have a specific set of routines unique to them, and different skills as well as classes in school. In short:

Warrior gets:

  • High attack bonus
  • Bonus Stamina regeneration
  • The fastest attack of the 3 skill sets at 1.3s
  • Routines give extra stats, bonus XP gain, Attack Speed to Weapon units, Sacred Ritual%

Tamer gets:

  • Research dropped amount bonus
  • Mixed bonus Stamina/Mana regeneration
  • A mixed physical/magical skill set with mediocre speed (1.9s expensive attack, or 2.1s spammable attack)
  • Routines give Research dropped amount, Resource drop chance, Seed drop chance, Rare enemy spawn chance

Sorcerer gets:

  • High magic attack bonus
  • Bonus elemental regeneration – this does not include Mana
  • Full magical, elemental skill set. Fastest attack for a while is Air Cutter (2.0s) until Wind Step (1.6s)
  • Routines make most Loop Actions faster, and makes some Instant Actions more efficient

With active play, Warrior is the fastest class by an extremely large margin

and the class we’ll be using for this guide. It also happens to require the lowest amount of Destiny, requiring only 270 Max Destiny for us to enrol (Gold cap is comparatively much easier to get from Expand Gold Pouch).

A big chunk of the Destiny cap will come from the Tea Party story chain, which is unlocked after interacting with each of the NPCs (Old Lady, Leatherwork, Slime Lovers, Bully, Girl, Priest) once. Flower Fairy (which you should certainly have by now) will help out a lot with her passive Weed generation.

Another prerequisite is also finishing the entire Leatherwork conversation, requiring 3+10+15+5*5+10*5 = 103 leather. In addition. 4+3*10 leather is required for the herb capacity required to start Tea Party, so in total you need at minimum 137 leather to progress through Town, and you’ll need more for Material/Gold cap later.

What to do on this run

In this run you’ll be pushing to rank 10. All of your inspiration gained in this run should go into the column 3 Habit Efficiency+ upgrade if it’s not maxed yet, and column 3 Status up afterwards, then start saving for Doppelganger before buying anything in column 1.

Keep doing what you’ve been doing (Habit into Worship, stay in Waterfall) until rank 6-7 or so, then start completing the following story actions:

  1. Forest conversations until 4 Wood cap, then Firewood Expansion until at least 40 Firewood cap.
  2. Tea Party and all subsequent story actions that cost 5 herbs or less, Weeding (instant action) and allocating some habit into Regular Routine helps a lot.
  3. Talk with Girl until the very last conversation so she doesn’t leave your party. For Wolf kills, leave only MC and her in the party with her in front, and exit/reenter the dungeon if a Wolf isn’t the first or the third enemy on wave 1. You do not have to clear the training dungeon.

    Norn as an ally gives +100% exp drop from enemies when she’s in your party and should be immediately added to your team for xp farming.

and you should have about 270 max destiny by the end of all of it.

Leather should go into extra Durable Leather once you’ve crafted the tent (the defence bonus will help out in the beginning of the next area), and you’ll get enough leather to max just about everything except for the seed pouch/material bag from the push.

Pushing to rank 10 will take approximately 2 hours. Your can DR immediately after enrolling into Warrior School, and you’ll unlock your first Forest dungeon after talking to dad and getting some more wood. Don’t forget to let Norn run away before getting her back by Leaving Together for the extra 5 Destiny cap and stat bonus!

If you think Norn’s stats look a bit weird for all 50%s across the board you would be right, Norn’s stats is scaled on the average stats of all other party members in the party, including ones beyond the 5th slot.

e.g. If you only have Norn and MC in the party, she’ll have half of MC’s stats.

Lostlorn Forest

Dungeon Autorestart

After you beat a dungeon for the first time, if you beat it again, you’ll no longer be kicked out of that dungeon if your team wipes (and the dungeon will instead autorestart) until you DR. It’s frankly not great as far as player experience goes, since manually restarting for new summons is usually forced upon entering a new area, as we are now.

Getting through Lostlorn Forest for the first time is one of the steeper difficulty spikes of the game, and having to sit through 5 entire waves of Harpies and Tortoises may seem impossible at first.

It’s still worthwhile to run it a few times and hopefully get one or two summons, as they’ll help killing Orc faster, from whom you’ll need the Pork for the Bully.

The next big improvement in stats comes from the Cafeteria action in Forest which is just barely doable after doing almost everything in town. Take Grilled Fish for the attack – we’ll be trying to go through most of the game by rushing enemies down glass cannon style.

In order to beat Lostlorn Forest you’ll need the Tortoise and probably the Harpy summons. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to avoid active play here – it’s either that or spamming 1 hour DRs for Status ups.

My team that beat Forest for reference (amusingly I forgot to put Orc in the passive slot, it’s a Bird which doesn’t contribute to combat stats):

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

This is with all 10 Status ups bought, 0 Status ups in column 1, Lesser Devil 2 and all 10 Durable Leathers.

Tortoise, Harpy – Tackle
MC – Stab, allocate enough habit to Energy Recovery routine to cap it.

Reset (you can press D instead of clicking Quit to get both hands involved) until you get a good wave 1 (no harpies), and ideally a wave 2 with no harpies to keep Tortoise alive. Activate Physical Formation if you feel like you’re safe for thStoryline Actionse remainder of the dungeon in wave 3, as Stab will one-shot Harpies while in Physical Formation.

Storyline Actions

Once you beat Lostlorn Forest, immediately grind Destiny for Forest Hut – Open the Closet. It’ll give you an item which provides you with a whopping +10 atk and def, with which you should be able to idle Lostlorn Forest with ease.

Where to spend Inspiration

By now you should have spent 10 points in Introduction, 10 points in Habit Efficiency+ and 10 points in Status up.

The next upgrade to aim for is Doppelganger – it allows you to run a loop action while also running a dungeon, basically doubling your productivity since you’ll want to chop down a lot of trees soon. After that, start dumping into Habit Efficiency (column 1) and consider picking up Sacred Ritual+ at some point.

You may have seen some people recommending Blazing Aura. I assure you that 50 inspiration is much better spent elsewhere. In fact, Blazing Aura scales so poorly you’d likely progress faster buying 10 Status ups in column 1 upfront, as you won’t be able to make Blazing Aura give you +10 all stats before needing more seeds for later summons. We’ll have enough Status ups from column 3 upgrades alone. This does not apply to Tamer/Sorcerer as their skill sets/routines are not strong enough to avoid as much grinding as Warrior does.

Lostlorn Forest – Deep

Rare enemies

In each every area there is a rare enemy in the second dungeon. Barring a few exceptions, most of them have no use in combat, but provide very helpful bonuses such as resource regen.

It’s certainly worth staying in areas to get their first research drop. But DO NOT intentionally farm for more of their research in dungeons – later on we’ll have a way to acquire massive amounts of rare research in minutes.

Manually grind for Lizard Man summon (until Kaz adds autorestart without having to beat the dungeon, this is one of the worst grinds in the game). He comes with fantastic attack, a +attack passive, and his default attack has a whopping 15 base power compared to Tackles 7.

We won’t be using his default attack, however: Drooling Monkeys will tear him apart if they hit.

Grind to finish the Bully’s conversation if you haven’t and start idling in Lostlorn Forest after that. Then, after max seeding Lizard Man you can use the following team to get through Lostlorn Forest Deep:

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

(In hindsight I think putting Lizard Man behind MC is slightly stronger, consider swapping Monkey for Harpy if your Tortoise feels too squishy)

Tortoise – Tackle
Drooling Monkey – Tackle, Aqua Tail is faster but too weak to kill anything on its own.
Lizard Man, MC – Stab. Allocate enough habit into Energy Recovery routine to make the bar solid.

Again, manually restart until you see a favourable wave 1 (no Harpies and at most one of Lizard Man/Drooling Monkey, a good example would be Tortoise/Tortoise/Monkey/Tortoise, in a dream scenario you’d have the Rare enemy as wave 1). However this time you need to save before you do resets to preserve formation timer, as you must activate Physical Formation once you’re down to Lizard Man + MC, and you’re attacking into something won’t die in one hit (e.g. MC into Tortoise).

Unfortunately, since Drooling Monkey’s Water Drool attack has the same speed as Stab, we have 2 problems:

  • Every time we encounter a monkey, it’s guaranteed to land a hit (both creatures land attack in the same tick).
  • Every time we encounter a Harpy followed by a Monkey, we’ll take a hit from both (Air Cutter is faster than Stab).

Both Lizard Man and MC can live only one attack from a Monkey and die to a second, so we need to see 3 Monkeys or less after you activate Physical Formation in order to get through (if both your last party member and the last enemy die on the same tick, it counts as a defeat).

With the level ups from Forest Deep, MC will now live 2 hits from Monkeys, so manually resetting for a second completion to trigger autorestart will be slightly easier.

The rare enemy from this area is rarer than Flower Fairy (and the rarity only goes up as we get into later areas), but if you do manage to get their research, you’ll want to keep them in your party around for a while – they become useful in the next area.

Storyline Actions

Keep idling in Forest Deep for Mushrooms, and save them for Norn first instead of the addict – we’ll be heading straight for the boss. After a gigantic slog for a total of 20 mushrooms, 12 Wooden statues and 4 Goddess Statues, you’ll unlock the next dungeon. Make sure you buy Read Fire Spellbook at some point before doing so.

As painful as Goddess Statues are to craft, they’ll still pay off their cost of 190 Destiny each in the long run, so do absolutely craft max Goddess Statues and Wooden statues.

All of your inspiration at this point should be going into Habit Efficiency+, this is the plan until 30 Total Habit Efficiency, after which you should start saving for the Party Slot.

Lostlorn Forest – Abyss (Treant)

Type Matchups

During the grind in Forest Deep you would’ve noticed some interesting type interactions: Harpies taking away half of Tortoise’s health each hit, while failing to one-hit your Snake.

The 4 most common types are Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Their type match up goes as follows:

Fire > Wind > Earth > Water > Fire.

A super effective attack between those types will deal 1.5x its base damage, whereas a not very effective attack will deal 0.7x its base damage. Otherwise it deals normal damage.

You’ll see that Wolf is Ice type, and you’ll encounter even more types later. For the full type matchups table, see on the wiki here[].

And at long last, we finally meet the boss. Shoutout to Norn for keeping us stuck here for approximately 3 hours, because it’s immediately beatable.

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Drooling Monkey – Tackle
Snake – Fireball
MC – Stab

(Had a lv11 maxed Orc in the back as well as lv3 Lesser Devil, fairly confident neither mattered)

Its gimmick is Woody Protection, which reduces all damage taken by 50%. However, if it gets hit by a fire attack, it’ll instead spend a turn Burning, as well as removing the Woody Protection buff.

The boss itself is RNG and randomly uses Bind Whip (causes a character to skip their turn for 2 turns), Woody Blow (weak, fast attacking move that will 2-hit the last 3 party members) and Gravity Apple (strong, slow attacking move that will 1-hit anything in that team).

With some decent luck (the boss wasting 2-3 turns) and good Physical Formation timing (use it immediately after Snake dies), Treant will be down.

Treant’s reward isn’t as plentiful as Orc’s, but still very meaningful:

  1. With the extra levels, you can now safely idle in Lostlorn Forest Deep.
  2. The summon gives bonus attack based on the amount of wood you have, and will replace Snake as a support soon (you can use Beetle to get to 20 wood, then switch it out – you’ll keep overcapped resources).
  3. A new title that gives Wood regen, which synergises nicely with the Treant summon.
  4. Some new upgrades in the Astral World (most notably more cheaper Habit Efficiency+).

Side note: With Treant’s extra levels, you should now be able to beat the rank 10 Dad fight with Stab. Complete some of the unlocked story actions if you need the max Destiny.

Storyline Actions

In order to get to the next area you’ll need 600 max Destiny. Now since Treant is super unreliable to farm, we’re going to ignore Norn and do 2 things:

  1. Go back to Lostlorn Forest – Deep to farm Mushrooms for the Mushroom Addict (you’ll want at least 19 total to talk with him 4 times to unlock Wheat)
  2. Farm Orc for his research in order to get to 400 Gold cap (takes lv16 Orc with a maxed level Drooling Monkey), you should at most 3-hit Orc with MC-Stab, Lizard Man-Dragon Flame Slash and Treant – Woody Blow at this point.

If you want to speed up getting destiny, you can fight Training Room – Skill, which will give you 5 destiny every time you beat Dad.

Keep progressing through Chef’s conversation, and you’ll unlock Baking.

Ignore Chef’s request to get 10 Bread from you, and feed yourself first instead. After consuming your 10th serving for a total of 55 Bread, you’ll unlock the strongest feature of the game.


Finishing the last bit of bread gives you a ???, which can then be used to buy the upgrade in Akashic Records. Unlocking Gluttony under the Routine tab.

Gluttony allows you to consume food items in exchange for stat bonuses as well as higher DR multipliers. Eating the same food item between DRs will cause you to need to eat more in order to gain a level. The status increases from gluttony are kept between DRs, and will be the primary way of boosting stats for the rest of the game.

Generally, you’ll only want to eat easily farmable food, and mainly food that gives you useful stats. Comparing Pork to Mushroom for example, Pork gives us +atk% which we’ll always want, and at this point is already easy to farm, compared to mushrooms which gives us useless matk% and we have to suffer through 5 waves of enemies just to get one.

From this point on, you’ll want to start idling Dim Cave for more pork when you don’t need to grind other dungeons for quests.

It’s also yet another incentive to do 1 hour DRs, but unfortunately we’re approaching our next rank gate.

After eating some pork, finally give the chef the Bread he wanted and get enough max destiny to proceed, ideally skipping Norn’s Apple chain altogether – we’ll come back when Treants become easily farmable.

Academic City

Warning: from this point on, builds may be applicable to Warrior only.

Class Routines

Around now your talent will start to have an noticeable effect on your Habit Efficiency. If you’ve been following the guide, with around 30 Total Habit Efficiency, class routine starts to become somewhat usable.

Levelling a class Routine will provide proficiency, a speed bonus to that routine for the reincarnation by (level gained/1000)%, up to a maximum of 10% per DR and capped at 100%, so you do want to start running them at some point to make it easier for yourself in the future.

A reminder to start saving for Party Slot after reaching 30 total Habit Efficiency (the amount required to run Energy Recovery/Regular Routine/etc at max speed with 1 habit).

The next dungeon is locked behind a total of 1100 destiny (but realistically around 2.7k to go through), and unfortunately also requires rank 14.

I recommend farming Lostlorn Forest – Deep to at least rank 12 with Norn before parting with her and starting the Academic City destiny grind to take advantage of her +100% xp drop bonus.

To speed up the grind as much as you can, switch to Friendly Angel familiar, craft all 10 Wreaths, have Goblin in your party while Praying, and add (after farming Lostlorn Forest Deep for that long I sure hope you have it) Forest Fairy in your party and drink some tea.

Unlocking the dungeon

Take Adventurer’s Guild (200) – Talk with Receptionist x3 (900), after which you’ll see numerous guild quests as well as the dungeon unlock – House clean up.

Unless you had a Pelt quest going, Cleaning the streets is much faster. Hand one of them in and you’ll unlock your first new dungeon.

You will be able to kill some enemies thanks to Dragon Flame Slash, but the summons are pretty meh and are frankly not worth grinding for, and you’ll need to attend some classes to get the power you need to clear it.

Getting to classes

Take Entrance Cememony (400) – Speech by the Principal x3 (1260) – Greet the teacher (300g)* – Talk with teacher x6 (1050g)

*We’re not taking the Destiny regen at the cost of max destiny here as we’ll soon have a way to generate Destiny a lot more effectively.

You’ll have unlocked a whole bunch of new stuff by the end of the conversation:


are your way of getting to the next 3 areas, acquiring a new title unlocks an area so your next rank gates are ranks 25, 31 and 35 respectively.

Tournament and Facilities

Tournament is a series of (rapidly increasing in difficulty) 1v1 (MC only) fights that will unlock certain facilities at specific rounds, every class also has a facility available to them immediately after finishing the Speech by Principal actions:

Round 1 – Municipal Library (Sorcerer’s Facility)
Round 2 – Cooking Workshop
Round 4 – Dr. Monster (Tamer’s Facility)
Round 6 – Knights Training Area (Warrior’s Facility)

With the 2 movement you get from talking to the teacher, go to the Knight’s Training Area immediately. Talk to the Knight gives some combat stats but do not talk to the commander and give away your muscle statue yet. It’s not hard to recover the attack through gluttony, but lost attack is lost attack.


what we’ll be attempting immediately, are fights with teachers that give very lucrative rewards in the form of huge stat boosts and skills.

Beat the beginner teachers in the order of Sword – Rod – Spear, using pretty much any party with MC – Stab and Lizard Man – Dragon Flame Slash as your last two will work.

Keep farming pork for more attack, at around 130 base attack my level 61 max seeded Lizard Man started one shotting the Orc with Dragon Flame Slash for even faster pork.

With the extra stats and our god and saviour, Sharp Spike, we can now deal with the new dungeons.

Hoarder’s House and Sewer

Extra Inspiration

By now you would’ve noticed that instead of gaining 1 inspiration per rank up, you’re getting more above rank 10.

The way inspiration reward goes is that it’ll reward 1 insp for the first 10 rank ups, then 2 until rank 20, then 3 until rank 30… and so on.

Therefore you have a bit of extra incentive to push to higher ranks, but hourly resets will still be the way to maximise inspiration gain.

Hoarder’s House

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Red Slime, Rat – Tackle
Lizard Man, MC – Sharp Spike
Passive Slots – Snake and (now max level) Orc, drop Snake if you don’t have a 7th party slot yet.

Gluttony: +22%atk, +1%hp
Lesser Devil 6 (massive overkill on that department, can get away with much lower, just need to 4shot Red Slime and 2shot everything else)

Red Slime is an amazing tank that’ll singlehandedly carry you through. Didn’t seed Rat at all and didn’t even use Physical Formation.

Immediately proceed to sewers and manual for Ghoul, because…

The Sewers

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Ghoul – Sharp Spike

A seeded Ghoul at base level has good enough stats that it’ll kill everything with Sharp Spike (2 Sharp Spikes is faster than Black Insect’s Phantom Dive, 3 Sharp Spikes is faster than Ghoul’s Ghoul Claw), so Ghoul is simply untouchable with sufficient base attack.

The only issue you may run into is stamina regen. Have at least 9 max stamina, run Energy Recovery routine at full speed and run Energy Recovery Loop Action to be safe.

With the levels from Sewer, MC can now one-shot Orc with Sharp Spike for extremely fast pork farming.

The rare enemy of this area is I would say the only one worth heavily grinding for. As it provides  in addition to Muddy Mucus + Stench regen. However, this guide will proceed under the assumption that you don’t have it, or any of the later rares for the remainder of the run.

Storyline Actions

Go back to the Hoarder’s House and grind 10 Dung in order to get into the Slums.

Give the Drunk 410g, and he’ll give you your 2nd Muscle Statue.

Your next 2000 destiny should go to Talk with Girl in the slums, as at the end you’ll unlock an Instant Action that allows you to convert Gold to Destiny, essentially solving any Destiny related issues for the rest of the game.

Farm more Dung for the Outlaw to unlock Manure. Buy Read Earth Spellbook soon so you can finish off the Manure story actions.

When presented with the options to Steer Away from Slums, or Go Deeper in the Slums, choose Go Deeper. The other option leads you to a long crafting quest, requiring hundreds of Goddess Statues in exchange for Goddess Statue Cap. We won’t need that much Destiny nor want to craft statues for 10 hours straight in our first run.

Once you go deeper, start grinding Stench at some point for the Boss, and have Forest Fairy in your party to slowly finish Herb Addict’s conversation.

Sewer – Abyss (Purification Slime)

Purification Slime’s first gimmick: Magic Absorb – Converting all magical damage received into healing – is nothing but a free turn for us. However, we’ll still need some good damage in order to take down its huge health pool.

Its second gimmick: Purify. It will continuously spend a turn not attacking, instead consuming 10 Muddy Mucus from our inventory, as long as we have more than 10. This will let us buy enough turns to defeat it with minimal grinding.

Go back to the Sewer and grab the Black Insect summon if you’re missing it, it gives +atk and Research dropped amount%, both very nice passives to have.

Go back to farm some Orc for Pork and with a Red Slime in your party, Clean Gutters until you max out your Muddy Mucus (this guide will only get 30, as the Red Slime is barely above base level). Purchase Cleaning Tools will speed it up slightly.

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Lizard Man, Ghoul, MC: Stab

Passive slots: Orc, Black Insect (lv36 Special)
Lesser Devil level 4 (absolutely not needed)
Gluttony: 46% ATK, 1% HP

30 Muddy Mucus

Activate Physical Formation right before MC attacks for the second time.

Purification Slime’s title is pretty much only useful for the Muddy Mucus regen, but the summon has a passive ability of Sacred Ritual%, which means you should start occasionally swapping it into the party to close to gap to ranking up.

Its food item, Slime Jelly, is also amazing as it’s also Sacred Ritual%. We’ll be farming Purification Slime for it pretty extensively when it becomes reasonable.

With the extra levels, you can now easily crush Tournament Round 1 (could’ve done it after beating the Sewer, but we didn’t need the unlocks anyway).

Unfortunately all of the inspiration upgrades from Purification Slime are of no help to us at the moment. Ignore all of them and keep pumping Habit Efficiency.

As a point of reference, at this point in the game I have bought all Habit Efficiency upgrades in the 3rd column, as well as 33 Habit Efficiency+ upgrades in column 1. The only Status ups bought so far have been the 10 points at the beginning of Lostlorn Forest.

Our next task is to push to rank 25 to acquire a new title and unlock the next area.

Pushing to Rank 25

Offline Progress

Like many other games of this genre, offline progress for this game is not as good as being online, but you’ll still get some decent XP as well as research.

In general, set offline progress dungeon to your highest area will be helpful for maximising xp.

The next area of the game unlocks at rank 25, and if you’ve been playing actively so far then you might only be hovering around rank 18. This is where Warrior starts to shine in its second aspect and why we’ve been hard pushing Habit Eff. for: rank pushing.

Warrior routine 3 (Image Training) and routine 5 (Chivalry Spirit) improve XP gain and Sacred Ritual% respectively, and overall will give you up to 3 ranks of advantage on other classes during rank gates, saving hours of forced waiting.

Before committing to the push, consume everything in the gluttony tab (you can save 1 mushroom for unlocks later but it’s really not a big deal) to max out your DR multiplier from satiety first. Now would also be a time to collect a Dark Ritual% (until next Dark Ritual) Quest reward, just before the push, and/or collecting a Sacred Ritual% (until next Dark Ritual) Quest reward during the push.

Once you’ve started the run, start spending all inspiration on Status ups instead. We’ll need a lot of it for the next stage. Note that the 10 inspiration for +5 all stats from Treant is a better deal than the 15 inspiration for +7 all stats from Purification Slime.

Keep farming Orc for more attack (we’ll need staggering amounts for the next zones given how underlevelled our summons are), don’t forget to spend some gold into Miracle Stone/Rabbit Foot.

Warrior routine 4 (Optimisation) will make units with Weapon attribute attack faster (which unfortunately doesn’t include MC or Norn), so switch Lizard Man/Ghoul to the lead after getting a few levels in it.

Struggling for Destiny

If you’re rushing, you might be here with as little as 900 max destiny out of the required 1100. This run is a good time to patch that up.

Depending on how much Pork you ate, you may be able to start oneshotting Treant for Apples for Norn’s conversation back in the Forest. For reference, at 270 Base attack, MC will oneshot with Stab.

Start farming some apples once you feel satisfied about your killing speed and stick around for a while for the improved Gold gain, as it’ll speed up your destiny gain through Donate to Orphanage as well.

If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to grind Sewer, finish off everything to do with Stench and grab some extra Black Insect/Ghoul levels along the way, as well as a shot at the rare enemy.

Reuniting with Norn

I haven’t touched on how to get Norn back, even though the option to visit her was available right when you entered the city. This is because she is locked behind a gigantic Destiny wall that pretty much needs Donate to Orphange (unlocked after talking to the girl in the Slums) to be cracked down in any reasonable amount of time. Reminder that you can press A while hovering over the button to donate all of your cash.

In total:

Norn’s Room x2 (1410) + Talk with Norn x4 (2080) + Norn’s room (1000) + Talk with Norn x7 (3150) = 7640 Destiny is required to get Norn back.

The Monster Research Data upgrades are worth buying out immediately. Even though we won’t be specifically grinding for research for any part of this reincarnation, every bit of extra research contributes to needing a tiny bit less stats to grind.

The Norn we get back now has stats equal to 100% of the average stats of all other party members, and provides +0.1 Destiny regen as well as stronger Mana/Luck bonuses, and at last she is strong enough to be used in some loadouts.

Prepare another 10 Bread. You’ll need an extra 10 Guild Points in order to take on the next area, so hand in Deliver Bread once (unlocked after getting the title). DR immediately after unlocking the next area.

Intermediate Classes

Starting in Coastal City we’ll start feeling some pressure of being severely understatted (only maxed MC and everything else is pretty much base level). In order to brute force progress through the remainder of the game, we’ll need to invest heavily into attack.

You’ll see that trying to get through Rocky Road seems nigh impossible – this is expected. We’ll be defeating Intermediate teachers first, and to do that we needed the Rank 25 title (+26 attack compared to Forest People), as well as one of two summons from Rocky Road:

  • Hound Dog is an amazing summon that gives +All Stat% as well as boosting Donate to Orphanage. It’ll pretty much remain in the party as a solid support for the remainder of the reincarnation.
  • Rock Turtle is unfortunately not as great, but still has enough stats to work with.

Once you’ve gotten either of the two, seed them up in Physical (and Special for Hound Dog), and use the following team to beat the teachers in the order of Rod -> Spear -> Sword:

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Gluttony: 141% atk, 44% hp (remember when I said we needed a lot of attack?)
Passive Slots: Black Insect (lv103 Special), Purification Slime (lv101 Special)

Astral World upgrades: All Status ups from Treant (100 insp) and 2 Status ups from Purification Slime (30 insp)

Orc, Ghoul – Sharp Spike
MC – Stab

Activate Physical Formation immediately after starting.

As long as Hound Dog/Rock Turtle can live a normal attack, you should have enough to get through.

The reason we do Rod first is because Swing deals the least damage of the three, and fortunately it also gives +HP as a reward, letting us live both of the other teachers’ attacks with the exact same team afterwards.

Along with the stats we’ve also received some upgraded versions of earlier attacks. We’ll use these in order to progress past Coastal City.

Rocky Road and Rocky Hill

Immediately after beating the Intermediate teachers, it becomes possible to beat Rocky Road.

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive Slots: Black Insect (lv103 Special), Purification Slime (lv101 Special)*.

*Having Purification slime like I did in the screenshot is actually a mistake, and you should switch it out for Lizard Man instead for more attack, as well as a damage bonus to Power Swing (Power-Weapon Additional Effect).

First take out Norn for Treant and check If MC can oneshot Rock Turtle with Power Swing. If they can, then they’ll solo the dungeon with no luck required.

Otherwise, sick to the screenshot and the following:

Orc, Norn, Ghoul, MC – Sharp Spike

and activate Physical Formation after Hound Dog dies.

This requires some luck, similar to the Drooling Monkey situation in Lostlorn Forest – Deep, you’ll need to encounter < 4 Rock Turtles after being down to just Ghoul and MC.

Rocky Hill

Doable almost immediately after completing Rocky Road and max seeding MC. The Sculptor conversations will give some quick cheap stat boosts.

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive Slots: Black Insect (lv103 Special), Lizard Man (lv61 Special)

MC – Power Swing

It’s not reasonable to attempt to live through Brown Slimes like we did Rock Turtles, as only MC can live a hit. Instead, grind enough attack to oneshot Brown Slimes with Power Swing.

I noticed that I forgot about Lizard Man way too late, and 770 attack in fact overkills them by about 1000 hp. 755-760 attack should be sufficient.

With the levels from these two dungeons, you can beat the rank 20 Dad fight, and be able to one shot Purification Slime with Power Swing at around 770 attack. Add Slime Jelly to your diet now.

It’s a good thing that that happened too, because the boss of this area – Rock Golem – requires astonishingly high stats to beat, so much so that we’ll be skipping it, and going directly for the rank 31 title first.

Storyline Actions

Put your primary focus on the Sculptor’s quest line, as it’ll unlock the ability to craft Muscle Statues, as well as increasing your Muscle Statue cap to 5. Once you unlock that, you can start handing in up to 24 Muscle Statues to the Knight Commander for a very solid boost in Base Stats.

The Magi Craftsman conversation’s 10 Magic Fiber conversation can be skipped, but the Magic Purse is still worth crafting.
The Priestess conversation will give you some Sacred Ritual%, you won’t be able to do all of it immediately unless you grinded hard for Ghoul (which you shouldn’t do unless you still need Stench).

The Pirate Attack event from the Sailor’s conversations is actually one of the best places to farm seeds, however you will have to keep a constant eye on it to not complete it by accident.

The Old Woman In Trouble conversation will eventually lead to unlocking Potions. Buy Read Water Spellbook now as potions will make up a decent amount (+5 each, +50 for 10 after you finish the conversation) of max destiny later[/b].

Pushing to Rank 31

The Warrior title unlocked at rank 31 gives an incredible +60% attack, which will still increase our attack by ~50% after replacing Apprentice Warrior.

With the luxury of having 2 class routines that makes ranking up easier, it’s absolutely worth it to get the title early. Expect this DR to last up to 4-5 hours, and this is also a perfect DR to run overnight.


Before you start this run, I strongly recommend getting to 200 max satiety, and unlocking your first Auto eat slot from Achievements beforehand. This will cut off a lot of micro management, as otherwise you’d be checking in every so often to not lose too much Gluttony.

Do not spend too much inspiration after starting this DR, and make sure you’ll have at least 50 by the end of the run (getting to rank 31 will net you a total of 64 insp).


At rank 28 you unlock Will, which is the sole reason why we’re able to do this climb. Once you unlock it, divert every habit you have into Will. Run Will Speed for a few minutes before sending it all into Holy Will, and it should be strong enough to bring you to rank 31 in 20-45 minutes depending on your Habit Efficiency.

Buy Auto Devote immediately, it may seem strange to save up so much insp for what seems like a purely QoL purchase, but Auto Devote auto allocates your initial Will even before the tab is unlocked, meaning that if you keep it on Holy Will, you’ll essentially gain a free rank and then some every DR.

You should also talk to the Muscular Guy in Forest – Ranch. He’ll let you milk his cow, which is a decent food item to auto eat while you’re not out there farming bosses for food. Feel free to DR after getting the title and past Muscular Guy’s rank 30 check.

Rocky Hill – Top (Rock Golem)

Even after getting the title we’ll still need to grind for some more attack to get through. If you somehow haven’t bought it yet, now’s the time to get Read Wind Spellbook.

Rock Golem will summon Walls (and if he gets below half HP, Bombs) that have similarly huge health pools. Luckily they have a weakness – if they’re damaged by wind, they’ll instead Break on their next turn, destroying itself.

I let my rank 31 push run sit on autoeating Pork for way too long, so I’m artificially suppressing my stats to simulate a more reasonable statline (and I did beat it still).

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Even 1540 attack was a bit of an overkill, I think it should be doable with ~1450 attack, possibly even less.

Gluttony: ~220% atk, 120% hp, 19% def
Passive Slots: Lizard Man, Ghoul

Treant, Black Insect – Air Cutter
Orc – Power Swing
MC – Power Stab

Activate Physical Formation around the time Orc dies.

We’re making full use of the Power Up – Weapon effect of Power Stab here. To maximise damage, everything on your team besides MC should die to Rock Golem in one hit. If Hound Dog survives, switch Lizard Man – Dragon Flame Slash to the front instead.

After getting the Warrior title, boss titles that only give flat stats essentially all become worthless for combat. However, the Stronger than Rock title gives passive Stone regen, which is very nice for statue crafting when you don’t need the stats.

The new Astral World upgrades all look tempting but are all expensive. Feel free to buy a few levels in Research Amount, otherwise keep buying Status Ups/Habit Efficiency+ depending on your need.

As we’ve already gotten the title, all we need is to reach rank 28 again to unlock the next area.

Storyline Actions

Mr. Gourmet’s conversation will lead him to asking for more and more salt. Turn down selling him salt for the first time nets you 10 extra gold with no repurcussions.

He’ll end up wanting 40 salt, which requires a ~lv550 Rock Golem. You might not reach this before you reincarnate, and this is fine – we don’t need it (or its subsequent unlocks) for destiny anyway.

Sword Class – Advanced

A need for seed

Levelling summons are becoming rather expensive, with hundreds of seeds required for each stat for each summon, and boss farming simply won’t cut it for us anymore.

To farm seeds faster, go to the highest level of teachers you can one shot instead. At the moment this might still be the beginner class teachers, but by the time you seed MC up to level 810 you’ll be able to Sharp Spike down Intermediate teachers.

You should also start being more selective about seeding. Some creatures will be good for combat, some creatures will be good for their Specials only, and some creatures are completely irrelevant.

Moon Forest will seem like an extremely awkward area to deal with to start out – Can’t use Power Stab because it speed ties with Wolf, and Sharp Spike is simply way too weak.

Fortunately, there’s one man we can rely on: Sword Class – Advanced teacher.

The advanced teachers will alternate between the beginner teacher’s skill and the intermediate teachers skill, and unlucky for this guy, they get to spam Charge Crash.

Therefore, it becomes feasible to beat with an all out rush team:

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive Slots: Hound Dog, Black Insect
Optimisation: +7% attack speed (not confident if it matters here but just in case)

Orc, Lizard Man, Ghoul, Norn – Sharp Spike
MC – Power Stab

Activate Physical Formation immediately.

The reward from this class includes a whopping +108 attack, which for us should almost be a +50% increase. This will now let us cut through Moon Forest with just a bit more pork.

Moon Forest and Moon Forest – Deep

With the advanced sword teacher down, Moon Forest goes from seemingly impossible to mindnumbingly straightforward.

Moon Forest

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive Slots: Orc, then whatever gives the most attack, probably White Wolf if you got the summon.

MC – Power Swing

Power Swing will OS everything at 2.7k attack.

Moon Forest – Deep

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive Slots: (you get the point now) Whatever gives the most attack, probably White Wolf + Hound Dog

MC – Power Swing

Power Swing will OS everything at ~2.98k attack.

With the levels from these two dungeons, you can now go back and beat the other two Advanced Classes’ Teachers with the same rush build before.

Storyline Quests

Explorer can be more or less be ignored unless you really want the stats, although you will eventually finish it for the destiny. The spirits, however, start giving Sacred Ritual% eventually which means it’s very much worthwhile grinding through.

Each spirit will need a specific item:

Wind Spirit: Potions (needs Elite Chicken, and you should seed it for the destiny cap)
Fire Spirit: Honey (Soldier Bee + Flowers will give you enough Honey Cap)
Earth Spirit: Manure (Manure Max comes from the boss summon of this area)
Water Spirit: Water

After you finish all of the above, Water Spirit will ask you for more potions and eventually Holy Water. You can ignore this chain entirely.

Moon Forest – Abyss (Elder Treant)

The Elder Treant has some annoying mechanics:

2 of its attacks, one of them being a party wide AOE (Abundant Wine Splash), inflict Drunk, which causes the attacker to instead attack a random unit on the battlefield, including friendly units and including themselves, and if he ever uses that your chances of winning will sharply drop.

It can also Summon Treants, which have similar attacks to the Lostlorn Forest boss, except with stats you would expect from a Moon Forest enemy. We’ll be one shotting them, but their Bind Whips can still be deadly.

It also has 2 special interactions:

  1. If you have Treant in your active party, it’ll sometimes spend a turn (5.0s?) to Attempt to Steal your treant and fail, effectively wasting a turn.
  2. If you hit it with a Fire attack, it’ll spend a turn Burning, but also gain a +100% attack bonus for the rest of the fight.

There is a way to acquire some immunity to Drunk, which involves doing the entire Mr. Gourmet’s quest line up to and including 40 salt, then doing the Explorer’s questline until he leads you to picking Olives, then crafting Anchovy Sandwiches to exchange it with Mr Gourmet for Wine, then you can drink with your father to improve your alcohol tolerance.

Unfortunately, grinding Rock Golem at this stage is still a massive pain up the rear, and therefore we’ll be skipping most of the above, and simply abuse the ability to exit/reenter a dungeon to get the first turn we want.

We’ll be using both of the free turns to our advantage, and in fact beat Elder Treant pretty much immediately after seeding up MC and Bear.

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive Slots: max attack

Orc, Lizard Man: Sharp Spike
MC – Power Stab

Save before doing resets. Reset until the fight begins with Attempt to Steal your Treant then activate Physical Formation immediately.

Since we skipped getting Drunk resistance, Abundant Wine Splash is more or less an instant wipe. Eventually you should be able to get through.

The rewards from Elder Treant aren’t all that exciting. The title will be relevant for crafting in future reincarnations but not this one. The new Status ups are the most efficient yet, and should be maxed out immediately, even over the new Habit Efficiency+. Some more cheap Habit Efficiency upgrades are always welcomed, and for the sake of sanity you should probably buy Seed Amount+.

With the levels from Elder Treant, you can now oneshot Rock Golem with at least Power Slash, ideally Power Swing. Add salt to your diet for even more attack.

Now it’s time to push to rank 35 and unlock the next title and area.

Pushing to Rank 35

Picking a Title

At rank 35 you have 2 titles to choose from instead of 1. We will take Mercenary over Soldier not just for the extra 40% attack, but also because you’ll be taking Soldier on every later Warrior playthrough, as the bonus effect for taking that title – +50% Warrior Routine speed – is a lot more favourable compared to +1s Physical Formation duration.

This is our second last rank push of the reincarnation. Make sure you’re doing the following for max destiny:

  • Go to Municipal Library and start reading the History Book (Magic Book is probably net -destiny beyond the first 5-6 pages).
  • Go to the Orphanage and start helping out in the Soup Kitchen up to and including the 10 Bread + 20 Fish delivery.
  • Beat Tournament Round 2, go to Cooking Workshop and start unlocking recipes. Ignore anything that requires Beef as we won’t be unlocking it in this reincarnation (it’s locked behind Mr Gourmet’s 40 Salt conversation).

If not done overnight, expect this push to take ~3 hours.

Ruins and Ruins – Deep

The last areas that we’ll go through in this reincarnation is relatively straightforward. If you haven’t been falling behind in Gluttony, the Status ups from Elder Treant alone should be enough to keep up with the stats required to go through.


Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive Slots: Max attack. Ogre is excellent if you do get its research, I got enough stats before it dropped, and used Lizard Man + Treant with 36 Wood (+36 atk) instead.

MC – Sharp Spike

Activate Physical Formation when you’re down to MC and are attacking into either Yellow Slime or Iron Golem (you won’t kill either before they attack without Form up).

Ruins – Deep

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive Slots: Max attack. (White Wolf + Treant was used)

MC – Power Swing

Reset until you live to wave 3, activate Physical Formation then. The idea is to have just enough damage to have Power Swing kill Wyverns.

Storyline Actions

With the levels from these two dungeons, you can now beat the rank 30 Dad fight.

The Dragon Baby summon from Ruins – Deep has Dung regeneration, which is very helpful for Earth Spirit’s quest line.

There are a lot of diaries, and you don’t need anywhere near the max amount (which ends up being something along the lines of 7 Runestones+124 Runes). The maximum amount of Destiny you need is 3.5k in order to Graduate.

The Bandit Hideout will be more relevant for other endings. For your first run where we’ll only be aiming for Ending 1, Take on the Hideout, beat the bandits and then Report to Authorities for some Max Destiny.

In order to Graduate you will need rank 39 and 3.5k Max Destiny. The boss of this region will need ~13k Base Attack to beat, and is required in order to reach the ending. As rank pushing will take hours, and we can make use of the Greater Demon familiar unlocked at rank 36 for a good chunk of stats, we’ll be attempting to do both of those things in the same run.

Pushing to Rank 39

To be upfront, the following is the stats you will more or less need for the Scarlet Dragon:

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passives will still be for max attack. White Wolf + Ferocious Bear were used for reference.

A more optimistic stat line for Scarlet Dragon would be -12k, but any lower and you’ll be looking at dozens of resets.

If you’ve been playing actively and with a talent around 200k, you should start your rank 39 push when you can reach ~11k Base Attack in the party shown above without Greater Demon (expecting 17 levels, or x1.085 from Greater Demon and x1.09 relative from new Gluttony levels). For those who have amassed a higher talent due to afk time, 12k attack to start is a bit more reasonable.

This push alone pretty much makes Warrior the best class for reincarnation 1, because with the amount of Habit Efficiency we have, Routine 5 will easily give us 3 ranks and then some.

During this run, once you’ve finished grinding for Pork and Jelly, you should grind Rock Golem for Salt until you have enough attack for Scarlet Dragon, then switch to grinding Elder Treant once you can OS with Sharp Spike (which should happen after you beat Scarlet and max seed MC).

The push itself should take less than 4 hours. For other classes, this run will usually last 7 hours or more.

Dragon’s Nest (Scarlet Dragon)

Scarlet Dragon has several attacks and is completely random, which makes it extremely annoying to deal with and pinpoint a recommendable stat line.

  • It can use Bending Down, which leads into a Flying charge turn, which leads into Somersault which will absolutely destroy anything it hits with our stats. However, if you hit it with a wind attack while it’s Flying, it’ll be Flinched for a turn instead of using Somersault, wasting ~10 seconds in total. This is by far the best attack to get, even if your wind attacker is dead, due to how slow it is.
  • It can use Fire Breath, which deals 50% of max health as damage to everyone in your party, unless you have Spirit Waters (from Water Spirit quest line in Spirit Springs), in which case each party member will only take 10% of their max health as damage, consuming a Spirit Water in the process.
  • It can use Dragon Claw, which is the standard attack that will deal ~3.8m damage, and will still be enough to OS everything in our party.
  • It can use Flame Fang, which deals massive damage to 2 random units, i.e. it can snipe MC even with all other members alive. Spirit Water will dampen the damage but not to the point where anything will live. This is by far the worst attack and pretty much means an instant reset.
  • At <50% HP, it’ll Wear a Veil, summoning a Flame Veil that constantly heals itself for 1m hp every turn it gets. If the veil receives any water damage, it will Extinguish itself and be destroyed on its next turn.

As given before, the party we’ll use for Scarlet is as follows:

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Passive slots: White Wolf, Ferocious Bear

Ogre, Iron Golem – Sharp Spike
Treant – Air Cutter
MC – Power Stab

Treant is used with 36 Wood (+36 attack) which should be attainable if you max Elder Treant’s Special at base level. If you’re too lazy to do that, Soldier Bee – Air Cutter will be a fine replacement with its Weapon attribute boosting Power Stab’s damage.

Drooling Monkey is used for the sole purpose that it has the fastest Water attack, and none of the other Water summons boost Attack.

Save before doing resets. The fight can be over in 2 turns, even if it was going well, if it decides to start using Flame Fang.

Reset until the fight starts with Bending Down (surprise). Activate Physical Formation after anything dies and pray it doesn’t kill you.

The rewards from Scarlet Dragon, aside from the levels and the summon, are frankly quite bad. The Dragon Slayer title is completely useless as it’s strictly worse than Mercenary, and the Astral World upgrades won’t be better than plain Habit Efficiency until the next reincarnation at the very least.

It’s not the last fight before you can reincarnate. However, you will be relieved to hear that it is the hardest, and the final battle will actually be pretty easy compared to this.

If you’re currently on your push to rank 39, you should stay in your current run and farm Elder Treant once seeded. Otherwise, you should consider starting your push within the next 2 DRs and refer to the section above. All of your inspiration should now go to Habit Efficiency in order to finish the push sooner, as you no longer have any need for stats.

The Finale

After graduating and beating Scarlet Dragon, you just need to grind a last few thousand of destiny to reach the final fight.

The final fight has a special mechanic: : .

and that’s why we said not to grind rare researches before this point – we’ll be grinding them here and now.

If you did not get the rare summon from Ruins – Deep, it’s not a big deal and you should probably just wait to get it later. The Fairies, Sludge Slime and Queen Bee however are worth grinding for, and farmed here until you have enough research to max them + max their luck as well.

An example team that can beat the final fight:

Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide

Everything – Sharp Spike

Once you win the fight, you can now see the Reincarnation tab under Ritual.


Before you reincarnate:

Make sure you’re getting at least 1 sin. The xp formula for base sins is log2(xp/20m), so you’ll need probably >18m xp in order to get your first sin.

For xp grinding, Have Norn in your party and farm the strongest boss that you can OS with Sharp Spike. If you’ve been following this guide, this will likely be Elder Treant.

Get enough research to max level + luck (and you’ll be passively levelling them up in later reincarnations) for Flower Fairy, Forest Fairy, Sludge Slime and Queen Bee (the other two aren’t as important but are still good) using the mechanic mentioned above.

Consider getting the 500 satiety auto-eat slot. Amazing QoL that you won’t have many chances for until much later.

and with that, you’ve completed your first reincarnation to Ending 1. There are several more endings, more areas, more bosses, new mechanics to explore and much stronger summons to collect not covered in this guide that you will be seeing in later playthroughs (and frankly gets too complex to write a detailed guide for).

Enjoy playing the game!

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Your Chronical First Reincarnation Warrior guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section. Also, we would like to thank authors Pear. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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