You can now play Rocket League in Counter-Strike



    If you could pick two games that are polar opposites, Rocket League and Counter-Strike might be up there as your chosen titles.

    Rocket League is best known for its high-paced car-ball that’s tailored towards quite a young player base and relies on controlled chaos.

    On the other hand, Counter-Strike is geometry combined with patience and nuance, while containing a bomb threat 33 times per game.

    But in one of the wildest crossovers yet, you can actually play Rocket League in Counter-Strike.

    Rocket League mod is playable in Counter-Strike 1.6

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    As two of the biggest multiplayer game publishers, Epic Games and Valve scarcely crossover. But thanks to some savvy mods, players have made a Rocket League equivalent within Counter-Strike 1.6.

    Counter-Strike streamer “Johanzilla” found a Rocket League server in the series of mods on Steam, managing to get a fully-functioning game of soccar off the starting line.

    Originally, Johanzilla thought the mod would be a Rocket League arena-themed CS map, likely with cars to use as cover, but was stunned when he loaded in to control the car and saw other players colliding with the ball.

    Rocket League in Counter-Strike is everything we didn’t know that we need

    The Rocket League Counter-Strike mod comes with Dominus cars and plays in a seemingly 5v5 setting, which is much more than the standard 3v3 gameplay that Psyonix designed, but the core idea is there.

    The only other omission is boost pads, where the CS mod opts to have a regenerative boost method that is often adopted in certain game modes within RL, such as Dropshot.

    Although not perfect, the mod looks fantastic on the face of things. If you’re slightly bored of clicking heads in 1.6 while you’re waiting for CS2, then this could be your ideal way to past the time. If you’re ready, start your engines. 



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