Yes, Dragon Age: Wellguard has nudity, and I’ve seen it.


    Dragon Age: Veil Guard will feature nudity. That’s something I learned firsthand while customizing my Rook at BioWare’s Edmonton, Canada office during my cover story visit earlier this year. We were customizing a feminine rook, and adjusting the physical options – read on Sports informant In-depth feature on Veilguard’s character creator here for more details – our Rook’s shirt has disappeared to let us customize things like chest size.

    And while Veilguard game director Corrine Busche smiled, she probably knew full well that nudity in the character creator meant nudity elsewhere in the game, like in Veilguard’s romance, something I know BioWare did. Fans will be happy. “It’s a mature RPG,” she tells me.

    I only see bare nudity in the character creator, and when I later ask BioWare if there’s even bottom nudity, I’m told it’s something they’ll let fans discover for themselves in-game. wants Interesting answer, considering we’re talking about genitalia here, but I won’t elaborate. While the game’s leads won’t share too much about the romance options in the game, I have a feeling that nudity will play a role in some cutscenes and that’s what BioWare is hinting at.

    Nudity has been present in previous BioWare games, but it has almost always been implicit. Characters are sometimes naked in romantic scenes and elsewhere, but arms, legs, shadows, and bits of scenery make the characters more‚Ķugly bits. With some of these bits on full display in the character creator, I think Valgard’s romance scenes will be some of the spiciest in the series’ history. And the game’s beautiful visual design, running on EA’s Frostbite engine, only adds to it.

    Well, I think I’ve passed the limit of how far I can type the word nudity on my work computer before getting flagged by HR or something. You’ll have to wait for the game’s full release this fall to learn more about nudity, romance, and more.

    For more information about the game, including exclusive details, interviews, video features, and more, click the Dragon Age: The Veilguard hub button below.


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