There are a number of overlapping techniques at work inside Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s splendidly strategic fight system. From returning components equivalent to auto-attacks, positional assaults, class-based ways like drawing aggro and performing combos that break and topple your foes, to new stuff like that fancy new Interlinking shenanigans that sees you morph into highly effective killing machines.

On prime of all of this we have additionally bought Chain Attacks, which might appear slightly bit sophisticated at first look, so let’s take a fast have a look at what makes them tick.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Chain Attacks Guide

As you battle opponents in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you may steadily replenish your Chain Attack Gauge, which is situated to the correct aspect of your display throughout common battles, as proven within the pic under. When that is prepared it will begin flashing and a fast press of the “+” button will see you enter the game’s Chain Attack state.

Once in a Chain Attack you may be offered with a Chain Order display that includes a handful of various characters, every with their very own assault order that may be carried out. Browse by way of these assault orders and take a look on the bonuses that you’re going to obtain for efficiently finishing them. For instance, if you happen to have been to choose Mio’s “Lightning Quick” order, your bonus would be the discount of attacker and healer aggro by 100%, as proven within the Completion Bonus particulars slightly below the order choice. Noah’s Brave Assault offers assaults a 100% probability to bypass defences, and so forth.

Successful completion of the order you select grants you this bonus, and it is a bonus that can stick for your complete period of the Chain Attack at hand, stacking with all of the others you accumulate. Sweet. Now let’s select an order, we’re gonna go together with Noah as a result of we would like that defence-neutralising bonus, and as soon as we will we’re within the assault correct. Take a glance under and you will see our accessible characters within the backside left of the display. It’s essential to notice right here that anybody who’s out of fee once you first begin a Chain Attack is not going to be accessible to make use of, so take into consideration that once you’re about to kick one off. It’s additionally essential to notice that when you employ a personality that is them out of the present chain assault, except they get reactivated, and we’ll take a look at reactivation slightly bit later.

But first, let’s take a look at our accessible characters as we enter the assault order. Each one has bought numbers above their heads, these are Tactical Points (TP). The quantity above every combatant’s head is the bottom quantity of TP that you’re going to accrue for selecting to make use of them in a flip. What do we have to accrue TP for? Well, within the prime proper you’ve got bought a TP Gauge and we have to get that TP gauge over the 99% mark with a purpose to efficiently full the order. So, at it is most simple, our job right here is to decide on characters who’ll make that quantity go to 100% and past. Once we’re there, we get to take a seat again and watch a cool animation as your enemy takes a drubbing. The additional above 100% you go, the upper your harm multiplier rises within the backside proper of your display and the extra power we tear off our foe’s well being bar.

This is the place Chain Attacks now begin to fold in a number of pretty layers of technique as you get used to doing them and begin to think about, not simply the TP numbers concerned or bonus you may achieve, however what assaults you are performing and the way they have an effect on you each in the course of the Chain Attack and afterwards.

If you select an attacker, it’s essential think about what assault to make use of with a purpose to do as a lot harm as you possibly can, elevating the TP as far above that base quantity as attainable. For instance, Noah is beginning out with a TP of 30 right here in order that’s our base, however relying on what assault we use, what number of occasions it hits, its place and sort, it will add a bunch extra TP to that complete. This could really feel advanced beginning out however you may quickly get an thought of what assaults do the large numbers.

Further to this, we have to think about different points equivalent to therapeutic and buffs. If your celebration is in dangerous form, low on well being, you may wish to pull off therapeutic assaults with a purpose to get your well being again up so that you come out of a Chain Attack in fine condition. In this fashion – and that is one thing you possibly can think about when you’re used to the entire thing – it can save you up the usage of a Chain Attack in battle simply to deploy it once you’re in dire want of therapeutic. Healers can even decrease your enemy’s defences and you’ll elevate your group’s defences additionally. Lots of issues to think about right here past the TP gauge simply filling up.

Now there just a few different guidelines that can at all times apply as soon as you’ve got chosen a Chain Order and get began on an assault.

Class-Specific Rules

1. Using a personality with the identical class because the order – test the image on the order itself – will make sure you get bonus TP factors for his or her transfer. For instance, Noah’s Brave Assault order has a purple attacking sword image on it, so utilizing a personality with this image will internet you bonus factors.

2. Attacking characters, if chosen first, will at all times get a 125% multiplier to their TP on the finish of their flip.

3. Support characters, equivalent to healers, cannot make the TP gauge go over 99%, so you possibly can’t use them to finish a spherical – except they are a particular Hero who can bypass this. This may appear annoying, however what you are able to do right here is use assist characters to securely get proper as much as 99% with out going over and ending the order. Then you should use a personality with a excessive base TP quantity and select an assault that’ll do massive harm to look at that gauge rocket upwards.

3. Ending an order with a defender (blue protect icon) will assure that you’re going to reactivate the character with the present highest base TP to your subsequent spherical. This means you possibly can construct a personality’s base TP up over a number of turns to essentially rating some massive factors and jack that harm multiplier up.


We talked about Reactivation earlier. After every profitable order you may mechanically reactivate a personality, so that you’re getting one particular person again to bolster what number of makes an attempt you have to full your subsequent chosen order. As we already mentioned, you may as well have an effect on who you reactivate by utilizing a defender character to complete an order, supplying you with the best base TP member of your group again for the following spherical.

Further to this, relying on the TP gauge rating you find yourself with on the finish of an order, you may get an increasing number of reactivated characters again to play with. Score over 100% and you will get one character again. Score over 150, you may get two, and something over 200 nets you three teammates to blast into the following spherical with.

There are a bunch of different methods to have an effect on reactivation past these few parameters, principally by ensuring you’ve got bought a hero character in your squad, every of whom has a particular capacity throughout Chain Attacks. Teach, for instance, if used final in an order, ensures you a TP gauge rating of 150, so that you get two reactivations. Play round with heroes and bear in mind to decide on properly as you assault with a purpose to max out that gauge and hold the Chain Attack rolling.

Interlink assaults inside a Chain Attack can do large harm and, with a purpose to pull them off, you merely must full the Chain Order of two Ouroboros companions. So, for instance, full Lanz’s order after which full Sena’s order and you will find their joint Ouroboros order awaiting you once you return to the order display. The wonderful thing about these orders, apart from all the additional harm they do, is that they reactivate your complete celebration to affix in.

However, these assaults, as soon as carried out, may also finish your present Chain Attack, so pay attention to this if you wish to max out your turns. Further to this, you may as well really carry out two Interlink assaults by getting into a Chain Attack as soon as your Interlink Level hits 3 throughout regular battle, so elevate your Interlink Level up by pulling off fusions, combos and so forth then hit that Chain Attack Button when you’re prepared.


Overkill. This could be very simple. If you handle to kill an enemy throughout a Chain Attack that is not but accomplished, you may go into Overkill mode which supplies you candy bonus XP good points. You can see these XP good points as a share within the backside proper of the display simply above your harm multiplier. Keep finishing orders, up till the max allowed, and you will hold racking up the XP bonuses. Simple.

Remember to test the in-game information if you happen to’re confused by any side of Chain Attacks and check out a number of the tutorials with a purpose to actually get an excellent understanding of all the pieces and you will quickly be knocking that TP Gauge up over the five hundred% mark like an absolute beast. Good luck!

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