Xbox app won’t download games: How to fix it


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    It can be incredibly frustrating when games won’t download for an unknown reason, especially on the Xbox app. Thanks to GamePass, hundreds of games are available at your fingertips, but if they don’t download, your subscription isn’t very useful. Fortunately, we are here to help! Here is the solution to the annoying “Xbox App Not Downloading Games” error.

    How To Fix Xbox App Won’t Download Games – Check It’s Not Your Connection

    Before you even start troubleshooting the Xbox app, we recommend that you make sure there isn’t a connection issue on your end. Make sure that other applications can connect to the Internet and that there is no latency. Check that your ISP does not have any problems and that the download speed is not affected. Then, once you’ve done this, move on to the next step.

    Restart the app and sign in and out of the Xbox app again

    It’s a really simple step, but it’s worth doing. Restart the Xbox app after closing it completely, and then sign in and out, making sure your credentials are correct. This will fix many issues with the Xbox app.

    Make sure the Xbox and Gaming Services apps are up to date

    If the Xbox app was updated and you didn’t install the update, this may affect your downloads. In addition, the Microsoft Gaming Services application may also affect the download and functionality of the Xbox application. So, to update your apps, do the following:

    • press the Begin button on the taskbar, type storeand open the Microsoft Store application
    • Select Library.
    • Low Updates and downloadsCheck if there are any updates available for the xbox app either game services application. If an update is available, select Update.

    This will fix most issues with the Xbox app.

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    Make sure you’re not logged in with another account

    Be sure to sign in to the app with your own Xbox account, not with friends or family. You may also need to sign in to the Store ( in order to play a purchased game!

    Reinstall the Xbox app

    If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall the Xbox app. This is a solution that is a bit annoying and time consuming, but it should fix all your problems!

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