You haven’t seen the ending of Path of Exile 2 because the developer doesn’t know what it looks like yet


    If, like many fans, you’re wondering why Path of Exile 2’s ending hasn’t been revealed yet (despite plenty of press events and coverage recently), it’s because the developers themselves don’t yet know what it will look like. In a recent interview with YouTuber BalorMage, Grinder Gear Games game director Jonathan Rogers explained the state of the endgame in PoE 2 when asked about players’ concerns about the lack of visuals.

    “We’ve talked several times about showing endgame stuff,” Rogers said in the interview. “But what we always remember is that what we are going to show will always be a guess.”

    He expands that, according to him, the end of the game should give the feeling that the players always gain power (that is, there should be a constant and constant progression). “I don’t want to show something that we’re not 100% sure is what you’re actually going to get.” ARPGs like Path of Exile 2 need to have a proper ending to keep players interested in striving to improve. things like that, it is natural that he is treating the matter delicately.

    Rogers further explains that players should have enough of a campaign, preferably five acts, to have the feeling of entering the endgame. PoE 2 will have six acts in total, so completing five of them should be enough to help players prepare for the endgame content. Rogers says the endgame reveal isn’t too far away (many acts have already been shown), so we can expect proper details (including footage) in the coming months leading up to the late 2024 beta.

    What we do know is that there will be over 100 endgame maps, each with their own unique boss encounters. So the ending of PoE 2 is definitely shaping up to be surprising.

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