Before Iron Man flew onto the scene, Marvel films had been largely targeted on Spider-Man and X-Men, however that did not imply these entries paled compared to what got here with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In truth, these tales helped showcase a deeper understanding of the characters’ themes and the bigger implications of tales involving Peter Parker or the Mutants. Perhaps the very best instance of this might be present in X2: X-Men United, which has been thought of to be one in every of, if not the very best, X-Men movies ever made.

X2: X-Men United targeted on the concept of the hate and worry people had over Mutants. While the primary movie leaned on this notion evenly, X2 went all in and confirmed how generally probably the most harmful villains do not want superpowers. More usually than not, they only want motivation and a purpose to behave rashly when confronted with the worry of the unknown, however the movie did so properly in capturing these themes into one character, Nightcrawler, and showcasing the complexities of Mutants and the folks they usually battle to guard.

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Nightcrawler, within the comics, was a German Mutant who was additionally a religious Catholic, though his mutation made him appear as if a blue demon. He had a lot love in his coronary heart and sought to make use of his energy for good and show that people should not worry what they do not perceive. In the movie, that is loosely showcased by his drawn-in however variety nature. However, the true drama surrounding Kurt Wagner concerned the individuals who influenced him and the particular person he unwillingly influenced.

The movie’s opening had Nightcrawler use his powers of teleportation to assault the President of the United States and ship a message that Mutants need their rights and will kill even the President at a second’s discover. This induced immense worry within the President, which led him to behave rashly and ship Colonel William Stryker to infiltrate and kidnap as many Mutants as doable from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Through Nightcrawler, the worry that people have had in the direction of Mutants was taken to dramatic heights however conveyed in a practical sense.

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While worry in itself is highly effective, it has nothing on the hatred that folks have for Mutants and what some may do with it. For instance, due to Jason Stryker’s mutation, he inadvertently broke aside the Stryker house, main William to govern his son to eradicate or management all Mutants. This was the explanation Nightcrawler attacked the President as properly. Because of his anger, Stryker noticed Mutants solely as instruments he may management and in the end orchestrate their destruction from inside.

Nightcrawler was a sufferer of a few of the worst Mutant oppression proven within the collection, however it was his inherent kindness and understanding of hate and worry that he was capable of endure it. As a martyr of kinds, he confirmed a few of the X-Men, like Storm, that folks will do what they do as a result of they cannot look previous what they see to see the individual that’s dealing with them. However, with a personality like Nightcrawler, the hope they may garner by kindness and understanding may in the future change issues for the higher.

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